Monster Dicks

Reddit Monster Dicks, aka r/MonsterDicks! Reddit is obviously not a foreign term if you like to invest some of your time fapping your sorrows away. These little fucks refer to themselves as the ‘front page of the internet,’ and I can assure you that’s not empty braggadocio. After all, the internet is porn, for the most part, so you can guess Reddit is a big part of it. In layman’s language, Reddit is a massive collection of forums where people can share all manner of adult content and interact with other freaks on the numerous forums.The different parts of the site are called subreddits, and like you might have guessed, they are also teeming with adult content. Shit, there is no type of adult content you won’t find here. The best part? The content is mostly amateur, as its user uploaded. No wonder it’s the 6th most popular website in the United States and 18th worldwide, according to Alexa.If it’s not on Reddit, it didn’t happenYou don’t get billions of hits per month for being mediocre. Reddit has been around since 2005 and has pretty much everything you’d want to know from around the world. I’m thinking you’ve taken a look at least once, and you know why Wikipedia calls it a “social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.” All things that you can think of are discussed here, and because I’m here talking about it, there are no prizes for guessing there is plenty of sex and porn doing rounds.I’m yet to meet a single person who thinks Reddit sucks balls. If anything, the complaints are usually about the users, which is inevitable for a site that brings millions of crazy freaks together. One or two are bound to be total dicks, but overall, Reddit is the fucking place to be. Not every site gets an entire section on ThePornDude, and this one has a section called NSFW subreddits.Today I‘ll be looking at one subreddit called r/Monsterdicks. As the name suggests, this is the place to be if you love watching big throbbing cocks stretching tight, wet holes. It is jammed full of rock hard dongs being sucked, stroked, and fucked by horny sluts who just can’t get enough of the meat. Look away if you have a small cock because this is where your little pricks get mocked. Well, not directly, but I’m sure you catch my drift. Without further ado, let’s see exactly what they are serving y’all porn addicted freaks at r/Monsterdicks.It’s all about the big cocksNeedless to say, this subreddit is NSFW, and you might want to think twice before browsing the site in the office. Unless you are looking for the easiest way to get your ass sacked in which case go right ahead. Let’s see how you keep your wife once you are without a fucking job. If anything, they don’t hide what they are about, and under community details, they tell you straight that r/Monsterdick is ’the place to be if you are a fan of true big cocks. Big white cocks, huge black dicks, they are all welcome as long there is at least 1 female present in the pic, gif, or video. AMATEURS preferred, but pros are also allowed.’ You know precisely what you are getting yourself into, don’t you?Where monster dicks come aliveLike other subreddits, r/Monsterdicks doesn’t waste time in presenting you with the content, and you can get the lube and tissues out already. These folks take you straight to where the action is going down, and I could see girls showing how to handle a big dick, sluts sucking and almost choking on monster schlongs, a slutty beauty taking a huge meat rod from the back, some hardcore double penetrations, and so much more. I’m beginning to imagine how elastic some of these pussies must be to grip such thick fucking cocks.By default, any subreddit starts by presenting you with the Hottest content which is determined by the number of people that like the post versus the ones that don’t. The top post at the time of writing features a dude teasing a dripping wet pussy before making a grand entrance. The girls are invisible since the focus is on the cock, but boy can she take a monster meat rod in her meat pocket! Do they train these bitches on how to go about it? Coz, I’m starting to think they do.Of course, there is so much more content to check out, and whatever fucked up scenario your dirty twisted mind can conjure is here. As long as it involves huge dongs, trust r/Monsterdicks to have it. I was actually impressed by the amount of fuck flicks you will find here. Apart from "hottest", you can also sort the content by New, Controversial, and Top. You also have the option to filter the posts by time they were added, including now, today, this week, this month, and this year. Go ahead and tale a look at how dudes with monster cocks put them into use.Suitable for a quick fapLike you will find out, all the videos on r/Monsterdicks play without issues. Remember, most of them are amateur in nature although like the site says, professional porn is not strictly prohibited. We are talking about a community of close to 100k, all eager to get into the thick of the action, and you can expect to fap to all types of fuck flicks featuring huge cocks. You can tell by the number of views per video that this is a fucking enthusiastic community. The video player allows you to switch from HD to SD if you so wish while the video is muted by default in case it accidentally plays when you are on a bus or whatever.Now one thing you should know is most of the videos are actually short, making a mockery of the long and thick dicks. They are only suitable for someone looking to quickly blow one out. None of the posts run more than a minute, although the perks of being amidst such a knowledgeable and porn hungry bunch is you will most likely find a link to the entire video in the comment sections. It’s a win-win for everyone, don’t you agree? In any case, the videos play on repeat by default.Being such a huge ass forum, it’s potentially tricky for you to take a look at all the subreddits. However, there are crossposts near a poster’s username that tell you which other subreddit that particular post has made an appearance. I saw one post that had also been posted on r/cumsluts, r/NSFW_GIF, and r/BustyPetite. It does appear like I’ll be spending more time on Reddit than I had initially intended. You simply can’t get enough!Rules are inevitableWell, this is the norm for all forums. You just can’t turn up on a forum and do all the shit you like. Note that not all the rules are fair, and there are potentially strict moderators that will kick your ass out if you annoy the wrong people. Luckily for you, the rules on r/Monsterdicks are pretty straightforward. For instance, you can only upload a single post per day, don’t post solo dicks no matter how big you think your cock is, no gay shit is allowed, and strictly no black/white pictures/videos, among others. The entire list of rules can be found just below the Create Post button.Why r/Monsterdicks is the fucking bombFree; well, you get all that shitload of user-uploaded content for free.Thousands of members; think you are the only freak in town? Wait until you join the interactive community of close to 100k members.Overflowing with content; the subreddit updates day and night with freaks posting content almost every minute.Mobile friendly; enjoy this big cock madness wherever you are with the site perfectly compatible with mobile devices. Alternatively, you can also use the app.Possible concernsVideos are shorter than the dicks; all the videos are only available in short, one-minute flicks.Update limit; the set of rules dictate that users can only post one video per day, which is kinda limiting.FinallyAll things considered, it is easy to see why r/Monsterdicks has a thriving community. People are obsessed with big dicks, and this community has them in plenty, with thousands of members contributing to keeping this place abuzz with fresh content. There are loads of videos showing big cocks doing what big cocks do, and if you are looking for a source of free smut where you can also interact with other porn lovers, this is it.