Reddit HentaiBeast, aka r/HentaiBeast! Hey guys, it’s The Porn Dude back at it again with another review of a NSFW Reddit sub, and this one is a bit more taboo than the shit you’re used to from me. Listen, I’m going to be straight with you from the get-go here. If you like the shit I’m about to show you; I really don’t want to be seen in the same room as you. It’s basically bestiality and I’m pretty sure that shit is illegal in many countries. Well, on /r/HentaiBeast, we have a bunch of borderline gray area shit when it comes to legality. They only allow hentai of animals and monsters fucking chicks. I know, it’s fucked up already just talking about this crap.Animals and monsters fucking hot hentai chicksBut okay, there are plenty of people who like shit like that and I’m not the one to judge. As far as I’m concerned, you can watch whatever you want as long as it doesn’t infringe upon anyone else and what they are doing with their lives. So, if you want to enjoy /r/HentaiBeast, go right ahead. Just don’t think that I’ll want to be your friend afterward. I just don’t like guys who are into this crap. I get the whole taboo nature of the content and I understand that this is the reason why you enjoy watching it, but it still feels like a little bit too much, you know? I get it, but I still frown upon it when I think about it as well.But still, I’m not going to give anyone shit for jerking off to drawn content. It’s only a problem when that shit spills over into IRL stuff. As it just so happens, some of the content on /r/HentaiBeast ends up being real porn as far as I can see, but these posts are far and few in between. Still, just the fact that you might stumble upon this stuff before it gets removed for breaking the rules of the sub is a bit of a dangerous proposition for me. Anyway, if you’re into watching animals and monsters fucking chicks, then you can go right ahead and enjoy yourself with /r/HentaiBeast. I think you’ll like what it has to offer you here.All pictures and hentai animations here are freeNow, it should be said that for the most part, the stuff you’ll find on /r/HentaiBeast consists of gifs and pictures. Sometimes there will be comics and sometimes you’ll get hot animations of monsters stuffing chicks with their hard cocks, or even animals doing the same thing. Insemination is one of the things that is really popular with many of these uploads, so expect to see many creampies. Also, a lot of the content you’ll find here is about getting caught in this kind of activity or just enjoying it in secrecy. You have to admit that this is a really fucked up aspect of /r/HentaiBeast. It makes sense, it’s just fucked up thought and I think that you can agree with me on this one when you see all the pictures on here.But, at the same time, when you take into account the fact that all the content you find on /r/HentaiBeast is 100% free, it makes you think about why you shouldn’t enjoy fucked up and taboo shit like that. You’ve gotta reward yourself with taboo stuff from time to time, and why not turn to hentai for the most fucked up things you can think of? Hentai is always great when it comes to this kind of stuff, and it’s not unusual to find hentai pictures and even short animations in the hentai genre for free online. That’s exactly the fact here, so all the posts on here is available without an account as well.So many new uploads to check out all the timeOne of the things I noticed here is that there are so many new uploads all the time and many of them reach the Hot section even without that much engagement. I don’t know why this happens, but it could be a remnant of a time when /r/HentaiBeast was a smaller sub. These days, a lot more people are here and so even a little bit of action is enough to launch a post to the Hot section, which can be problematic because of some of those posts that I found that seem to depict IRL bestiality. You don’t want to get caught with this in your search and browser history. Trust me, I saw Porn Geek get caught with fucked up shit on his computer by his parents and they ended up locking him in the basement for three weeks.Still, you can’t deny that a lot of new and fresh uploads are always available to you on /r/HentaiBeast. If you were ever worried that this sub won’t have enough content to satisfy your needs because hentai bestiality porn is such a niche genre, you’re wrong. There are so many new uploads to check out on /r/HentaiBeast all the time and whenever you come back, you will be greeted by a fuckton of new shit to check out. Trust me; you’ll never see the end of it no matter how hard you try to go through it all. They’ve made sure of that and so expect a lot of fresh and new content to enjoy on this subreddit.Hundreds of thousands of membersThe community seems quite big, but it lacks the engagement on some of the posts. There are a few posts every single day that get many upvotes and all that, but many of them get to the Hot page even with minimal activity and engagement on them. This is a problem that I think most NSFW subs suffer from, so I won’t single out /r/HentaiBeast here. At the same time, it’s a thing that I hope to see solved now that there are more and more people on this subreddit. With such a large audience, you should be able to make them engage with the content a bit more. Maybe they’re afraid of doing so on their acc.I really hope that the 169k members on /r/HentaiBeast are using throwaway accounts. The last thing you want is for someone to figure out who you are IRL, and I know that this has happened in the past, so make sure you’re using some kind of throwaway account on Reddit if you’re willing to look at all this fucked up shit. Having kinks is one thing. Being into dogs who shoot cum inside hentai girls’ pussies is a completely different thing. The sub has existed for over 5 years, so hopefully, the people on here have learned to hide all their fucked up activity from the rest of the site and the world at large as well!Great usage of Reddit features like flairsAs far as the design goes, I think that /r/HentaiBeast did an excellent job with some of this stuff, but they could do a much better job with other things. For example, there’s the fact that they don’t have a cover photo and the avatar is really bad too. The color scheme is fine; I just like seeing the colors changed from the default blue is all. But yeah, there are other aspects of the design that are better and that has to do with the utilization of all the features that Reddit has to offer to subreddits. For example, /r/HentaiBeast has definitely done an excellent job at making a bunch of flairs for their posts on here.The rules are also very extensive and specific so that you know what is allowed and what isn’t allowed on the subreddit. This is great because it means that you keep the place pure from any influence that it doesn’t need. This isn’t a place for furry porn, so you can really expect to find actual beast and monster porn here with hentai girls getting their junk penetrated by all kinds of animals from aquatic beasts and killer whales, to dogs and horses, to even something like a succubus dude or a demon of some sort. It’s all here and it’s all available to your fucked up mind. You can jerk off to it as much as you want, you freak.