Reddit Pegging, aka r/Pegging! Listen, I know what you’re thinking. “Pegging? Isn’t that something Porn Geek would be interested in, not you Porn dude?” And you’re right; pegging is probably the only way Porn Geek is ever going to get laid. Either that or he’ll get a real dick up his ass if he hasn’t already. But here’s the thing. I respect pretty much every kink and fetish. And as it turns out, many straight guys are into pegging with their girlfriends and I have no clue as to why that is. The only thing I know is that if I find a good subreddit, I will make sure to review it for you guys, which is what brings us to /r/Pegging. Let’s check this place out, shall we?Hot pictures and videos of pegging fetishismOne of the things that rings true for /r/Pegging is the fact that it has a lot of content and all of it is free. You heard that right, everything on this platform is completely free for you, including the pictures and the videos. And yes, you can find both on this sub and they even have the appropriate flairs for them. This is something that many NSFW subs can’t even boast about, so I think that this place is already on the right track to have my full recommendation. And since you aren’t really paying for anything here, I think that it can be pretty safe to tell you to check this place out. After all, you’ve literally got nothing to lose.Imagine getting all the hottest pegging pics and videos of chicks wearing strap-ons and even fucking their boyfriends and getting them all for free. You don’t pay for anything and yet you get all the pics you could ever have dreamed of. It seems impossible, right? Well, think again. I actually believe that this place is a perfect example of how a subreddit can actually prove everyone wrong by showing all the best stuff without making anyone pay a single cent. This sub exists for the sole purpose of pleasing people who are actually into pegging. And if you don’t know if you’re into it, then you’re probably not really all that into it. That’s not to say that you can’t explore this kink and see if you might enjoy it here.Try the fetish on for size hereListen, I’m not going to be talking shit to you if you like getting a strap-on up your ass. Everyone has the choice to do whatever they want in their relationship. And if you want to stick a huge 15-inch black dildo on your girlfriend that she can fuck you with and probably destroy your asshole with, then that’s on you. I won’t tell you to do it or not to do it (unless you’re Porn Geek, in which case it’s the only way you’re getting laid by an actual female dude). All in all, you need to be aware of these kinks and fetishes so that you can figure out what you’re into and what you aren’t into. It’s all just safe and harmless fun anyway!Pegging is made for guys who are a bit subversive and perverse and are looking for new and sexy ways to improve their sex life. I know that many of you will think that just by being more dominant, you can spice things up. However, I’ll tell you that the only way I can get the same level of excitement with my fetishes as before is with a harem. I need like 6 girls that I’m fucking at the same time to get excited. Don’t get me wrong, that’s easy to do for me, but it might not be for you. So, you might want to explore /r/Pegging and see what this kink and fetish is all about. Who knows, you might fall in love with it here.Hot and Top sections for high-quality contentNow, one thing that is undoubtedly clear when you take just one look at /r/Pegging is that it’s an active sub in terms of how many posts are uploaded, but it’s unreliable too. What I want to say is that you get plenty of posts, especially pics of hot chicks wearing strap ons. But take just one step into the New segment and you’ll see picture after picture of a dude showing off their dick and asshole. I guess they feel like this is a place where they can beg to get fucked by a dildo. Well, it’s not. And in fact, if you post things like this, you’ll get banned pretty much instantly. I would advise you against all this on /r/Pegging.If you really want to have fun with this subreddit, what you really need to be about is checking out the new posts that are worth your time. It might not be apparent which of the posts on New are the ones you should be paying attention to, but I feel like they don’t have to be apparent either. If you want to stick to quality stuff, then just keep to the Hot and Top sections. These are the ones that have the best posts and you’ll find so many hot chicks wearing strap on sex toys ready to devastate a dude’s asshole. If you’re lucky and you meet them in real life, maybe they will even want to destroy your anus as well.Smallish NSFW sub with unengaging contentLet’s quickly address the elephant in the room. Yes, this place doesn’t have that many subscribers. As of the writing of this review, it only has around 173,000 members. These people are true fans of pegging though and they always do whatever they can to make /r/Pegging the best place not just on Reddit but on the entirety of the world wide web for fans of pegging to come to and share their experiences, pics, videos and so on. I feel like the numbers don’t paint a complete picture though, but even with the high activity rate and the new posts flying in all the time, the uploads still lack a little bit of engagement too.That’s to say that the posts don’t get that many upvotes and not that many people comment on the posts either. The 173k members on /r/Pegging only seem to be active every now and then. Usually, the top posts don’t even break a few thousand upvotes, so you can’t expect the best quality ever seen. If you had that, then you would probably have a lot more engagement with the posts too. So, if you were looking for one of the biggest and most active NSFW subs, you won’t find it with /r/Pegging. This place is not the one to be looking for when you want to enjoy this kind of content. You can be sure of that.Nothing is being done about the subreddit designFinally, one more problem that I have with /r/Pegging is the design of the subreddit. Sure, they added the flairs, which I always say that all subreddits should do, but what they didn’t do is they didn’t change the colors, the avatar, or the cover photo. This only takes a few seconds, so I have no clue why the people who run /r/Pegging don’t just go ahead and change up the colors on /r/Pegging a little bit and breathe some new life into the subreddit. I’m sure the community would really appreciate this kind of dedication, and instead, we just get half baked bullshit that most people are going to see right through.But hey, you can’t really say that the design will be a deal-breaker. If you were looking for a community that is all about pegging and the kink itself, then I don’t think the UI will be the deciding factor of whether or not you’ll be spending time here. If you enjoy pegging, then I’m sure your mind was already made up even before you started reading this review of mine. All in all, I won’t be coming back to this place, but if you like having huge strap on toys stuck up your asshole by beautiful women, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll feel right at home here with all these gorgeous kinky dominant women.