When it comes to NSFW subs, it’s tough to find something erotic and artistic. It’s usually all just a bunch of dudes who are jerking off to hardcore fucking and similar bullshit. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s something else that you can do here other than jerk off to straight-up porn. One of the things you can do to avoid all the porn bullshit is to go straight to /r/SexyButNotPorn and see what the latest happenings are on that sub. It’s one of the lesser-known NSFW subs, but it concentrates on erotic images rather than porn, as the name suggests. Let’s check it out and see what it has to offer us.Erotic photos featuring the hottest girls everI always love going to Reddit for all kinds of NSFW content for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is that it’s possible to enjoy yourself without paying a single dime. Now, money isn’t an issue for me. I just like to know that there are sites out there that are readily available to anyone that finds them. That’s my passion and that’s why I find all these NSFW subreddits to review for you guys, and /r/SexyButNotPorn is no exception. The fact that you can enjoy so much free content here just makes me so damn happy. And is really known for having these subreddits that offer you so much free erotic content to see.And as I already said, money’s not a problem for me. I make a lot of dough with partnerships and all that, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t visit free platforms from time to time. Why spend money when I can simply enjoy free content and spend the money I have on another Lambo? That’s when I head straight to and start exploring my options. If I’m feeling extra erotic that day, then I definitely go to /r/SexyButNotPorn. This sub is all about bringing you erotic and artistic photography and videos that are really well composed. It’s not a place that you go to if you’re looking for OC, though, so don’t expect any of that shit here. For the most part, it’s just a bunch of free and professional pics.No OC stuff, only professional models and photographersI know some of you are already going off on a tangent because /r/SexyButNotPorn doesn’t really allow for OC content. Well, I have just one thing to say to you guys. If you want OC content, then go to a sub that supports that kind of content since there are so many of them. You can check out my list on The Porn Dude; if you want to find out more about all the different NSFW subs out there. But if you feel like you want something professional for a change that is done by outstanding photographers, then it might just be time to start looking into the Sexy But Not Porn sub. I think that you might just get hooked to it and there is so much that you can enjoy in this community of eroticism fans.Instead of bombarding you with endless waves of OC content, /r/SexyButNotPorn knows how to find quality by limiting the photos to those of some of the hottest models out there. We’re talking about studio-grade photosets here, and not some amateur crap that pretty much every sub has and that you can find all over the internet. I think that you’ll agree that the quality of this sub is impeccable in that sense, and there are very few bad things that I can say about it, if I am to be completely honest with you. One thing that I will say is that if you’re looking for that personal charm, then this ain’t it chief.So many new posts being added all the damn timeIf you look at this sub, it really isn’t a time or a place to be looking for amateur girls to chat with and comment on. This is a bit bad because you don’t get to feel any kind of interaction. There are no girls promoting their adult OnlyFans accounts or anything like that, so you’re just stuck with these supermodels that are probably girls that you will never speak to. These girls are always somewhere on vacation from the fat stacks of cash that they’re making from all these photoshoots. They’re definitely not the kinds of girls you can have everyday interactions with, so definitely keep that in mind here.But hey, at least you get plenty of new posts. Even if you can’t interact with the girls in the pics, you can’t deny that just beating your meat to them won’t make you happy. As it turns out, doing that will definitely make you happy. At least it gives me that feeling. New posts get uploaded to this sub pretty much every few minutes, so there will always be something new to see. Of course, this means that you’ll have to go to the New section if you want to enjoy a lot of this fresh crap, but then you run into the very likely possibility that the quality of the pics and the posts, in general, is going to go down. It’s generally really hard to balance between these things when you’re on this subreddit enjoying pics.Fewer people than most NSFW subs, but very wholesomeI don’t think that the quality is a dealbreaker though, since the content that does make it to the Hot section is usually really good. Only the newest posts and the ones in Rising can sometimes be a bit shitty. Just stick to the Top and Hot sections and you won’t have an issue. I usually go for the Top posts of the month since those tend to have hundreds of upvotes, and they are really high-quality. I don’t know bout you, but if I’m looking for erotic photos that are made by pros, I am looking for quality that I can’t simply find on any other porn tube platform. I feel like this sub takes that into consideration.Another thing to consider that might be a good thing or a bad one depending on how you look at it is that this place has a much lower number of members than most NSFW subs on Most subs have around 400k members, but /r/SexyButNotPorn only has around 183,000 horny fans on it. This means that there is automatically a lot less activity on the posts in terms of comments and upvotes. In fact, the top posts every month on this sub don’t even manage to break a thousand upvotes. I don’t know how they manage to fuck up so badly. Most other NSFW subs manage to get way more clout.Mods don’t control the content much; they leave it to membersBut the fact that there are fewer people here also means that you’re looking at a pretty tight-knit community too. It means that the people on the platform are usually more willing to take care of the sub without the involvement of the mods. You know when mods get involved, things get pretty messy pretty quickly. There are many rules, but not all of them are strictly followed since the mods aren’t always there to stop things from being posted. That’s a good thing since it means that they generally regard the community to be autonomous enough to sort of manage itself without all the mods.For example, rule 3 is that you can’t post videos and gifs, but you’ll find both of those here. Sure, they won’t be porn gifs since those are a big no-no here, but you’ll find some erotic solo female videos where a girl is just showing off her body in a bikini or something. It also means that not all content here involves nudity, which I’m not always a fan of, but I guess that can choose to allow whatever they want here. In the end, I think the only thing that matters is that you can have a good time here. The only thing that would allow you to have an even better time is if they updated the design of the sub so that they would include some colors and not the default ones here.