Reddit Rule34LoL, aka r/Rule34LoL! Are you a big League of Legends fan? If so, you might be interested in a subreddit called r/Rule34LoL/. This subreddit is just what you would expect it to be, filled with lots of porn featuring all kinds of naughty scenes with LoL champions. Now I am sure that some of you might be confused as to what the fuck I mean, but do not worry, I shall explain it all.First of all, is a free website filled with all kinds of naughty crap, and there are thousands of other subreddits you can check out. So, even if you dislike what r/Rule34LoL/ is all about, you are free to check out any of the other subreddits instead. As for those who are here for that juicy League of Legends porn, welcome to heaven.What is LoL? What is Rule 34?Are you just utterly confused as to what the fuck I am even talking about? Well, for those who have not heard about this game, League of Legends is a multiplayer online game where you can basically choose champions and fight against other champions. I mean, I shall not go that much into details about the game, you have Google for that.Anyway, there are lots and lots of hot champions, and this subreddit is dedicated to showing these champions in all kinds of pornographic scenes, aka Rule 34. What that rule stands for is simple; if it exists, there is porn of it. That applies to naughty online games, movies, and just random crap you’d never expect. Interesting!League porn with hot champs!It is rather hot to see some of these champions in scenarios that they are presented in when it comes to this subreddit. I think that once you know those two terms, the name r/Rule34LoL/ speaks for itself. As you open the subreddit, you will get to scroll and see lots of questionable content. I mean, you have all the female champions in the naughtiest positions doing all kinds of kinky shit.Since this is all draw or just random fan-art, you can expect it all. Let’s not forget that there are no limits when it comes to the imaginary world of animated pornography, and the same applies to r/Rule34LoL/ because the champions for this game are not fucking real. So, you can expect to see all kinds of naughty, kinky, weird and fucked up shit!Now, what the heck do I mean when I say that? Well, I guess the only way to actually describe that is to talk more about what r/Rule34LoL/ has to offer. Of course, I spent my sweet ass time on this website, and this subreddit, and I shall explain the gist of it. One of the first posts included the lovely Neeko sucking a hard cock, it was a nice drawing, and I think they caught all Neeko’s essentials.Another picture showed Ahri completely naked and masturbating, and there were actually a lot of champions just drawn masturbating. I did also see Senna giving head and getting tied up in a very short but lewd comic. I always appreciate comics, so that was a rather nice treat, if I may say so myself.Drawing champions in a lewd way or just naked tends to be a thing here, I guess. I mean, from my time browsing, I’ve seen a little bit of everything on r/Rule34LoL/, but that is actually what is all about. With so many members on the site, you never fucking know what the heck to expect, which is pretty nice!If you ever wanted to see some of the popular or less popular League of Legend champions in action, this is the place to be. You do have a variety of content, and I also found some cosplay shit. For example, there was a hot redhead Miss Fortune cosplayer who showed her tits, and well, they were nice, natural, and of course, huge!Now, let’s just mention the futa content as well. If you do not know what futa or futanari means, that is basically anime chicks with dicks. You have lots of those, and one of the first again featured Neeko with a huge rod fucking the lovely cat babe Nidalee. I am just sad that this shit was not animated, since then it would have been so much fucking better.At this point, I think we can all agree that there is a little bit of everything on r/Rule34LoL/, and at this point, it all just comes down to your personal preference. Since it is all free, you are more than welcome to check out what r/Rule34LoL/, has to offer or browse for a different subreddit instead. Let’s also not forget that I have reviewed many other subreddits too, so you can check out my other reviews.Register for added privileges.For you to fully enjoy what has to offer, you need to register. Lucky for you, the registration on is free and straightforward, and once you are a member, you will get to do it all. Let’s start with the basics; you can like and dislike any of the posts, and you can also leave comments. This means that you can chat with the community through the comments as well!The community on seems to be very friendly, which was super nice! On top of that, you can post your own shit, and I do not mean just on r/Rule34LoL/, is free for all, and if you want to post something, you are free to do so. However, if you do decide to do that, you must follow the rules of that certain subreddit.On the side of each subreddit, there will be rules that are specific to that subreddit, and the same applies to r/Rule34LoL/. So, if you want to post your own shit, you might as well check out what the rules are; otherwise, you can be banned for something super stupid.DM Redditors.In addition, if you choose to register, you can chat with the users of! This also includes the ones who post their art or are just a part of what r/Rule34LoL/ has to offer. This only means that you will be able to find Redditors who are into the same shit as you, which is always a neat thing.Of course, you can chat with any other Redditor as well, but keep in mind that when it comes to subreddits such as r/Rule34LoL/, the users are here to enjoy this type of content and not chat. If you are here just to chat, there are actually many other subreddits that are dedicated to chatting instead of content, so you might want to check them out instead.Statistics.Yet another great thing about is the fact that every subreddit will have a description written on the side. I mean, with so many subreddits to choose from, I can see how you might not even know what the fuck some of them stand for, or what they offer. And in that case, you can check the side of the subreddit where you will see the gist of it all… or you can read my reviews.To be fair, if I have not reviewed a certain subreddit yet, you are more than welcome to leave me a suggestion, and I shall get on it as soon as I can. Other than the description, you will also see some other crap; for example, you can see that r/Rule34LoL/ was created in 2012, and it has over 207k members, which is pretty nice.From what I have seen while exploring, they have rather frequent updates, which is again pretty fucking sweet. There will always be lots of new content to check out, and even if that were not the case since this mostly depends on how active the community is that day, you could also browse through old posts that they have to offer. I think all of this should be rather straightforward for most.Conclusion.So, what the fuck to expect from r/Rule34LoL/? Well, League of Legends is a game filled with some of the hottest anime sluts, and then you have Rule 34, which basically says that you can make porn out of anything… combine the two, and you get one of the sluttiest pages dedicated to champions from a popular game called League of Legends. Everyone is welcome to explore, is free after all!