Girls Who Ride

Reddit Girls Who Ride, aka r/GirlsWhoRide! If you’re looking for a skilled cowgirl, look no further than the bitches on /r/girlswhoride. One of the rare subreddits that only focuses on the cowgirl style and it’s not afraid to show this kind of exclusivity with all the content that is featured here. You will love pretty much every single gif and video that gets posted here. Sometimes there are photos to explore too, but for the most part /r/girlswhoride is reserved for videos and gifs. And it makes sense when you look at the context in which this subreddit functions. It’s obvious that there has to be a dominance with these formats for the sub to make any sense at all here.Everything on this sub is completely free of chargeThe first thing that I love mentioning when I review any subreddit on the platform is that it’s free. And, well, /r/girlswhoride is no exception to the rule, with an endless stream of new content being uploaded by the users on it. I just love thinking about the idea behind Reddit and especially the NSFW subs that allow you to go wild when it comes to this kind of content. As it turns out, you just have to go to /r/girlswhoride whenever you’re in need of some cowgirl content, and there will be so many guys uploading some of the best videos of girls riding dick that you’ve ever seen and it will all be here free!The fact that /r/girlswhoride is completely and utterly 100% free of charge makes it a great place to go to even when you’re just looking for some regular porn content. As it turns out, many people love to see excerpts from many videos instead of watching one long video. I guess it makes sense when you think about it. When you go to a porn tube site, what do you do? I know what I do. I open up like a dozen tabs with the different pornos that I want to watch, and I end up watching only one or two of them before the post-nut clarity kicks in. That’s why it’s better to just burn through many different videos at once!Amateur girls and professional dick riding slutsUnfortunately, one of the things that is true for many NSFW subs, including /r/girlswhoride, is that there isn’t much engagement on the posts. And it’s just the nature of the posts that get thrown on this sub. People are too busy jerking off to comment or even to upvote the posts. Only the most amazing posts get upvoted to the stars and you can find these in the Top section, which we’ll talk some more about a bit later. For now, just keep in mind that the engagement can be pretty underwhelming with the Girls Who Ride subreddit, so don’t go into this looking for a very interactive experience cause you ain’t gonna get it here. What you will get, however, is a bunch of great porn content with the hottest girls in it here.Some girls in the videos are pros, while others are amateurs, and it’s not really up to you to decide what you’ll end up seeing on /r/girlswhoride. That brings me to one functionality that I would like to see implemented here and that’s flairs. The lack of amateur and professional pornstar flairs really makes the exploration of these babes difficult. It’s super hard to find the exact kind of content you’re looking for and you might be showered with a bunch of homemade shit when you were looking for premium stuff and at other times, you might miss out on the amateur charm with high res studio videos instead!New hot posts get uploaded every single minuteBut let’s be honest, you’ll be able to cum in the end either way. It doesn’t matter if you’re staring at studio content or amateur homemade sex tapes. Whatever you end up finding here, you’ll probably have no problem jerking off to and ejaculating to just as much. Now, one thing that I really want to know is how much gets posted here. You see, engagement with the posts is one thing, but when you see the number of posts that get stuffed down the throat of /r/girlswhoride, you’ll understand why so many people come to this subreddit for their cowgirl content. As it turns out, there are pretty much always new posts being initiated here. The mods are hard at work, taking down irrelevant ones, though.Even with this kind of action, you still get so many posts that are just perfect for jerking off to. I just want to enjoy myself with some NSFW content on and /r/girlswhoride delivers. There are so many new posts that you can check out every minute of hot girls riding fat cocks. I like the consistency, but this is a double-edged sword, as plenty of that content in New ends up being a load of bullshit anyway. I think that they need to do more quality control when they allow people to post content. Perhaps new accounts without much karma couldn’t post then? I don’t know, but they just need to figure something out. I just think that a lot of potential is being wasted here because of these slight hiccups that I see.Hundreds of thousands of members since 2015Then again, it’s not like this subreddit has had decades to fix this problem. From a NSFW subreddit perspective, /r/girlswhoride is actually one of the younger subs on the platform. As it turns out, it was only made in 2015. That gives it five years of existence as of the writing of this review, and for many people, this is not enough for a site to realize its full potential, let alone a subreddit that is already trying to penetrate a crowded market of so many different NSFW subs that have been around on Reddit since the very launch and the beginning of the site itself. It’s phenomenal that this place has success.They have a commendable number of users who are joined onto this sub too. It’s nearly 200k, but right now, the number is hovering around 195,000 members who are huge fans of the cowgirl riding style. I don’t know about you, but if I managed to create a community with this many people in it, I would definitely try to monetize it in some way. I guess it’s just my entrepreneurial spirit talking out of me right now. I still would like people to get free content, and that’s exactly what the mods and admins of /r/girlswhoride think too. You won’t be charged a penny as you interact with all the posts on this sub.The design has so many things that need to changeOne more thing that you need to keep in mind is that while this site has existed for a while, they haven’t really been too keen on changing things up as far as the subreddit design is concerned. You’ve still got all these great posts, and nothing will take away from that and the fact that they are free. However, is this sub and the mods on it so inept that they can’t implement any kind of color scheme change from the default blue that we’re used to seeing here. There are so many things that they can change here, and they aren’t doing anything. I feel like there is so much potential here and yet nothing is being done.They also need to add an avatar, a cover photo and so on. All of these little things are what makes subreddits really tick. Unfortunately, /r/girlswhoride doesn’t really have any of that going for it and it joins so many other NSFW subreddits on that fail at this task. Reddit already makes this really simple, so I can’t blame it on them. All of this crap is on the admins and mods themselves for not allowing their creativity to flourish and create a community that I would like to be a part of. With so many amazing sites out there where I can watch girls riding dicks, why would I waste my time with subs like this one? I guess I’ll still visit it every now and then for all the great free cowgirl cock riding content.