Reddit Femdom, aka r/Femdom! Who knew that there is such a big interest for femdom content on Reddit? I get it that some dudes are pussies and can’t be the dominant ones in the relationship, but does that really mean that things have to swing the opposite direction? I guess so. Well, I won’t be the one being dominated by a woman, but if you’re into that kind of shit, then you’ll feel right at home with /r/Femdom. This Reddit community is all about sharing experiences about BDSM, where the woman is the dominant partner in the relationship. Who knows, you might just find what you have been looking for all this time to spice up your sex life.Hot latex wearing women dominating submissive menWhile I don’t like being dominated by women (since I’m the one being rough and dominating usually), I do like the femdom aesthetic. As you’ll quickly see on /r/Femdom, there are so many pics where chicks are wearing strap on toys, latex clothes and lingerie, and some pics even feature submissive girls to other girls in lesbian relationships. Even that kind of content is allowed here! Who knew!? Well, I didn’t, but I’m glad I know now since that means that I can enjoy this subreddit at face value. This basically means that I enjoy everything posted here just because I enjoy the way it looks aesthetically. I just find it so sexy when a girl is wearing leather, latex, and all that kind of stuff. And then when the tits fall out…Mmm, I don’t think I can control myself when I think about all these things. So instead of thinking about it, might as well just go to /r/Femdom and jerk off instead. Reddit.com has long been known as a place where communities are formed around anything, and I guess that female domination is only one of the topics that you can expect a free sub for. There is so much free femdom content to enjoy here in the form of gifs, pictures, videos, and much more than that. The fact that you don’t pay a single penny for any of this stuff only means that you can enjoy it as much as your heart desires without any drawbacks.Watch obedient dudes doing what they’re toldSome people will say that checking out femdom content is gay. Well, it might be gay if you like cock, but as long as you’re into tits and pussy, you’re good. Listen, not even pegging is gay if you’re doing it with a girl. As long as you’re not weening yourself onto cock and feel like you would like to try something out like getting a huge cock stuffed up your asshole. Anyway, I’m getting a little bit off-track here. What I’m trying to say is that being dominated by a chick isn’t gay. I just don’t like it happening to me, but I won’t be giving you any shit if you want to subscribe to /r/Femdom and become a member of this community.There’s a community for everything on /r/Femdom, even fucked up shit like people dying. So, if you are okay with those things existing, then this is child’s play. What I really want to find out is whether femdom is the right thing for you. Just because you get free content from NSFW subs doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing for you. I think that you need to ask yourself whether or not you enjoy seeing dudes being submissive and obedient. If you’re okay and even have that kink yourself, then you’ll love every bit of content that /r/Femdom has to offer you. Trust me; you’ve hit a motherload if you’re into this kind of stuff. There are countless posts on the subreddit just waiting to be discovered by you. It’s just great.Get free femdom videos, gifs, and picturesNow, this all sounds well and good, but how many posts actually get uploaded here? Well, there’s plenty in my experience. I’ve visited /r/Femdom a few times just preparing for this review (not because I like the content) and I have to say that almost every time I had completely different posts show up in the Hot section. The New section is something you should definitely stay away from since a lot of shitting over the rules happens there. Many guys just choose to post dick pics there for some reason, feeling like /r/Femdom is some kind of personal dick pic gallery of theirs. Trust me; it’s not. Keep that to yourself.All the other rules that you need to follow are on the right side of the subreddit. They contain all the usual stuff, but they also tell you that you can’t show any promotional material for anything you’re selling. Basically, this is a place for people to enjoy themselves, and not to spend money or turn a profit. Anyway, if you’re a Redditor who wants to enjoy themselves for free with some hot female domination content, then I think that you should definitely think about going to /r/Femdom. Do you have what it takes to get pleasure from this community? Go ahead, try yourself and your kinks out on this sub. But I’m sure you already knew about all this stuff. That’s why we should talk some more about the community.High-quality stuff in the monthly Top postsThere aren’t really THAT many members on /r/Femdom. Sure, 174,000 might seem like a big number, but when you put in into perspective with other NSFW subs, this one is on the lower end of the spectrum. I guess that’s why it took so damn long for it to get itself onto my map. I only review subs that are actually worth my time. And while this place isn’t for everyone, it’s good to know that there is a place you can go to if you like to see women dominating in any kind of sexual position or intercourse. That’s the only thing this place is about, and they do a really fine job at providing those pics and videos.While many posts don’t really live up to any kind of standard, the top posts of the month are often some of the best things you’ll ever see in the femdom genre. You can expect over a thousand upvotes on these posts, so this means that the pictures can be engaging from time to time. This one time, I saw a chick manhandling her sub by picking him up and carrying him upside down and sucking him off while he licked her pussy. In another picture, I saw a pair of goth chicks showing off the tools they would use on you if you were there for them to abuse. All of this has the potential to be really hot for people into this.They need to address the UI designBut one thing that they didn’t do that would be great is adding flairs and general changes to the subreddit UI. They just left the design as it was when they created the sub. The only thing they changed was that they added a generic avatar that just reads 18+. Yeah, no shit. I read the word /r/Femdom and I immediately think of a child that wants to click on that link. Nope, not seeing it. Kids are too busy looking for free Robux on the internet. Anyway, if you take all these things into consideration, it doesn’t mean that it should force you away, but it’s something you should consider talking with the mods about.Listen, I certainly won’t be the one doing that shit since I won’t be using this subreddit all that much. This is a job for the members of the community who love and care for their subreddit and want to make /r/Femdom approachable and nice to look at for both veterans and newbies. Also, they should add flairs so that you can differentiate between pictures, videos, gifs and so on. Sometimes you just feel like watching photos and nothing else. And I have to say that photos are usually the things that get the most upvotes on /r/Femdom anyway. There’s probably a reason for that, so you should consider all of these things when you’re browsing /r/Femdom. In the end, you should just take a look for yourself!