Monster Girl

Reddit Monster Girl, aka r/MonsterGirl! How confused are you by the name of this subreddit? Monster Girl, the fuck does that mean? Now, for those who do not frequently browse through hentai and other animated pornography might not be aware that monsters are like a fetish in that world… and thus, we have a subreddit that is dedicated to monster chicks. As soon as you check out r/MonsterGirl/, you will know exactly what the fuck I mean.Reddit.com is a free website with thousands of other subreddits, so give r/MonsterGirl/ a chance, and if you do not fancy what this place is all about, you can always check out other subreddits that Reddit has to offer instead. At this point, it all comes down to whatever the fuck makes your dick hard, and if Monster girls are making your pecker rise, then you are in for a wonderful time… treat or however you want to put it.Lots of monster girls.If you want a simple description of what r/MonsterGirl/ is all about, you can check out the subreddit yourself. Each subreddit will have a description of what it is about on the side, which is quite neat since some subreddits are hella confusing at first. This one is very simple; this is a place where all the hentai lovers who enjoy the monster girl niche can come and simply appreciate the monster girl fetish.There is really no rocket science behind this, or any other any you can interpret this niche other than what it is. So, if you are interested in hentai monster girls, and by that, I mean drawings of these types of chicks, you are welcome to explore this subreddit. Obviously, I have not really encountered any videos here, which does not mean that there are no videos whatsoever, but personally, I have not found any.One of the first pictures that I’ve seen featured a wolf hentai girl. She had huge tits, ears, and a tail obviously. I mean, all the girls will have some animal-like or monster-like features; it all depends on the image you check out to be fair. For example, the very next picture featured a blonde hentai girl with elves features, and by that, of course, I mean the ears.There were lots and lots of hentai girls who just had some features like that, and it is often the ears and the tail. But, some members went overboard and basically drew actual monster girls. I mean, this all falls under the same niche, so I’d say that it all depends on what the fuck you find hot in the first place. I like the plain hentai monster girls, so this niche was good enough for me.Some of the images were very open or erotic... or however, you want to put it. Some were not so much. I did run into some gifs, but with the videos, I did not really have any luck. Some of the content here could be seen as furry as well, I mean, at the end of the day, there is a fine line between the two niches, and if you are not picky, you can like them both.All you need to know is that there are no limitations to what kind of drawings are posted on r/MonsterGirl/ as long as they correspond with the niche. It is very simple, so I feel like if I continue explaining, I might get cancer. So, you either understand what the fuck I mean, or you do not… there is really no in-between.Register, or don’t.What I like about Reddit is the fact that you can register, but you do not have to if you do not want to. In most cases, you will still get to explore everything that Reddit has to offer, with some limitations here and there. However, if you do choose to register, and you can do so for free, you can enjoy a lot of user-privileges.For example, you can basically meet all the lovers of the same niche as you. As you browse through r/MonsterGirl/ like any post that you enjoy or dislike it. You can also comment on posts, learn more about the people who posted their art, or ask them where you can find the artist of a certain post. I mean, this is all just common sense.From what I have seen, the members of Reddit.com are very friendly. They were all more than happy to answer my questions… and I was happy to do the same. Of course, you can always find idiots on each website, but I must say that the overall community of Reddit is really not that bad. That’s quite dope if you ask me.Post your own stuff!As I always say, this should have been obvious, but if you did not get the gist, you can post your own stuff in r/MonsterGirl/ or any other subreddit. If you like to draw monster girls, or you would like to feature other artist’s work, you can post it here. Just make sure that if that is the case, that you give them credit… and let other users know who made that art.If you do plan to post your own stuff or whatever, it is also important that you play by the rules or so to speak. Basically, each subreddit will have its rules listed on the side of the subreddit, and the same goes for r/MonsterGirl/. The rules here should be obvious, but they also love to go into details about what is allowed and what is not.But that is a good thing. I mean, if there were no rules to posting with Reddit.com being as open as it is, who knows what kind of chaos we could find here. At least you have a structure here, and you know that each subreddit is true to what it says that it has to offer. That is what makes this subreddit so darn good, as well as other subreddits, to be fair.Check out the info.All the info for r/MonsterGirl/ and mostly other subreddits will be listed on the side of the subreddit. I already said that, but there is a small description telling you what each subreddit is all about, which can help you know more about the niche in case you are not that familiar with it, and I assume that many of you are like that.Below that, you will get some other information; for example, you can see that r/MonsterGirl/ was created in 2012, and more or less, it has regular updates. Usually, there will be one or more new posts each day, which just means that you do not only have daily uploads, you have a lot of uploads to check out in general… since the subreddit has existed for eight years and counting.There are over 206k members, and usually, about 550 of them are online, pretty neat. You can become a member of this subreddit if you want, as well as any other subreddit. Once you register, you can follow the subreddits you are interested in, and you will always get to see the updates from those certain subreddits… again, pretty neat!Chat with the community.Another thing I kind of forgot to say is that you can chat with the community, and I do not only mean chat through the comments. You can actually send private messages to other Redditors if you want to talk about something, like sex, hookups, monster fetishes… but keep in mind that the members of r/MonsterGirl/ do not have to answer you.Basically, those who are a part of r/MonsterGirl/ are here to enjoy the beauty of what this subreddit has to offer. However, there are many other subreddits that are basically dedicated to chatting, such as hookup and dating subreddits, and if that is what you are interested in, instead, Reddit.com has it all basically. Just browse.Monster hentai girls at your service.To all my hentai lovers, I am sure that you will love everything r/MonsterGirl/ has to offer. What is there not to like if you are already rock solid for this niche? However, if you get tired of browsing through this specific niche, there are lots of others you can check out as well. With Reddit.com offering so many free shits, you never know what the fuck you can find… plus, there are lots of NSFW subreddits… so take your time and explore.