r/Doujinshi/, aka Doujinshi Reddit! You fucks already know that I fuck heavy with the Reddit. The site is full of excellent porn subreddits that will blow other sites out of the water. And you can’t replicate that unique site experience you get on Reddit. You can throw up a picture of some big tiddy goth slut and end up making a lifelong friend in the comments. Shit is fucking crazy. But I can’t get enough of it. So, I continue to scour the thousands of subreddits that this site contains to share with your horny bastards.And what better audience to unite Reddit with than all of you weebs out there? All of you cucks love yourself some kinky hentai bitches. So, why not hop over with me to r/doujinshi. It’s a subreddit dedicated to, you fucking guessed it, sharing pictures and links to quality doujinshi and other hentai mangas. Reddit won’t cost you anything to use. Hell, you don’t even need to make an account if you just plan to lurk. So, get your ass over there.Reddit RundownIn case you’ve been living in the stone age for the past few years and don’t know what Reddit is, let me have the honor of showing you the ropes. You make an account and share shit. That’s basically it. There are thousands of subs for all kinds of things. If you have a hobby or kink, that shit will have its own dedicated community. And if it doesn’t you can make one. If you make a free account you can share, post, comment, and do all sorts of fun shit in order to rake in as much “karma” as possible. Every post on Reddit can be upvoted or downvoted. More upvotes you get the more little brownie points you earn.And that’s Reddit in a nutshell. But every subreddit is different. Each sub is run by a certain set of moderators who set rules, screen posts, and all the standard shit you need to keep a subreddit active and spam-free. Some subs will go ham with the rules and ban people for the slightest step out of line, while others let it become a free for all. Like all good things in life, the right way is somewhere in the middle.Strict, but Fair Moderation and a Large User BaseThis one is a little on the stricter side, but it’s mostly to protect the subreddit from getting quarantined. No lolis. Looking at you sick fucks out there. If you want to fantasize about little girls, then you’ll have to take that shit somewhere else.Same with gore and low effort shock posts. There are plenty of subs out there for that shit, and posting it here will get you banned faster than some of you could nut, and that’s saying something. No spamming and requesting sources, no advertising, and no being a fucking idiot. Okay, that last one is mine, but still. It shouldn’t be that hard to stay within the rules on this one. There are other subs with much stricter rules out there.The sub has a decent reach. There are around 154 thousand users on this one. No, it’s not the biggest sub out there, but still. That’s more views than some porn sites get in a month. And you can expect around 600-1000 of them to be active at any time, so they are definitely still going strong.Community Discord Server, Related Subreddits, and MoreThe sidebar has a few helpful links and suggestions. You can view the mod list in case you need to be a snitch and get ahold of one of them, check out a list of subreddits that are similar (give r/hentai a look, shit is dope), a link to a community Discord server, and a Reddit hentai wiki that will help you find the perfect sub to fap to cute anime bitches on. Also, the Discord sub encompasses a good few of the hentai subs on Reddit. There are over 6 thousand members in the sub, with a little under 2 thousand of them active at any given time.With that, let’s dive into the kinky content that gets posted here. People post Imgur links to doujinshi and talk about it, would you imagine that? I mean, that’s really it. Sometimes you’ll get a meta-discussion post about kinks or something else along those lines, but that’s the long and short of it. The title for posts will tell you the title of the doujinshi, which chapters are being shared, who wrote it/did the art, and you’ll see an occasional tag for kinks or “vanilla” posts without much fetish content.The links usually take you to an Imgur page with the entire doujinshi. No fucking around with sketchy off-site downloads or paying for any of it. Oh, and it’s probably worth noting that the majority of the content on here is going to in English. If you’re from Japan or are an extreme otaku, then you might be disappointed by the lack of Japanese here. You’ll just have to search for that kind of sexy content elsewhere.One of the Best Places to Find and Browse Kinky DoujinshiHonestly, this is one of the best places to fuck yourself silly to hot doujinshi. Some of the regular free/premium sites that have it can be fucking amazing, don’t get me wrong. But it’s just so fucking easy on Reddit. It’s like a college slut high on X, she’ll spread her legs if it’s windy out.You don’t have to deal with a site full of ads. You can search shit up easily, and you get an active community of horny fucks to go along with it. Other sites simply can’t promise that. You’re stuck just flipping through doujinshi without knowing which ones are good. Here you get a user-curated selection of sexy shit to fap to.Great Mobile AppI like Reddit’s mobile app. It seems like you either hate it or love it when it comes to Reddit users. I personally think it’s fucking solid. I don’t get where so many people get their complaints from. I actually prefer browsing on my phone. Anyway, yeah, the mobile site gives you access to the full range of features that you would expect to have on desktop. It’s all scaled well, so you can browse without having to zoom in or any of that bullshit. Plus, you can sync your account across devices. Now you’ll never miss a new doujinshi being uploaded! Enable notifications and keep yourself in the loop.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThe community is my favorite feature. That’s the whole point of going to places like Reddit. You hop on and shoot the shit with other degenerates. It’s one of my favorite pass times, aside from getting pussy. Plus, you don’t have to fuck around with any of the usually annoying shit you have to with regular porn sites. You won’t find any ads here, the content is top-notch, and the users are responsive and ready to give you a helping hand… not in the way you’re thinking. It’s a solid experience all around. If you haven’t checked Reddit out yet, I highly recommend you give it a shot.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’ve got nothing. You fucks know that I’m a fan of Reddit. My only thing to complain about would have been how the sub was run or if there was never anyone posting there. But neither of that is true. It’s got an active user base and people post all the fucking time. So, uh, I’ll tell you about another cool sub. Check out r/breadstapletotrees. Just trust me on that one. It’s fucking great.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you like hot hentai babes and manga, then r/doujinshi is the perfect subreddit for you. You won’t ever be left without a slew of quality doujins to jerk your dick to. Posts crop up every few minutes, so just keep scrolling and fapping to the endless supply of kinky anime babes. The community is strong, there’s a Discord server, and you don’t have to pay a damn dime to use Reddit. If that’s not enough for you, then I don’t know what the fuck is. Hop on over to r/doujinshi and fap to all the hot hentai babes!