Reddit Sissies, aka r/Sissies! Alright, I’ve gotta be honest with you guys. The /r/Sissies subreddit seems more down Porn Geek’s alley. But, as you all know, I always put the needs of all my fans first. That’s why I’m going to be checking out this sub and telling you what I think about it. As it just so happens, I was actually tricked the first time I ever heard about the term sissies. I went into the porn looking for a good jerk off session, but what I ended up feeling was just a little bit gayer than I was when I started everything off. Seriously, the young guys who dress up like these girls do such a good job that it’s hard to see through the façade with them.Everything on this sub is completely freeIt's really hard to find out whether it’s a sissy dude or a genuine chick hiding under all these clothes, but one thing’s for sure, and that’s that /r/Sissies only serves you up with young dudes. That’s right; there are no girls here, only dudes dressed up like girls. Of course, not every dude can pull off a sissy look, and that’s where /r/Sissies comes in and they go through all of this content that’s posted here and make sure the remove the fuck out of anything that doesn’t contain the cutest guys who can definitely pass as sissies. As I already said, I don’t really get turned on by any of this, but I’m sure some of you guys would.One thing that I like about /r/Sissies is that it’s completely free and that you can use the sub and see all the content even as a guest. You don’t need to register an account on in order to see all the posts. This is a really good thing since it means that this place is open for everyone who wants to enjoy this kind of content. You have to appreciate these kinds of gestures. I mean, this is some extreme niche content that we’re taking a look at here and it’s a miracle that you have it for free anywhere, and not just on Reddit. You don’t have to register an account or pay for anything; you just come and have fun.SFW and NSFW posts alike on all segmentsI have my own reservations as to why this place isn’t perfect, though, and as always, I’ll be bringing you the good and the bad of this subreddit in order to keep the objectivity levels to the max. I don’t want to swindle you guys since I don’t get anything out of it. I will tell you exactly how I feel about everything that /r/Sissies has to offer and one of the things that you can expect when it comes to this content is that it can be very low quality at times. Especially when you go to the New section, you’ll see so many low res and just overall low-quality posts. The mods usually remove these, but they don’t always notice.Sometimes real pics of girls actually manage to slip into the Hot segment of the sub, but the modes are quick on that front when that happens. If it ever reaches Hot, the mods literally remove it in an instant once they realize that it’s a fake. It’s one of those things that you can never bee to sure of with this kind of content. It’s really easy for girls to grab attention here by hiding their private parts with sexy clothes. And yes, SFW posts are basically allowed here, so not every post you see here is nudity. So be ready for these slight problems to occur even though the rest of the subreddit is pretty phenomenal if you ask me. There’s a lot that you can get out of this place, and the fact that it’s all free still boggles my mind.Hundreds of thousands of members since 2011So, what about the community? Are they any good? Well, one of the good things about NSFW subs is that they don’t really take shit when it comes to toxicity. Other subs might have to manage themselves a bit and not allow some kind of toxicity while NSFW subs just ban shitstains the moment they see some kind of bullshit on their part. This means that /r/Sissies is one of the best communities that are pretty much always wholesome. I mean, they’re all horny here so you can’t really expect them to be mean while they’re jerking off. They might rip their cock out if they’re mad while doing that, so yeah…Other than that, I think it’s important to mention that /r/Sissies has over 190,000 members that it has amassed over the period of 9 or so years since 2011. I don’t know about you, but when I see statistics and numbers like that, I immediately see it as a success story. It always amazes me how well /r/Sissies works despite the inactivity that plagues it like most of the NSFW subs out there. And yeah, I’ll tell you about the inactivity bit, but what’s more important is that since there are hundreds of thousands of people here, they are always going to try to upload as much as possible to gain as much karma here.OC and credited photos for ultimate pleasureOC content is also very popular here, but you don’t need to be the creator of the material in order to post here. You can post other people’s content, but you have to give them credit. There’s a rule about stealing content and claiming it as your own, so you can’t really do that here. This means that this place does a pretty good job at keeping everything nice and civil. Nobody steals from anyone, and the OC people who post here are some of the hottest sissy guys out there. I mean, I guess they are, I can’t really tell what you guys see in them, but I can definitely say that some of them managed to fool me here.I guess if they manage to fool me who has seen more pussy in my life than pretty much any man alive, then you’re really good at your job. Sissies just manage to catch me off-guard, I guess. So, you get plenty of OC content and you also get a lot of other stuff that comes from other sources that are usually credited. One thing is for sure, though, when people are credited, it never leads you to a site or link where you have to pay for content either. That kind of shit is not allowed, and it’s all covered by the pretty nice and straightforward ruleset. You should get acquainted with it before posting anything here.Subreddit design could be much betterFinally, let’s talk about the design or lack thereof. As it turns out, the dudes who made /r/Sissies just didn’t bother with changing anything except for the ruleset as the new design for Reddit came in. The new design manages to do some great things when it comes to the functionality and simple nature of subreddits, but /r/Sissies isn’t a sub that used that to its full potential, or at all, really. They kept the same boring blue default color, and I’m sure all the guys who are looking for sissies here are no glad about that. I’m sure they would like to see some light marshmallow pink or something like that here.But yeah, just like many other NSFW subs /r/Sissies also lacks things like a custom avatar and custom cover photo. There are no flairs, which is really shitty since it would be nice to have flairs for things like OC content. Imagine being able to filter only OC content and that means that you can comment on all these young guys and encourage them to post more content. Also, you can spend most of your time upvoting the content, and I can definitely tell you that this is the main reason these dudes post here. They are looking for a lot of attention since they have daddy issues or something. I won’t get into that, but I do wish that /r/Sissies was a bit more expansive when it comes to some of these functionalities.