Reddit Femboys, aka r/Femboys! Welcome back to all my subreddit lovers. We are here to talk about yet another subreddit that I find incredibly addictive, and it is called r/FemBoys/. Now, if you are not really into that theme of feminine boys, then you might want to browse through other subreddits instead. Here you will only have the lovely boys who enjoy dressing feminine and doing all kinds of other shit.I think that one cannot get confused with a subreddit like this one. You will either love what r/FemBoys/ has to offer or utterly hate it; there is really no in-between. If you are not the biggest fan of the content here, let’s not forget that Reddit.com has a shit ton of other NSFW subreddits you can explore, and plus everything is free.So, you are more than welcome to explore all of this by your fucking self. To be fair, you do not really need my help whatsoever. With that said, I am still here to offer some professional thinking, which I know many of you appreciate. Thus, if the word femboys make your dick hard, I think that you might just enjoy what r/FemBoys/ is all about.What does femboy mean?How many of y’all are freaking confused by the sole term femboys? I am sure that there are some of you who are quite uneducated with these terms, and there ain’t really nothing wrong with that. Some of us like to label all kinds of shit; others prefer to use the three usual terms, gay, straight, and bi. Well, femboys are a bit different, and let me explain it to you.Basically, femboys is a slang that is used to describe cisgender men who love to dress femininely and sometimes act in a feminine way. Cisgender means that the person identifies with the gender they were born with. Usually, femboys are considered to be ay by the majority of the population, simply because oftentimes they will dress as females and wear makeup.However, I think we can all agree that we are past that time when makeup and certain types of clothes were made only for women. Today, you have men who enjoy the same shit while still being straight. Despite their fashion choices, a lot of femboys are not even gay, so let’s not assume shit unless the dude has a dude attached to the dick fucking him.Lots of femboys at your service!Now that we know what femboys stand for let’s talk about the content that you can find on r/FemBoys/. I am pretty sure that those who stayed this far are already interested in what kind of content this place has to offer, and I think that as long as you like femboys, you will also enjoy everything that this subreddit is all about.Let’s start from the very first image that I saw, featuring a blonde dude with a wig, taking selfies in the mirror. He blurred out his face, but he was wearing a cute school uniform, like from an anime, and it was incredibly cute. It is also worth the mention that his lefts are much prettier than a lot of women that I have seen!The very next image, however, showed a hot femboy spreading his butt cheeks while wearing fishnet stockings. He looked hella hot as well… but then again, most of the dudes in this subreddit are pretty fucking hot. A lot of them prefer to censor their face, but some will show it all. One of the pics featured a brunette dude with long hair, dressed like a chick, and perking his ass out.The same applies to the nudity. So, I have seen plenty of hot femboys dressed as women, showing off the goods in an innocent manner, but there are plenty of members of Reddit who just love to go all out. This means that you will get to see hot femboys showing it all basically. Some will get completely nude; others will go a step beyond and masturbate.That is right; there are lots of dudes who will stuff a dick in their ass, a plastic one usually, and show you how they love to masturbate. Some dudes will get naked and show it all, their dicks, their ass, their favorite toys… others will wear hot lingerie and stockings, or other fancy feminine clothes as well. I mean, it all really depends on the picture or whatever the fuck you stumble upon.Lots of members and frequent updates.Every subreddit is different, and that is why there is an easy-to-follow system on Reddit. Basically, all the subreddits will have the information about them listed on the side of that subreddit, which makes browsing so much fucking easier for everyone. For example, there will be a small description of the gist of what r/FemBoys/ has to offer… but since that description is really not helpful, I am here to make it a lot more understandable.Below that, you can see that r/FemBoys/ was created in 2010, which means that even if you end up running out of new daily content, there is 10 years’ worth of content overall… so you will always have something new and hot! With that said, I did see that they have daily updates; it all depends on the day and how active the users decided to be.So, all the information regarding the certain subreddit you visit and what it has to offer is either on the side of that subreddit or it will be pinned on top. Usually, the first pinned posts will tell you more about the subreddit; for example, you can see the social thread of 2021 about r/FemBoys/ and the moderator applications in case you want to become a moderator for this subreddit.Become a member and upload your stuff.As you could have already guessed, you can become a part of Reddit as well, and that also includes you being able to post your own shit. The registration to Reddit is free, and you will have access to thousands of amazing SFW and NSFW subreddits, so why the fuck not? Plus, you will get the usual user-privileges, such as being able to like and dislike the posts you enjoy or not.Other than that, you are also able to comment, and you will see that the members of r/FemBoys/ are very active. They love to have different discussions in the comment section, and you can join them. However, you can also upload your own naughty images. So, if you are a femboy and you love to take provocative photos, you might want to post your own dirty things in this subreddit.Now, if you do decide to post your own shit, you must follow the rules. On the side of r/FemBoys/, you will have the rules listed as well. If you do not follow the rules or whatever the fuck, you will be banned from the site… and honestly, you must be a different kind of idiot to actually get banned from Reddit.Chat with the community.You can also chat with the Reddit.com members if you want to, and yes, that also includes all the members of r/FemBoys/. You can send them a private message, but if they choose not to answer, do not be surprised, because most of them are here to share their goodies or enjoy what this subreddit has to offer instead.With that said, you can always visit other subreddits that are dedicated to chatting. There are a couple of subreddits that are meant for you to find a soulmate, hookup with strangers, enjoy swinging parties or whatever the fuck else. So, if that is what you are interested in, make sure to explore all the chatting subreddits Reddit.com has to offer.What’s the gist?Well, are you into femboys or not? I have already explained what the fuck you can expect from r/FemBoys/ and whether you enjoy such content or not is something you should know, and not me. Reddit.com is filled with many active members how love to post their naughty femboy images, so who knows what the heck you will find.On the other hand, there are lots of other subreddits on Reddit.com that might interest you instead. You are more than welcome to browse through everything r/FemBoys/ has to offer or any other subreddit instead. With so much content, you are bound to find whatever the fuck you are looking for… and I am also here to help with that, by reviewing so many hot NSFW subreddits. You are welcome.