Listen, some guys love asses, others like tits, but I, an intellectual, likes a nice pair of thighs. You can say what you want about thighs, but most guys go crazy over them if they’re chick enough, or even if they’re just fit and tight with a gap in between. Do you think you would enjoy a nice and thick pair of thighs? Well, I think you would. And if you aren’t sure, you can easily check that by going to Reddit right now and visiting the sub that’s called /r/ThickThighs. It’s a subreddit dedicated to some of the thickest and juiciest thighs that we’ve ever had the chance to check out. It’s amazing what you can get here for free.Hot nudes of the thickest, juiciest thighsListen, I get it, why would thighs take the spotlight of any porn content? Well, have you ever seen a good pair of thighs? No, really. I don’t think you’ve ever seen some good thighs if you don’t want to try seeing a subreddit that’s dedicated to these things. It’s the sexiest encounter you can have in the adult industry if you want to take things down a notch from the hardcore porn you’re probably watching right now. I know you’re a perv who enjoys watching pornstars getting fucked rough, but maybe you should tone it down and see what the amateur side of things has to offer, specifically on the sub /r/ThickThighs.If you’re the type of person who likes to check out a nice set of thighs and you don’t know where to go, I guess you came to the ideal place. While most people will tell you that it’s all about the ass and titties, us thigh connoisseurs know what the best part of the female body is. There are so many guys on /r/ThickThighs who know exactly what you’re looking for in terms of thighs and they are more than eager to share it all for free. You heard me right, all the nude pics of chicks showing off their thighs are free here. Does it get any better than that? Well, stay tuned and you might find out that there’s a lot more to this subreddit than you might think. It’s a real pleasure to explore all the content here.You get all the thigh nudes for freeNow, while /r/ThickThighs is thought to be a subreddit for both amateur babes and professional models to post their thighs, more often than not, it’s guys who are posting this content. Maybe they’re showing off thighs that their friends sent them in a nude, and sometimes they even post pictures of their own girlfriends. There aren’t all that many model pictures that I found here, so I’m guessing that the people on /r/ThickThighs wanted to make this sub more oriented towards amateur pics more than anything. I think this is completely fine and amateur pictures have a charm to them that pro models just don’t have.The only problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any verification process when it comes to the babes who post their pictures, so you never know whether they are real amateurs or whether it’s just some perv showing off pictures of their female friend. I don’t mind either way, what’s important to me is that I get some proper nude thigh content to enjoy and /r/ThickThighs gives that. If you’re concerned about these things, then perhaps you shouldn’t check out this subreddit. But if you just want to get a steady stream of thigh pics that you can go to any time you want to jerk off, then I think that this is the perfect place for you. It’s on you to decide what part of the perv spectrum you fall on, but I know where I’m at!Hundreds of thousands of users are hereThere are hundreds of thousands of dudes on this subreddit, but the activity seems to vary a lot from the time of day. It seems that late night in North America is the perfect time to go here if you’re looking for a lot of activity. You can still just go to the subreddit whenever you want to, but there might not be any new content for you unless you go to the New section of the sub. I don’t think you should do that though, because this section of the sub is absolutely littered with bullshit. There are plenty of low-quality pics that you just won’t enjoy if you have any sense in you and you should just stick to the Hot segment.So, when I say hundreds of thousands of people, how many am I actually talking about. Well, it’s actually just above 210,000 users who seem to enjoy this kind of thigh content. Now, that might seem like a lot, but most NSFW subs have this many people who subscribe to the platform. This just means that /r/ThickThighs isn’t anything special when it comes to the number of people who come to it in search of hot thigh content. But hey, you might see it differently. I’m just saying that I’ve seen many NSFW subs that have way more people who are looking to get all kinds of NSFW content hat you can jerk off to.Mostly guys post scavenged thigh picsOf course, I want to know how long this place has existed for it to change some of its ways. And while the place has been around since 2013, there still seem to be some problems with it that stop it from blowing up. One of the things that they could instantly improve is the way in which they show you all the content by moderating it better. All the bullshit on New gets filtered out by the users themselves, and only the best thigh pics make it to the Hot section. However, there’s something else that they could do for the content, since even some of the pics on the Hot section end up being a total shit show.The thing I want to see on /r/ThickThighs going forward is some kind of verification process if they wanted to concentrate on genuine and authentic thigh content. Unfortunately, I’m guessing that something like this can’t be done since girls would rather post their asses, tits and pussies to other subreddits. Nobody wants to post authentic thigh pics for some reason, so I understand why it has to be dudes who are scouring the internet in search of some proper thigh pics that we can all enjoy. At the end of the day, I hope to see a bit of advertisement that will make people come to this subreddit and share in the amazing world that is nude thigh pics. Maybe we’ll get more of that going forward.Customization could be much better hereFinally, let’s talk a little bit about the customization of this subreddit, or rather lack thereof. There is nothing here that actually tells us that the mods who created /r/ThickThighs actually took the time to make this an authentic Reddit experience. I think that just a few color changes would go a long way to make this place pop. They don’t even need to add an avatar and a banner, though these things are also a good addition. All they could do is change up the fucking colors. I don’t understand why so many people fail to change up the color scheme. It’s so easy to just go to the subreddit settings and change it.One of the things that I love to think about when I visit any subreddit is the state of its segments. The Hot, Rising, New, and Controversial segments are a bit hit and miss. It can be iffy to go through these segments and I think that there are many ways in which these segments can be better. The New section, for example, has a lot of bad content, but the Hot segment doesn’t fix the problem 100% of the time, which it definitely should. That’s why there’s the Rising section to even things out and yet it doesn’t seem to do its job on this sub. I think these are the reasons why /r/ThickThighs isn’t way more popular. They can definitely improve upon these things with better moderation.