Are you guys fans of Nintendo? Well, you’re about to be. From Pokémon to Fire Emblem, the sub we’re taking a look at today doesn’t hold back when it comes to making waifus out of all the female characters from those shows. The sub is called /r/NintendoWaifus and it’s the perfect place to go to on for fans of Nintendo and non-fans alike who just want to see some hot hentai nudes of sexy video game characters. Let’s face it; you’ve at least played one Nintendo game where you wanted to fuck a hot bitch from the show. Don’t hide it because nobody else on this sub hides it and everyone jerks off to them.High-quality hentai images 100% free of chargeIf you want to enjoy high-quality artwork for the premium price of… Oh, wait, it’s free! That’s right, you don’t have to pay jack shit and you can enjoy all the hot content that this subreddit has to offer. It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Well, it gets even better than that. The thing about /r/NintendoWaifus is that it seems to be made up of real and dedicated fans who want to see this sub succeed more than anything. That’s why they have some great systems in place that will allow you to browse through all the content in multiple ways, and not just the few options that Reddit gives you by default with every single sub.But let’s not get sidetracked just yet. We’ll get to all those things in a bit. Before that, though, I just want to accentuate the point that you have so much high-quality hentai artwork of hot Nintendo female characters for free! If that isn’t enough to just get you to click on the Nintendo Waifus sub and see what it has to offer, then I have no idea what needs to happen for you to turn your head and see what this place has to offer you. Trust me; you’re going to want to check this place out even if you just like hentai. You don’t even have to be crazy about Nintendo female characters or any of their video games at all!You can access all content here as a guestI know it seems counter-intuitive to tell you all this, but let’s be honest, how many of you actually enjoy all these anime shows? Let’s do a head count; I bet that most people are just in it for the Rule 34 content. Don’t know what Rule 34 is? Well, my friend, you’re in for a treat. It’s basically a rule that says if something exists on the internet, then there’s definitely porn of it somewhere. And by porn, we can mean anything from actual porn to hentai pics. On /r/NintendoWaifus, you can expect hentai content and nothing but. From free artwork, to actual stickers and merch you can buy from people on here!I know, it sounds like a bazaar at this point, but I promise that not a lot of selling goes on here. Most people just love the Nintendo characters here and so they make hot content that you can buy as posters, stickers and so on. It’s just a side thing; you don’t have to worry about any of this since you can enjoy /r/NintendoWaifus as much as you want without ever even clicking on a post. You can just reveal them all on the main page, and you don’t even need a Reddit account for any of that. You can do that as a guest too! Just try it and see how much stuff you can get here without investing anything in return.Hundreds of thousands of member since 2018It sounds like too good to be true, so there have to be some downsides to this sub. Well, one of the downsides is the fact that it’s not one of the bigger NSFW subs out there. Niche sites usually fail to garner enough attention to be considered top tier subs on the platform. There always seems to be a reason for you to check out niche subs, though, if you have a specific interest that none of the mainstream NSFW subs manage to fulfill. I know it seems like you’re sacrificing a lot with these kinds of numbers, but I can assure you that /r/NintendoWaifus is still a very active subreddit where people post all types of content all the damn time. You can always count on brand-new uploads to appear here.The /r/NintendoWaifus sub has around 168,000 members right now, but it was made in 2018, so there is still hope for it to blow up. Who knows, with how well Nintendo has been doing these days, it wouldn’t surprise me if they sub skyrocketed into oblivion. It definitely seems like it has the quality for that kind of thing to happen. At the same time, I think that there could be things that they could also improve upon that would make their numbers inflate by a pretty large margin as well. For the most part, they’re doing things right, but I always look for ways to improve subs, that’s what I’m really good at.The hottest Nintendo waifus to masturbate toWhen you look at all my other Reddit reviews on, you’ll notice that I always have a few suggestions to throw a sub’s way here and there. And when it comes to the Nintendo Waifus sub, what I really want it to do is pick a lane. You see, /r/NintendoWaifus also allows for SFW content, and I think that this is a big mistake from them. I feel like they have to decide whether they want to be a SFW sub, or if they want to concentrate on NSFW content. I guess they should just focus on sexy content rather than allowing for regular artwork of characters such as Misty from Pokémon. That’s just my opinion, and they don’t have to follow it, but I feel like they would have even more members like this.But what are all the characters that you can expect to see here anyway? Sure, there’s Misty from Pokémon, but who else? Well, there’s Cynthia, Jessie, Corrin, Rosalina, Princess Peach from Super Mario, and so many other female characters. Of course, it stands to reason that this sub only allows female characters, so you don’t have to worry about any solo male pics of making it here. I think that there are many worries when it comes to that with any niche sub, and I’m glad that /r/NintendoWaifus has cleared that up with a simple rule that just has the female symbol and explains all this perfectly.Most Nintendo shows are coveredSo, whether you’re a fan of /r/NintendoWaifus or not, I think that you’re going to love this place. The only other thing that I would recommend that they do is to change up the design. I’m a fan of the dark color scheme, but I want to see a higher-res pic for the cover photo, as well as a much better avatar than the one right now. I’m sure they can think of a subtle way of incorporating the Nintendo logo in the avatar and to somehow allude that there are hot hentai artwork pieces here to enjoy of the hot female characters from those games. It’s just so much to consider, and they can really make this place pop if they just changed a few things here and there when it comes to the design, as with most NSFW subs.Finally, we can talk about the flairs. I have to say that I’m surprised that /r/NintendoWaifus managed to do such a good job when it comes to the flairs. Here is a list of flairs that they have on this sub. Pokémon NSFW and SFW, Fire Emblem NSFW and SFW, Super Mario NSFW, Kid Icarus NSFW, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 NSFW and SFW, and Octopath Traveler NSFW. I’m sure there are a few more flairs that they could include, but I think that they only really add flairs as they get popular enough for them to make sense. Anyway, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy everything about this sub and there are many ways that you can jerk off to all this amazing free hentai content. Go ahead and check it out here!