Bad Dragon

Reddit Bad Dragon, aka r/BadDragon! Every time I think that I know everything, someone, somewhere, finds another way to fuck me up and make me lose all faith in humanity. You'll see what I mean by that at the end of this review if you stick around. Generally, weird fetishes are everywhere, but that's not what we're discussing today. I can't reveal everything, because that would make the review boring. But, I will give you all a little hint. It amazes me is what kind of shit people can fit up their holes, whether it's their pussies or their asses.I mean, first of all, all that shit seems physically impossible. And second, why would you even do that? I guess that everything, even broken glass in your ass, could feel good after a while. But, I just don't know, man. Everything seems so weird when I think about what we'll see today. If you're ready to follow me once again into the madness, check this review out! Let's begin!The homepageAs usual, Bad Dragon is another section, since it's that season of the year. Reddit will ban anything, even the smallest of things, if they're wrong. But, they'll still keep the weirdest porn on their site. I think that says something about Reddit admins for sure. Maybe they're giant perverts, or perhaps it's got something to do with politics. Anyhow, I don't give a fuck anyway. The homepage pretty much looks the same, and the only difference is that it's darker. And, of course, the content is fresher and odder at the same time too. When it comes to this page, you have tons of shit to look forward to here.Generally, everything seems fine here, and it's just how I like it. Plus, this review is inspiring, since I always saw this shit here and there, but I never quite knew what it was. I guess that's the natural state of things when it comes to porn. But, to cut this shit short, the homepage is excellent, it's like all others, and that's it. Besides the content, there's nothing truly original about it, so yeah.NavigationThe navigation system of the Bad Dragon section of is the same for all other pages. You can join this subsection by pressing the button for joining, which is pretty simple. I mean, for some people, that might be a cool thing. But for me, it's scary, and I can't imagine ever doing anything like that. Overall, my ass is still a virgin in all senses, and I plan to keep it that way for the rest of my life. So, seeing shit like that makes me cringe and triggers some danger senses that are probably here from my ancestors. Although I don't think anyone tried to fuck their ass over land or some other shit. But, let's stop with rambling right now. Instead, let's explain the rest of the elements that this page has.Unfortunately, Bad Dragon is that page that likes to bore its users with all sorts of shitty things. Generally, if you're a normal human being, you can notice what the section is about from the start. And most people are civilized, so they respect the topic of the subsection, and that's it. But, I guess it's in our nature to organize everything to the point where we turn even something that's supposed to be fun into complete bullshit. And this is where substantial info comes into that play. I say this because this place has a fuck ton of rules, as well as flairs.Flairs are generally there so that, when you use them, people know what type of post your post is. And I think that truly sucks. If it's about the general topic, then why do you need to break it into even smaller parts? I will never understand that, but still. Even though the navigation system is a bit of a petty pain in the ass, it's still easy to use, and you won't have any problems when you check it out.Also, all rules of this place are generally reasonable, except the whole 'flair your posts' bullshit. Like I already said, I'll never understand this shit. If it fits the general theme, then fucking leave it at that, you obsessed virgins.The perksThe perks of the Bad Dragon section are the same as for all other pages. That is a bit of a repetitive way to start yet another part of this review, but it is still truthful and informative. That's because Reddit isn't a place where you can divide shit and do whatever you want. And that's because of two things. First of all, this is a massive site where you have like a million different small spaces for all sorts of topics. And, of course, because Reddit likes to ban any page which doesn't align with their political opinions.Our society generally moves into a direction which I dislike, but let's not talk about that. In general, because of that, all perks are identical. So, the first perk on is that you don't have to pay for it. You have full access to the site right away, as soon as you make an account here. And, of course, because this is a massive and lucrative website, they don't need to use shitty tactics and scams. That means that, here, you don't have any ads or content which someone promotes. It's just a clean place, and you can use it without any issues. So, that's pretty much it when it comes to the perks of Reddit.The contentFinally, we're in the content section, and I can reveal what the fuck this place is truly about in general. You see, when you see the name Bad Dragon, you probably wouldn't guess what this place is about, not right off the bat. So, if you're dying to know, then let me explain to you. Bad Dragon is a name for a specific kind of dildo. It's those fucking dildos that you usually see, you know, the ones that look like aliens and dragon penises. So, the whole thing is weird. They often either have odd bumps all over them, or their proportions are funny. Plus, almost always, they're massive, and no one can fit them inside their holes that easily. But, I guess that the internet is full of fucking psychos, and they all like to ravage their holes with all sorts of shitty sex toys. Now that you finally know what this place is about, you are probably as surprised as I am.The content is a bit diverse, but then again, in the end, it's all the same shit. You have photos where chicks are naked, and they're stuffing their assholes with their Bad Dragon dildos. And then, you have other images where folks are holding their toys and displaying them for the public. Also, sometimes, someone occasionally posts a meme about these toys, like anyone else except complete psychos, would understand it. Overall, most of the posts here are about showing your collection off and posting that same toy from your collection while it's in your ass or pussy. The only thing that surprises me is the number of dudes that are posting here. I'd say that they're the majority. I don't have anything against dudes ruining their bungholes, but I didn't think that a man could fit something that massive inside him.Registration and conclusionThe registration process for Reddit is as easy as hell. You'll only need three things. Number one is a unique username. You can pick that shit out, and you don't need my help. After that, you'll need a secure password so that no one can hack into your account and see the kind of weird shit that you're into in your own time. Of course, in the end, you need to put in your email, and that's pretty much it. Now you're a member, and you can see the Bad Dragon section without any issues at all.I'll admit it. At first, the topic of this section took me by surprise. These aren't just big dildos, but they're massive! It's not my thing, but I'll admit that this was a new review to write. And, these toys do look like some quality shit. Plus, all sorts of fine ladies and dudes are posting here. So, if you want to see something like that, you can check this section out. You'll surely like it, because it does look cool, and it has compelling content inside. You'll love it all! Peace out, and have fun!