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Reddit Celebrity Pussy, aka r/CelebrityPussy! So, are you one of those lads who love to watch R-rated movies and series, where you might just get a glimpse of some celebrity pussy or dick? Well, while there are no dicks in this subreddit, you do have lots of celebrity pussy, since that is what the subreddit is all about. To be fair, that should have been fairly obvious, I mean the subreddit is called r/CelebrityPussy/. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize what the fuck it has to offer.With that said, you are free to browse through r/CelebrityPussy/ as much as you want, and if you come to the conclusion that you are not a fan of celebrity pussy or what this subreddit has to offer, then you can check out other subreddits that Reddit has to offer. That is the beauty of this website… you have lots of slutty videos and images of celebrity pussy, and then you have thousands of other subreddits to check out as well.Great design and good user-features.The first thing that is worth the mention about Reddit, in general, is the fact that the design is so dope. From the very beginning, you will get to see lots of celebrity pussy, and you also get to choose between a dark and alight layout. Now, if you do not follow the link I have provided directly for r/CelebrityPussy/, you can always search for the subreddit on your own. All the search options are on top of the site.All you have to do is scroll, and you will get to see a lot of content, and the content will always depend on the subreddit you choose to check out, obviously. Each subreddit will have the information about that subreddit listed on the side, so you can learn what the subreddit is all about before you actually start browsing. Let’s also not forget that millennials and those who come after having very specific ways of naming shit, and sometimes even I am not sure what the fuck they mean.Well, the description will usually explain if it is a specific niche or something like that. But if the subreddit is simple as this one, r/CelebrityPussy/… I mean, is there really a need for an explanation. It is more than obvious that this subreddit is filled with images and videos of celebrities getting naked, and you are welcome to stay and browse as much as you fucking want.So, I think we can all agree that the design is great, but what about the user-features. Well, I shall cover the user-features a bit later, but all you really need to know is that there are lots of great user-features, which just proves my point that Reddit has a little bit of everything for everyone. Even if you do not fancy the r/CelebrityPussy/ subreddit, which I think is highly unlikely, you will still be able to find at least something that gets your cock hard.What kind of content can I expect?Aren’t you all a bunch of lucky sons of guns, to have me here… a pro telling you what kind of content you have to expect. Well, there was nobody to tell me any of this shit, I had to explore by myself, and that is why I am here sharing all my beautiful knowledge with you. I think it is pretty obvious that r/CelebrityPussy/ is filled with celebrities getting naked and showing their pussy… in a non-pornographic way, if you know what the fuck I mean.Well, let me just give a couple of examples, so the first picture I saw featured the beautiful blonde babe Heather Graham. She took all her clothes off in a movie, and somebody took screenshots of that scene. I mean, you can easily Google find out which film the chick is from, but in most cases, you can just ask the users of Reddit instead.Another picture showed the gorgeous Sara Girardeau posing while fully naked… there was also a picture of Adele Exarchopoulos, then the beautiful Amanda Cerny in a playboy video, and so on. From what I have seen, a lot of content here surrounds images and not videos, although the subreddit is described to offer both.I mean, I am not saying that there are no videos whatsoever, but all I am saying is that the videos are not as often seen as I’d hoped that they would be. The videos that I did see were quite short, and they got straight to the point. For example, the first video I found showed the gorgeous blonde Yuliya Mayarchuk in a doggy completely wet, and a dude was touching her love bits… simple, you can Google the scene.The whole point of this subreddit is to show scenes where sluts took all their clothes off or at least showed some bits and pieces of their nudeness. Many videos were copyrighted and deleted, so I’d say that this subreddit has like 90% images and then 10% videos… which was a bit annoying. I think most of us would prefer to check out videos instead of pics.Register for more!As I have mentioned briefly, Reddit.com has great user-features. To be fair, this is a website dedicated to the community and basically run by their community, so it is more than obvious that it will have great user-options. You can register for free, and once you are a member, you can enjoy some of the usual privileges that come with websites like this one.As a member, you can like or dislike the posts you appreciate or well, do not appreciate. You can also leave comments on each post that is presented, and you can ask the users who have submitted the post about the post or whatever. For example, you can ask for the name of the chick in the photo, or which movie you can watch her in, and so on.I think that this should be rather obvious, but if you do not realize, you can also post your own shit. However, if you do plan to post your own stuff in any of the subreddits, you need to follow the rules. Each subreddit will have a set of rules that only apply to that subreddit… if that was not the case, just imagine what kind of chaos Reddit.com would be.The rules of the subreddits will be listed below the description, usually. If you cannot find it there, you can find it as the first pinned post, and sometimes they are so obvious that there is really no need to actually list them out, basically. You will get the gist of it all, and for r/CelebrityPussy/ specifically, the rules are all listed below the description. You can’t miss them, and they are also very simple.You can chat with the members.If you want, you can also chat with any of the members you find on the site. There are lots and lots of registered members, and you have the opportunity to send them private messages or emails. However, if the subreddit is not really made for chatting, then do not be surprised if the members are not that eager to answer back… that should be common sense.The members in r/CelebrityPussy/ are all here to simply have some fun and look at famous pussies all around the world. However, some subreddits are basically created just for chatting, such as R4R or penpals. You will get the hang of what the fuck I mean, once you start exploring everything that r/CelebrityPussy/ has to offer. Simple as that, really.Lots of hot celebrity pussy.Now, if you are in the mood to see some hot celebrity pussies, then, by all means, start browsing through this wonderful subreddit. Reddit.com is filled with random posts covering all kinds of niches, and that is why there are so many subreddits to begin with. You are free to browse through all those subreddits since Reddit.com is a free site.Of course, the r/CelebrityPussy/ subreddit is only dedicated to delivering naughty images and videos of celebrities who’ve shown their tits and pussy on camera. Take your time and enjoy browsing. I am sure that you will love everything r/CelebrityPussy/ has to offer. If you get bored, do not worry, Reddit.com has other subreddits, as I have said, and you are welcome to explore them as well.