Booty Queens

When in doubt, go for ass pics. That’s what I always say when I don’t know what to jerk off to. The best thing about asses is that they’re just so universally loved, that there are few asses that people might consider as inadequate to jerk off to. Most asses are just so amazing, and when it comes to butts specifically, it’s always the case that the bigger they are, the better they are. I think that tits don’t follow this trend, because small tits and perky tits can be better than huge and saggy boobs. With asses, you’re never in doubt that the bigger they are, the better they will be like the ones on the sub /r/booty_queens.Few years of existence and a large followingI want to tell you about how this place came into being. You see, there are plenty of NSFW subs on that are made for ass pictures and videos. There are NSFW subs for anal, NSFW subs for anuses and so much more, and yet there doesn’t seem to be anything that works as a sort of a blog more than anything that has ass pictures and nothing else. It’s great to see that there finally exists such a blog on Reddit. And even better is the fact that this blog actually doesn’t suck ass! Well, it does suck ass in the literal sense of the word since you can, I guess, press your lips up against the monitor here.But if you don’t want to ruin your screen by sucking on your screen, perhaps a better thing would be to just jerk off instead. I think that the best thing that you can hope to get out of /r/booty_queens is the fact that so many people are coming together in order to give you so many ass pics and this blog has been active on ever since the 4th of August 2016. The fact that the sub has existed only for a few years and the fact that it has garnered such a huge following already is a great sign for the kind of content you’re going to get here. I mean, I certainly enjoyed it every bit of the way and it’s so amazing.High-quality big ass pics to see 100% free of chargeSo, let’s talk about the content, shall we? Most of us are used to seeing ass pics that are blurry and shitty, but I think that /r/booty_queens handled this kind of content really well. Not only can you find some great pics on Reddit, but if you go to the rules of the sub and click on the first (and only) rule, you’ll get a link that leads you to another blog with more ass pics and gifs that you can enjoy. Some of them are even videos of hot girls who just know how to move their hips and show off their asses. I love jerking off to this stuff since I know it comes from an authentic girl that actually has a lot to offer here.High-quality content definitely awaits you here, and you can bet your ass that the mods are working their asses off to make sure that the content that ends up on the Hot page is only the best of the best. And while this doesn’t always end up being true, for a better part of the sub’s existence, this place has been known to show some of the finest booties on all of Reddit. I definitely think that the content here is some of the best and highest-quality content that Reddit has to offer. You can say that I’m just full of shit, but I invite you to go to /r/booty_queens right now and see all the stuff here for yourself instead!Some girls here really look disgusting to meI don’t think that you’ll have much of a retort once you start seeing all these nice fine booties. The only problem I might have with the content is the fact that they sometimes feature fat chicks. I don’t know about you, but I would rather see a slim and fit babe with a huge tight ass than a BBW slut that just has a bunch of fat melting through her thong. Those asses just don’t look so appealing to me, and yet it’s all mixed in this one bag of treats that you get at /r/booty_queens. Some people might like those asses too, and I don’t say that they don’t have their charm. But I just want to see some tight asses and I don’t wanna see chicks who just go to McDonald’s for a living and don’t workout at all in their free time.Big asses on fat chicks are like abs on skinny guys. They have them, but they aren’t spectacular. It just means that their eating habits are all fucked up for the most part. I would pay more attention to their diet than what kinds of pictures they’re ready to show off on the internet to get that last smidge of a dopamine hit before they fall into depression because of how at and ugly they are. I don’t even think it’s good for them to show off their ass to thirsty dudes cause they’ll all say how much they love her ass and she’ll stay a fat and miserable piece of garbage for a much longer time instead of fixing her problems.Engaged and active community of thousands of peopleCall me insensitive, but I’m just spitting facts here. I don’t give a shit about political correctness, and I’m not going to hold back on calling out these miserable fat slobs for the lazy pieces of shit that they are. You can see the same thing when it comes to Porn Geek. That dude is a total miserable piece of shit and it’s all because he’s far. Not even the fat chicks on /r/booty_queens would want to fuck him. But I digress. I got way too into this fat-shaming thing and I forgot to talk about the actual good parts of the sub. You see, has a subreddit for pretty much everything, including the hottest ass pics.And the engagement of a community tells you a lot about how good a place is to check out. For example, there seem to be many things that /r/booty_queens does well. They have a lot of engagement on their posts with hundreds of upvotes on the best ones for the day, and the weekly greatest ones get thousands of upvotes. The top posts of all time are also a real hall of fame when it comes to the best ass pics that the internet has to offer. Finally, there’s the fact that it’s a pretty sizable community with over 180,000 people subscribed to it and engaging in the content that gets posted here, at least by seeing it.The description needs an overhaul and the design tooBut one thing that /r/booty_queens doesn’t do all that well and that I would like to see changed is the customization part of the subreddit. You see, they have all this bullshit like a shitty description, no rules, no custom banner or avatar… They barely changed the color scheme of their subreddit to a somewhat turquoise or cyan color than the regular blue one that we’re used to on subs that haven’t even had the basic settings changed from the default values. I guess the biggest problem I have are the tags in the description of the subreddit. They included tags like Busty Babes and Huge Boobs, which is just bad.I thought the subreddit was called /r/booty_queens, not /r/boobie_queens. I guess they don’t care about that at all. All they care about is people typing in “boobs” or “busty” in the search bar and finding their subreddit, despite the fact that those people were probably looking for boob pics rather than big ass pics. This has to go, and if they leave all those other problems on the sub, at least they have to fix this one. But as far as the other problems go, I think that they should at least add a few rules that are going to make sure that people don’t go posting some shitty content like it sometimes happens in New.