Reddit Xsome, aka r/Xsome! When you hear the name /r/Xsome for a subreddit, what do you think of? Sure, you might think of free content that Reddit.com is known for, but what else? Oh, you know fully well what /r/Xsome is about just by hearing the name. You’re about to see some of the best threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes (and even higher numbers than that) on this subreddit. Who knew that you could make a community around this stuff? Well, I guess Reddit has a community for pretty much everything and these kinds of fetishes are no exception. I feel like I’ll fit right in with the people who are on this sub and the theme.So much free content to come back to hereAs it turns out, I’ve been in many threesomes throughout my life. Heck, nowadays, I don’t even feel all that excited unless I get to fuck two chicks at the same time. Of course, it gets even better with three or four chicks, but what I’m getting at is that the content on /r/Xsome is fucking perfect for me. I guess people can also see what it would be like to fuck two chicks at the same time when they look to this sub for an explanation. There is just so much content to go through, and it all has so much to offer. It’s like the people here were looking through the entire internet repository in search of this kind of amazing content. You can definitely tell that the people who are on the /r/Xsome subreddit spend a lot of time.One thing that I really enjoy is that you don’t have to pay for any of this. You get to see the best moments out of any threesome, foursome, etc. and you don’t have to pay a single cent! I mean, it’s something that many of us are used to with Reddit and the communities on it, but it’s something that we also take for granted. I feel that we need to show a lot more appreciation for this stuff cause it tends to get a lot of attention for Reddit. The free content on /r/Xsome is what you’ll keep coming back for. What I want to know now is whether or not you can survive with just the stuff you see on /r/Xsome.All kinds of “x”some sex themes and positionsI’m talking about sexual survival, not literal survival. I want to know if /r/Xsome is a subreddit that you can check out and just keep coming back for it for new content every time. Well, as far as I can see, there is a lot that this place has to offer to people who like to have multiple people of one gender teaming up for a shag with the other genre. For example, threesomes come in both forms of MMF and FFM. You can choose either one of these to concentrate on, but unfortunately, there aren’t any flairs that will let you search through tags like this. I’ll talk some more about this later, but it’s a big fault.Let’s be honest; not everyone is into watching DP sessions with two dudes boning a whore over and over again. Add a few more guys and some people will call it a fivesome while most people will just call it a straight-up gangbang! Anyway, to avoid all this, you should stick to the Hot and top sections cause they usually make things interesting by mixing it up with threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes and so on. Say what you want about these shags, but you can’t deny that they’re really sexy. Most people would kill to be in that kind of position where they can fuck with two people at the same time. I guess most people just get hitched and don’t live life out to the fullest. I pity those people, but what can you do? Moving on.So many new posts made by the membersOne of the things that I really enjoy about this place is the community. I have to admit that it’s not the most active community when it comes to upvoting and commenting on posts, but I’ll be damned if there isn’t a constant stream of porn content to check out here. Also, one thing that I was surprised to find out is the low number of members that the /r/Xsome has subscribed to the subreddit. NSFW subs on Reddit.com are known to have around half a mill members, and yet /r/Xsome doesn’t even come close to those kinds of numbers. I don’t find it as a problem, but I think that some people will think it is that.There are only just under 200,000 members on /r/Xsome as of the writing of this review. I’m used to seeing at least 400,000 members on most NSFW subs. I guess that it also has to do with the fact that was made a bit later compared to other NFSW subs. It was made in 2013, and at that point, many of the NSFW subs were over a decade old even. Finally, you should think about the fact that it’s not all about numbers. It’s all about the engagement and activity. And while /r/Xsome does have a problem with the engagement, it definitely doesn’t have a problem with the activity levels as people post all the time here.Quality stuff is on Top and HotOf course, you should stick to the high-quality stuff if you ask me. This isn’t a place for amateur OC content like many other NSFW subs out there. This is a place for people to cut out and post the best parts of a porn scene that has a threesome or foursome (and so on) aspect to it. I feel like this narrows the content down a lot, and it also allows people to concentrate on what really matters when they’re posting on /r/Xsome. And what really matters is the quality of the gifs posted. There are also videos and photos, but gifs are the most common format here. You should stick to the Hot and Top section here.Why do I say that? Well, it has to do with the fact that the little engagement the posts have is usually reserved for the best of the best. The absolute best of the content gets shot straight to the Hot section, and the shit stuff stays in New and Rising forever and ever. All in all, I feel that there are so many posts that you should check out on this platform, and there are also many things that you need to think about when you’re weighing the activity of the sub versus the quality of the posts and the engagement too. But yeah, I definitely feel like the best stuff can be found on Hot and Top, so stick to those parts here.Subreddit design needs flairs and a faceliftOne more thing that we need to talk about is the UI design here. The subreddit definitely lends many great things from the new Reddit.com design and I can see how /r/Xsome tried to adapt to the not-so-recent changes to the platform. They added an avatar, they added a nice description, but what I would like to see are somewhat different colors. I would also like to see a banner cover photo to really sell the idea of this place being for threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes and so on. Maybe it could be a collage of all those different porn scenes stitched into one continuous banner. That would be fucking awesome, yo!But yeah, there is still work to be done here, especially with those flairs that I talked about earlier. Flaring posts would be so helpful if they had those options. Basically, it would allow people to go through the content and choose the type that they want to see. Do people want to see MMF content? What about FFM content? What about foursomes? All of those things should be their own options and I don’t see how this place could just fix this so easily. I feel like they need to start implementing these flairs as soon as possible so that they really catch on when people are using this sub. It just sounds like an interesting and promising idea and it’s one that /r/Xsome needs to consider.