Do you like nude celebrity photos? What a dumb question, of course you do! Everyone loves a nice nude celeb from time to time. However, it would seem that there are too many subreddits that get satisfied with lewd photos of celebrities rather than going all the way. Well, this isn’t the case with the sub /r/NudeCelebsOnly as this place only for nudity, and nothing else. No bullshit lewd photos, no bikinis, no skimpy dresses, only nudes. And, well, the results as you might expect… You can find some of the hottest pictures ever on /r/NudeCelebsOnly and that’s a fact. Let’s check this sub out a bit deeper in this review.Enjoy the hottest nude celeb photos for freeOne of the reasons why you might want to check out nude celebrity photos is because they’re the hottest content that you can find and expect online. It’s only a matter of time before you find your favorite celebrity here showing off her hot body. Sometimes they don’t even do it on purpose, but we’ve got field operatives who are looking out for these hot sluts and when they catch them completely in the nude, they quickly take a snapshot of them. Either way, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy yourself with this sub, especially since it’s only concentrated on nudes and nothing else. Not to mention that it’s free.Yep, you read that right, /r/NudeCelebsOnly is completely free. I mean, we’ve come to expect this with and pretty much every community here. However, we shouldn’t take these things for granted. I, for one, love the fact that I can find all these hot nude celebs on this sub for free. You can tell that the people who upload these pics put a lot of time and effort into sniffing the photos out and then posting them here for us to enjoy. We should applaud them in hopes that they will keep returning to this sub so that you can keep returning to it too if you want to jerk off to hot celebrities in the nude. I know it sounds like a load of bullshit, but there is nothing but nudity here. I also had my doubts at first.Mostly authentic photo and video contentHowever, /r/NudeCelebsOnly also isn’t very heavily moderated. The community is the primary source of making sure that the posts are high-quality. But sometimes it’s not the quality that’s the problem. What I’m trying to say is that some posts on this sub obviously have fake pics. I know it breaks your heart to hear that not every nude celeb pic out there isn’t always genuine. Some of them are doctored photos with programs such as photoshop and so on. It can be hard to know which of these posts are real and which ones are fake, though, so you need to rely heavily on the comment section for that kind of info.But even if some pics are fake, that doesn’t take away from the sub. There are still many photos that are obviously real. I just wish that the mod team would enforce authentic content and make that stuff rise to the top more instead of us relying on the comments. Right now, some of the posts are obviously fake, but there are so many celebrity nudes that are 100% authentic. You’re going to have to use your intuition here, and also you can always ask in the comments if the photo is shopped, and there will usually be a good Samaritan ready to give aid and tell you or sometimes even give you an explanation as to why it is or is not altered or doctored in any way. These people are really necessary on this subreddit.Only nudes are allowed here, nothing elseFor a subreddit, that’s all about celebrity nudes, /r/NudeCelebsOnly doesn’t really have that many people on it. Sure, it’s a pretty big sub with hundreds of thousands of followers, but at the same time, I’ve gotten used to NSFW subs that have millions of members. These are rookie numbers by comparison. But I guess that this is a niche sub in the sense that not all nude celeb subs are actually about nudity necessarily. This is because nudity is much harder to come by with celebrities. What’s easier to find is transparent shirt pics, nip slips, pussy shots up the skirt, and so on. These things are way more popular.But if you want to concentrate on nudes, then you need to find a community that only allows for that kind of content, and that’s what this place is about. The Nude Celebs Only sub really makes sure to stick to their principles that are engraved in the name itself. They really do have only celebrities and only nudes, nothing else. This is one of the things that the mod thing enforces a lot. I have nothing against that. In fact, more power to them. We might get a bit more celebrity nudes in the future if more subs focused on digging that kind of content out from the depths of the internet. But I guess not everyone is interested in that kind of content exclusively. Oh well, we always have this sub to fall back on for that.Over 169k people to rely on for activity hereWhen you look at the rules, it’s obvious that the mods wanted to make a real and authentic experience, but they failed to enforce some of these things. It’s obvious that many fake and even low-quality pics make it through New and all the way up to Hot, and nobody in the mod team does anything about that. I guess that the people in this sub just rely on their intuition and mob mentality. Not my two favorite things mind you, so I have to knock a few points off of the score for /r/NudeCelebsOnly because of all this stuff. Anyway, I’m sure that many people enjoy this place a lot, so I won’t shit on it that much more.There are over 169,000 people on this subreddit who are eager to see hot nude celebrities and I’m sure that they don’t care too much about what I have to say and they’ll keep coming back hoping to hit the motherload every single day. And remember when I said that no see-through shirt bullshit awaits? See-through is actually allowed in the ruleset as long as it’s like really transparent. Anyway, All of these rules and regulations can be a bit confusing at times, so it’s best that you just go to /r/NudeCelebsOnly and experience if for yourself. There you’ll be able to really see what this subreddit is actually made of.The sub design can be pretty dull and boringIt’s always a good idea to explore things for yourself just to see how they stack up against your expectation. I have to say that /r/NudeCelebsOnly does a pretty good job at providing me with some scorching nude content, but at the same time, it lacks things in other areas. For example, the sub doesn’t really have a lot in the way of a good design. They have a generic avatar, a pretty ugly cover photo, and gray colors for their color scheme. Not the most enticing design, mind you, but at least they did something with it. With NSFW subs, you can usually expect every little effort to be put into the design, and that’s something that I struggle with when it comes to most communities on tbh.And another thing that I feel like I’m missing is a sound flair system. There is only one flair on this sub right now, and it’s called “more in comments”. It would be a great flair that you’d imagine showed you posts that have more info or even more pics of the event in the comments. But nope, this flair doesn’t have any content! That’s right, no fucking content to see when you click on that flair. I have no idea why they have it if they aren’t even going to use it for anything. Anyway, this is just the beginning of the issues with the design, but you can still have plenty of fun when you’re on this sub, so check it out today!