Did you have an aneurysm, or did you cum so hard yesterday that you’re randomly seeing gibberish words in front of your eyes? ThePornDude is not a medical professional, but because I am an expert in all things porn, I can tell you that Reddit.com/WtSSTaDaMiT is, in fact, a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddit that exists. Go ahead and click it – you won’t see a subreddit filled with dumb fucks crying over their broken porcelain hentai dolls or cats wearing twelve pieces of toast.It's much more vanilla than any of…whatever the fuck cat toast clothes are. WtSSTaDaMiT stands for, ‘When the Sun Shines Through a Dress and Makes it Translucent.’ Yeah, dudes seem to get off to this kind of content. It just goes to show you: rule thirty fucking four certainly exists – and it’s never been more prevalent than on a platform like Reddit.But is it good? That’s ultimately up to you to decide you horny mother fucker. Judging by the number (more on that later), plenty of people get off to gawking at ladies with the sun shining through their dress. Personally, I’d prefer to rip that dress off and throw it into the corner of my bedroom and stare at the bitch naked, but that’s my personal preference. For dudes that like watching the sun give them the gift of a hot female’s titties, hey, that all proves one goddamn thing.A perfect example of Reddit fulfilling any fucking kinkI have no idea how this subreddit got started. I’m not interested in any history, though maybe someone will write a book about that sort of thing (I won’t be reading boring bullshit like that). One thing I can say is that someone saw a picture of a hot bitch with the sun making her dress virtually invisible and said to himself, ‘I think other bros would like to jack off to this as much as I do.’ When he told his mother, she probably laughed him out of the room worse than that loser PornGeek, but whoever created the sub actually knew what the fuck others wanted.That’s because this subreddit has approximately 215,000 members with between 100-150 users online during this review. That’s a pretty damn strong number for such a niche subreddit. It doesn’t belong in any networks, it isn’t one of the premier NSFW subs on Reddit, and it’s one of those underbelly subreddits that you don’t actually know exists (and wouldn’t think to search if it existed) unless you already know it exists. Does that make sense? Of course, it does!Reddit.com/r/WtSSTaDaMiT is one of those sexy subreddits that people know about by word of mouth (or in most cases, word of text). You would have no idea what the hell it’s even about from the look of it, and whether that is by design to keep the weird fuckers and creeps out to keep the atmosphere a certain quality or the original mod(s) thought it would be a clever name for a sub is beyond me. Still, whatever the case may be, it works for Reddit.com/WtSSTaDaMiT.What kind of fucking subreddit is this?That’s a goddamn good question! Not only is Reddit.com/WtSSTaDaMiT a subreddit for staring at beautiful women posing as the sun peaks through their dress (intentionally and unintentionally), but it’s a great place to look at GIFs of these kinds of beauties as well. While the GIF options are few and far between (though sorting by top and all-time helps – more on that later), it goes to show you that there is a variety of content here other than basic images of beauties standing with the sun shining through their elegant dresses.Look, you horny fuckers, I wouldn’t exactly a believe until I started browsing the subreddit. Holy shit, I got to tell you that Reddit.com/r/WtSSTaDaMiT has some pretty fucking hot content! There is a clear variety among the females, as well. Whereas upon first inspection, it may seem like the subreddit mostly features accidental shots, as you browse through the content and bask in what it has to provide, it becomes clear that this is not the case. There is plenty of amazing content here showcasing beautiful women that are not exactly naked but are showing their nude selves without stripping and being obvious about it.Still, show me the bitch, and I’ll throw her dress in the middle of my floor while I do unspeakable things to her. Give me real nude sluts over girls pulling these, ‘oopsies,’ any day. It’s hot as hell, but come on, enough with the games and teases? Just take your clothes off already.Excellent mix of amateur and celebsAlthough this subreddit does indeed have a ton of celebrities allowing the sun to make them naked through their dresses, that’s not the only type of content you will see here. Sure, Heather Graham’s perfect body from 20 years ago as the sun makes her nude is enough to make you want to take your cock out and jerk off to her. And damn, that GIF of Barbara Palvin spreading her ass cheeks so the sun lets the paparazzi photograph those amazing ass cheeks will make you wish you could see that sight all goddamn day!But the subreddit would not be the success it is without actual amateurs showing off their best sun/dress magic tricks. I don’t have the numbers, but I dare say that Reddit.com/r/WtSSTaDaMiT features more amateur content than celebrities. This is a real, legit kink, and it’s resulted in plenty of amateurs gracing this sub and posting their own dress-in-the-sun images and GIFs. Although they are not fully nude, the tightness of their dresses around their bodies, coupled with the sun showing off their hot figure, makes you curious to see what other beauties are on the subreddit.It all comes together and works. If this was not your kink before, you might develop it now. Once again, it goes to prove that without Reddit, communities like Reddit.com/r/WtSSTaDaMiT would not exist in the wilderness of the Internet. It’s one of the things that Reddit does best, and there’s no better proof of that than here.Browsing options you knowReddit.com/WtSSTaDaMiT also features an assortment of browsing and filtering options that should be familiar to anyone that’s used Reddit for at least a couple of minutes. If you have never used Reddit before – and I’m not sure how it would be possible for a horny bastard like yourself to miss Reddit entirely – sorting and filtering on the subreddit could not be easier. The good news is when you know how to sort and filter content on Reddit.com/r/WtSSTaDaMiT, you know how to do it on every subreddit on the platform.Look at the top of the subreddit. There, you will see sorting options like hot, new, top, and rising. If you want to filter content by top, all you have to do is select the drop-down menu labeled all time and choose from one of the filtering options: now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, or of course, all time. To see the best of the best on this sub, I urge you to sort content by top and all-time - especially if you want to get a general idea regarding what kind of content is on the subreddit, to begin with!Of course, if you want to see some of the hot content that was posted recently, sorting by top and choosing an appropriate filtering option will give you the results you need. If you want to see the freshest of the fresh content, choose new to see the very latest content that was posted. Whatever methods you choose, Reddit.com/r/WtSSTaDaMiT will help you to find the hottest bitches letting the sun make themselves naked for the camera!Needs more consistent contentAlthough there is indeed content posted on Reddit.com/WtSSTaDaMiT, it isn’t that often. Proof of this comes when browsing by new, and you will find that the posts are pretty infrequent. While content is posted a few times a day, there are some days when there isn’t a new GIF or image at all. Sometimes, there may be two or three posts, while others there are maybe half a dozen. The unfortunate thing is that day-by-day, there is so little content posted that you will see it all in a few minutes. It sucks, and it’s a problem that Reddit.com/r/WtSSTaDaMiT needs to fix immediately!Suggestions:The subreddit has an amazing theme, but it needs more consistent content posted daily. Fix this problem, and the subscriber count will surely grow.