Reddit ThroatPies, aka r/ThroatPies! Don’t you just love it when a chick goes to town on you? The pros and the lucky fuckers will know what the fuck I mean, and those who have not had this experience yet, I am here to introduce a subreddit dedicated to throat pies. You have bitches who understand that the milk we produce should be their daily dose of protein intake.Anyway, you are in for a lot of dick sucking and milk extractions. While I am pretty sure that all men and some women will enjoy what this subreddit has to offer, you can always browse through in general. This is a free website with thousands of other subreddits for you to check out, so even if r/throatpies/ is not your cup of tea, there is a lot else to be seen.Great design, simple browsing, and lots of throat pies.Upon your first visit on, and this is not just me being biased, you will get to see lots of gorgeous women giving amazing blowjobs and receiving their award. Well, that is if you follow the link I have provided since if you just visit, you will see a lot of other crap instead. Now, for those who actually clicked on r/throatpies/, well prepare for lots of throat pies.I think that the name of the subreddit gives it away, and if you are as dirty-minded as most of us, I believe that you will understand exactly what the fuck I mean. You are welcome to start browsing on your own, as I have said, everything here is free, and the browsing is very slick. You even get to choose between the light and a dark layout, which is a huge thing, and my dudes who browse at night, know exactly what the fuck I mean.All the information and navigation options are listed on top, and that is all you will need. Each subreddit will have an explanation of what that subreddit is all about on the side of that subreddit… so when you open r/throatpies/, you will get to see a description of what kind of content you can expect, and this is also where they state that r/throatpies/ is filled with only videos of throat pies… and honestly, I love that.I mean, I cannot really imagine how a picture of a throat pie could actually look like, so it only makes sense that there will only be videos. Most of the videos will be of solid or HD quality, but that does depend on the person who posted the video. If you did not guess so far, all the videos and shits on this site are posted by the users, so one can never know what the fuck to expect. Just expect it all.Watch girls enjoy a delicious cum meal.So, what kind of content can I expect? Well, do you know what a throat pie actually is? If not, you might be a special kind of a virgin. Basically, it is when chicks get to drink the cum right out of the hose, and obviously, they do not let the cum go to waste and enjoy the taste. Just by watching one of the videos, you will know what the fuck I mean.Of course, the posts are very different. Some chicks love to show off their cum filled mouth and drink it all up, while others will let the cum sip onto their naked body, starting with their tits and stomach. At the end of the day, it all depends, but the gist is that all the girls will get to taste their well-deserved semen orders if you want to put it like that.TO be fair, there is something incredibly addictive about watching hot girls enjoy the taste of cum. This is the drink that was made for them, so I obviously love watching the chicks enjoy drinking it. Well, this subreddit is only dedicated to girls who enjoy this sort of action, but do not forget that is simply filled with girls and dudes doing all kinds of other shit in a variety of other subreddits.What are you looking for? I think that that is what it all comes down to. If you do not enjoy the type of content I just described, I am not sure why the fuck you would even be browsing through r/throatpies/. But if you do enjoy watching gorgeous women get down and dirty with their men, and drink their cum like pros, then you have definitely come to the right subreddit.Of course, there will often be a pre-content to enjoy; and what I mean by that is that you can see girls sucking dick and eventually enjoy the seeds of their men. So, you get two in one, which is a pretty good fucking deal if you ask me. I am sure that you will enjoy everything that r/throatpies/ has to offer, and you are more than welcome to start browsing… the content is free.However, keep in mind that most of the videos on r/throatpies/ and on, in general, are pretty short. While there are lots of subreddits dedicated to porn, the videos will never be full-length… but more often than not, you will get a link to the actual video, which is pretty neat. So, do not use this website for fapping, unless you are used to cumming on Q.You can register.Would you like to enjoy Reddit to the fullest? Well, you can register, and the registration is free. Once you become a member on this site, you can access all the NSFW subreddits that it has to offer, and that also includes other privileges. For example, you can like or dislike posts that are shown on r/throatpies/ or other subreddits, and you can also comment on them.You will see that there are lots of users who love to discuss different shit in the comment section, and you can do the same. However, as I have mentioned, everything on Reddit is uploaded by the users, and that means that you can do the same. If you want to upload your own throat pies, you are welcome to do so, but make sure to pay attention to the rules.All the rules about posting in this specific subreddit will be listed on the side of the subreddit. Keep in mind that all the subreddits will have different rules, and usually, they will all be posted in the same place as they are for r/throatpies/… and if they are not there, then they are posted as the first pinned post… or maybe they are just too fucking obvious.Anyway, the rules here are very simple, so you might want to follow them. You are obviously welcome to post in any subreddit you want, just make sure that you follow the rules; otherwise, you will be banned. You will receive karma points as you start posting on r/throatpies/, or if you are an active member of the community. You will get the gist of it all, sooner or later.Chat with the cum-loving community.In addition to all of that, you can also chat with the community! This means that no matter which user you find on Reddit and in any subreddit, you can send them a private message. You will be surprised to see how many users of r/throatpies/ are actually down to chat, but at the same time, you should know that if the subreddit is not designed for chatting, the members do not really have to respond. It’s just common sense.There’s a little bit of everything, for everyone.So, are you interested in seeing lots of dirty videos, where the babes will get throat pied? Well, Reddit is filled with such content, and this subreddit especially. All the material that you can find on r/throatpies/ or Reddit, in general, is free, so take your time, explore and enjoy yourself.Of course, if you do not fancy what r/throatpies/ has to offer, or you just get bored, you can always check out other subreddits. On top of that, if you choose to register, you can become an active part of the community, post your own dirty throat pie videos, or contribute to other subreddits. Everything is quite simple, the site is very user-friendly, and there are thousands of other subreddits that might make your dick hard.