Yiff – a fandom dedicated to a certain sexual activity or material… quite a broad subject if you ask me. However, if you visit r/yiff/, you will be welcomed to a world of furry pornography. As they state in their description, “Furries need porn too!” and well, I second that. Now, for those who are not into furry pornography, there are many other subreddits you can check out instead.Reddit is a free website, so even if you are not a fan of what it has to offer, you can always browse somewhere else. Lucky for you, I have reviewed a good portion of the best NSFW subreddits, and I am still doing that. So if furries do not make your schlong hard, you have many other sections to explore. With that said, let’s get down to business and talk about some furry porn.What is a furry?So, if you are not from planet Earth, or you just gained access to the wonderful world of porn, you might not have heard about furries. Well, do not worry; I am here to make all that shit a lot more understandable. So, furries are basically animals that look like humans or well humans that look like animals. You have variations of that as well as the animals who are drawn.Do not worry, none of this shit is actually real, at least not on this subreddit. Here you have all kinds of artistic styles featuring the hottest furries fucking hardcore or whatever the heck they are doing. Now, in real life, you do have people who love to dress as their fursona, and then meet other people who enjoy the same practices… and we all know where that is heading.Now, if you are not really into the animal-like banging, there are many other sections you can explore instead. This is just one of many subreddits. I am sure that you will enjoy it. But at the same time, I know that furries are not for everyone. You can always give it a shot, and if you do not fancy r/yiff/, you can explore Reddit for other crap.Furry porn pics!So, what can you expect from this subreddit? I mean, I already know that you know that you can expect lots of furry pictures. That is a given. However, what exactly can you expect? Well, let me just tell you my experience with the site, and then you can see whether the content here would suit your furry taste or not. I would also like to begin by saying that there are almost no videos in this subreddit.I do not want to say that there are no videos whatsoever because there might be. However, with my time browsing, I did not see that many videos, which is a bit sad. I am sure that all of us will prefer to check out the videos instead of images, but it is what it is. Here you have lots of fan-art as well as comics, drawn by the users of Reddit… or just uploaded by them.One of the first posts I’ve seen was of a cute furry cat, who was having a wet dream of being fucked in the ass. It was a very simple drawing, with all the juicy details. Now I do wish that this was an actual comic, but it was just that one image. The next picture was of a bunny getting fucked by a wolf, and the art-style was pretty fucking great.When it comes to the animals, aka furries I have seen, there were all kinds; from dogs to cats, to some weirder animals, such as lizards, and so on. It all depends on the image you check out, because with so many Redditors out there, and so many options, you never really know what the fuck to expect. See that is one beauty of furry pornography.This is an imaginary world, and everything is possible. So no matter how fucked up or weird the content you want to fap to is, you will surely be able to find it here. I mean, I’ve seen so many variations, and so many images… from just standard fucking, to gangbangs, or just an oddly presented fetish. So I am sure that you will find whatever the heck you want, sooner or later.All you have to do is scroll and scroll, and you will find more and more new shit to check out. There are lots of images, some are pretty simple, others are like a comic, and some are even from an actual comic… and more often than not, you will get a link to the comic. However, the main point of r/yiff/ is to offer furry pornography in all shapes and forms… although it should be imaginary.Like, dislike, comment.Would you like to be able to like your favorite posts, dislike the shit that bothers you and comment on the crap that you enjoy? Well, you can do that if you choose to register, and lucky for you, the registration to Reddit.com is free. That is pretty neat! Not to mention that you do not really have to register if you do not want to… for the most part, you will still get to enjoy the posts; you will just not be able to enjoy the user-privileges.Other than that, it should be obvious that you can also upload your own content. So if you like to draw furry porn, or you simply know some of your favorite artists who do that, and you would enjoy sharing their content, you can do that too. Now, if you do decide to do that, you will have to follow the rules of posting, and since there are only two rules, there ain’t much to fuck up.Keep in mind that each subreddit will its own rules listed on the side of the Reddit in general. You should always pay attention to the rules if you want to post your own shit; otherwise, you can actually be banned from the site, and I mean… who the fuck wants that? Everything is pretty self-explanatory, and if the rules are not on the side, they might be pinned as the first post instead.Chat with the furry lovers.Another great thing if you choose to register to Reddit is that you can chat with the community. You can send a private message to all the members of r/yiff/ or any other subreddit. However, a lot of those who are a part of r/yiff/ are just here to enjoy furry porn, so they might not want to talk. In this case, you should visit subreddits that are actually created for chatting instead.There are a bunch of subreddits like that. Reddit.com is a place for everyone, and thus you can find subreddits that are dedicated to chatting, hookups, dating, soulmates… or certain fetishes. I mean, at this point, it really all depends on why the fuck you are here… so take your time and explore Reddit.com as much as you want, you are bound to find a subreddit that will make your dick solid.Good statistics and a solid subreddit.All the details about this subreddit or any other will be listed on the side of that subreddit. The description I already mentioned, but below that, you can see that this subreddit was created ten years ago. That means that even if you run out of new daily content, you will still get to browse through all their old content… and there is quite a fucking lot if you ask me.From what I have seen, the updates are daily, but how many updates you will get to see a day will vary depending on the day. I mean, this is something rather unpredictable, since you cannot really know what the fuck to expect when all the content here is uploaded by the users. Oh well, since Reddit.com is free, you cannot really complain… at least uploads are daily!Overall, I think that everyone can find at least one subreddit that will cater to their cock needs on Reddit.com, and in case you are looking for furry shit, you can check out r/yiff/. This subreddit is filled with lots of furry content, of all shapes and sizes… and animals. Obviously, you can explore as much as your heart desires, as there is a lot to be seen. If you do not fancy what r/yiff/ offers, there are actually many other furry subreddits you could check out as well.