Reddit KPopFap, aka r/KPOPFAP! Where are all my K-pop fans at? Let me tell you a few things about that music genre. I might not like the music all that much, but damn to I love the singers. Now, here’s the thing, I know some of the singers are barely legal and all that, but to be honest with you, as long as they’re 18, I’d have sex with all of them. I don’t think that there’s a single babe out there in the K-pop industry that I wouldn’t want to have sex with. And I’m pretty sure you feel the same way! If you don’t, then you probably never went to /r/kpopfap, the prime spot for all the hottest pics of sexy K-pop stars showing off their slim, hot bods.The hottest K-pop stars you’ll ever seeIf you’ve never been to /r/kpopfap, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you check it out. Trust me; I think it’s a life-changer as far as hot content is concerned. And then there’s the fact that you can even jerk off to all these pics. Sure, they don’t contain nudity every single step of the way, but I can tell you right now that you can expect that every single one of these babes has lewds out there on the internet, and when people find them they come straight to this sub to post them. It’s easy karma, so if you want to be doused with fake internet points too, you might wanna go to /r/kpopfap and post some pics too.I think that there isn’t a single ugly K-pop star out there. Let’s be real for a second, if they are K-pop stars, then that means a scout saw them and thought that they could make the cut. And we all know that it’s not your singing voice that makes you into a star in Korea. It’s usually the dashing good looks. Especially for women. They also work their asses off to keep them in shape, so expect them to have the sexiest bodies out there. K-pop stars are the hottest sluts to bless the internet. I call them sluts cause they’re literally selling out their good looks for fame and money. It doesn’t get any sluttier than that!Not that many nudes, only lewd contentBut okay, I’ll give some leeway here and say that K-pop stars don’t really reveal as much as bitches in the west. I’m pretty sure you can find a sex tape or a leaked nude from most western pop stars, but you can’t do that same for Korean singers. These babes usually like to cover up a bit more, but there are times where they get into tight skimpy suits because they’re trying to garner some attention. If you came here looking for nudes, I’m going to disappoint you from the get-go. There aren’t that many nudes here, and the best you can hope for are nip slips every now and then as well as very rare nude film scenes.I know it sounds like /r/kpopfap doesn’t really offer much in that case, but trust me, you have to check this out to understand why it’s so damn popular. Even though there aren’t that many nudes, and most of the sub consists of lewds. And trust me, the lewds are more than enough to make up for the lack of nudes. These days lewd babes get much more attention than chicks who show off their nudes online. Why is that? Well, I guess it has to do with the part about secrecy. You keep hoping that one day you’ll get to see this bitch nude, so you keep coming back. That day never happens, though.Very active community of over 174k membersAnd if you feel that not many people actually feel this way, then I invite you to check out /r/kpopfap’s numbers. Sure, it’s not the biggest NSFW sub out there, but definitely knows smaller NSFW subs that have much more far-reaching genres. K-pop is a small niche on Reddit, so I’m even surprised that the place has even this many members. I know it just seems like a small number when you compare it to the biggest subs out there, especially for NSFW, which have millions of subscribers, but I don’t think that these subs are in the same ballpark. Whatever the case may be, the numbers speak for themselves.You can expect more than 174k people here, with many of them actually being active! Activity is a big problem with many NSFW subs, but /r/kpopfap nailed it with their content since all the pics and vids get a huge number of upvotes, comments and so on. I guess it has to do with the fact that there are so many SFW pics here that you can view even while at work, while commuting and so on. These pics are the real reason why this place gets so much attention. Without them, it might not get so much popularity in the first place. However, as things are right now, there are hundreds of thousands of members here. You can become a member of this community quite easily too, or you can enjoy the content as a guest.High-quality content on Hot and Top sectionsThat’s right; you don’t even need a bloody account to enjoy every piece of content that gets put out here! Isn’t that just fantastic? Many people will say that they only come to for NSFW subs, but what about those of us that don’t have a throwaway account? I think we’re stuck with checking out these subs in guest mode. There’s nothing wrong with this; just expect to lose all the great features such as upvoting and commenting. You also can’t save posts unless you have an account, so that can be a bit of a problem when using But you can still go to the Top section and check out the All-time most upvoted posts if you want to see the ones that are really worth checking out without saving any.I usually only stick to the Hot and Top sections of any NSFW sub, and this goes for /r/kpopfap as well. It’s these sections that you can see the actual nudity on. You definitely want to check that out because posts which feature any kind of nudity with K-pop stars are few and far in between. But it’s also interesting to see just how much engagement these posts get even when they don’t feature nudity. I guess it really is true about what they say when it comes to K-pop fans. These people will upvote pretty much anything that features any kind of reference to K-pop in the damn name! But hey, that’s just fine.Very nice subreddit design and featuresAs long as I get to see all these beautiful Korean babes, I’m completely happy with these K-pop stans delivering everything to me. I don’t even have to ask them and they are just posting this shit all the damn time! And the best thing about it is how damn committed they are to everything they do that has anything to do with K-pop. Even the damn sub is amazing when it comes to the damn design. Just look at all these great graphics, colors, and so on. It really feels like you’re on /r/kpopfap. It has the same K-pop vibe that you would expect and so much more than that too. You can expect a lot from this sub.I feel that the cover photo and avatar are just great, and then you look at the flairs and rules, and you notice that everything is in its place. This means that you can use flairs to actually filter through content and get what you want with a minimum amount of effort. This is something that most of us want out of all the other NSFW subs out there. It’s a damn shame that only places like /r/kpopfap are implementing these kinds of features, since literally doesn’t require you to do anything other than set up the flairs. They give you the functionalities and yet many subs just don’t use any of that stuff. Anyway, I think you’ll have a great time on /r/kpopfap, if you like hot Korean Idols.