Trees Gone Wild

Reddit Trees Gone Wild, aka r/TreesGoneWild! Everyone is aware of the whole, 'it's just an herb, man™" Reddit circlejerk, but I figured it wouldn't be fair for me to cover this site without mentioning /r/TreesGoneWild. Yes, you heard it first here, all of the sexy stoner chicks on Reddit are posting their 420 pictures where they openly flaunt their 'waking and baking' in an erotic fashion. I mean what could be sexier than a beautiful college cutie with a whole bunch of smoke wafting out of her mouth while she is wearing nothing more than a fuzzy hat and some cute panties? This is similar to the Gone Wild board on Reddit which features sexy cuties posting pics of themselves, but this one has a 420 twist.The subreddit has over 60,000 subscribers and while both men and women are encouraged to post, it's pretty much all chicks because not many stoner babes wanna look at some college frat guy’s dong next to a fat nugget. Who knows why? Guys and girls are just different in that way, I guess. This group is full of amateur sluts who are basically wannabe pornstars getting their fix of attention by posting pics of their bongs between their tits and of course, the board is popping on April 20th. Who knows if these honeys never got enough attention before but they are certainly getting it now. They post lots of stuff and of course like everything else on Reddit, it’s all completely free. You don’t even have to sign up for an account. Of course, if you do sign up for an account you can comment on things and stuff. The accounts are free and it allows you to use all of Reddit - not just this board. There is plenty of amazingly hot stuff like chicks holding their paraphernalia between their ginormous tits, and honeys with their stuff poking out of their pussies too.Anyway, if you're a fan of the herb as well, and want to enjoy some amateur porn content that revolves around chicks that are all about Bob Marley, beanies and dreadlocks, check out /r/TreesGoneWild because that's basically the bread and butter of this subreddit. It’s real girls submitting their actual pictures. This group bans advertisements including ones for porn sites so you know that everything here is authentic and yes - there really are that many amateur nude cuties who want to share pics of themselves in this way.