Reddit HungryButts, aka r/HungryButts! I am sure y’all have your preferences when it comes to girls and their body, but this subreddit is just dedicated to butt pictures. It is called r/HungryButts/, which should basically explain all that you need to know about this subreddit’s content. However, there are other things you might be interested in as well, and that is why I am here.Let The Porn Dude explain how things function and what you can expect to see here. First of all, there is a lot of content, and that is also because Reddit is such a sweet website that everyone loves to be a part of it—starting from the fact that Reddit is a free site, to knowing that this site has thousands of other subreddits besides r/HungryButts/.If you are interested in what r/HungryButts/ has to offer, let me explain the gist of it all. But, keep in mind that you are more than welcome to check out all that this subreddit or any other has to offer. I mean, this is a free website, so take your time and explore all you want. I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for in case you do not fancy this subreddit as much.Lots of butts.Welcome to a subreddit dedicated to butts. Do not worry; this is not the only subreddit dedicated to that; there are plenty of subreddits on Reddit that are dedicated to showing you the beauty of female and sometimes male butts. However, r/HungryButts/ is solely devoted to female hungry butts, meaning asses that are eating something… be it yoga pants, panties, or anything else.As you open this subreddit, you will immediately get to see naughty images of tight asses eating something. Trust me; this will all make a lot more sense when you visit the site yourself… this way, I am just talking as if butts have mouths or some shit. Anyway, when I say that, I mean that you have ass images where the chick’s ass will have tight undies or pants that will go into her ass basically.If you were hoping for nudes or some shit like that, there are many other subreddits you can check out instead. Here, you can expect a lot of ass content with lovely girls and all that, but no actual nudity. It is not forbidden or anything like that, but that is not the point of this subreddit… as simple as that. But as I have said, there is a lot more to be explored.So, one of the first pictures I checked out featured three girlfriends in tight undies, facing butt first and revealing their beauty. These chicks were rather fucking hot, and I think you’d agree if you saw them as well. I mean, the chances are you will see them since the post is pretty popular. Anyway, there were lots of images where you had more than just one babe listed… those are definitely my favorite.Of course, there are lots of images that featured a solo girl instead. You had pictures where the beauties were on the beach sunbathing or doing whatever else the fuck comes to mind, and you get to see their ass being tight. Some were receiving a massage while only in their undies, other sluts prefer to wear thongs instead. It all depends.A variety of girls.The reason I say that it all depends is because there are so many members on Reddit.com and since everything is user-updated, you cannot really know what the fuck to expect. For example, the first three chicks presented had plump asses, and they were mostly wearing thongs. They could be considered on the skinnier side, give or take.However, the very next post featured two chubby girls wrestling, and of course, their butt was in focus. I mean, there is no reason for me to keep saying that, just know that whichever picture you check out, the main focus will always be the ass. There were babes of all sizes, was my main point, you have skinny girls and flat asses, but you also have plumper babes with perky butts.With that said, my main point is that you have all kinds of girls. This also includes their ethnicity and whatever the fuck they choose to do to show off their ass. I am sure you will get the gist once you start browsing, so take your time and explore Reddit or this subreddit as much as you fucking want. It’s really very fucking simple.Register for more shit.Would you like to enjoy some added privileges? Well, you can enjoy them if you choose to register, and the registration on Reddit is free. As a registered member, you can enjoy all the usual shit. For example, you are allowed to like and dislike any post you find, and you can obviously leave comments. There are lots of fuckers who love to discuss different shit in the comment section.However, Reddit.com allows you to chat with their members in general. With so many Redditors out there, finding somebody to chat with will not be difficult. However, if you start sending private DMs to the users of r/HungryButts/ do not be surprised if they choose not to answer. There are special subreddits dedicated to chatting, just as r/HungryButts/is dedicated to asses.Upload your own shit.Other than what I have mentioned, it is worth saying that just like this is all user-submitted shit, you can do the same, and submit your own stuff. I mean, here you get to meet lots of Redditors, and they love to be active, whether it is posting their own stuff or commenting on other people’s shit. You can obviously do both, which is the beauty of r/HungryButts/ and other subreddits.So, if you are a chick with a great ass, and you would like to share that with the community, you are welcome to share your ass pics as much as you want. Or, you can visit a different subreddit and post your pictures there instead. This all depends on you and whether you are capable of actually following the rules… yes, there are rules.Each subreddit will have its own rules listed on the side of the subreddit. For example, on the side of r/HungryButts/, you can see all the rules that you need to follow if you want to post your shit in this subreddit and not get banned. Other than the rules, you will also be able to enjoy some additional information, such as the description of the subreddit…You can learn that r/HungryButts/ is a subreddit created in 2013 and that it has over 219k members. There are also quite frequent posts, so you will always have new daily content to enjoy. I am guessing that is something most of you look forward to, right? Well, daily random content, sometimes just one post sometimes more, it all depends on the people who are posting.Good design.I think that overall, Reddit.com has a really slick design. You even get to choose between the dark and the light layout, and the dark one really makes it easy to browse through all the shit. All the listing options and searches you will need are on top, and in the right top corner, you have all the user options in case you decided to become a part of Reddit.com and register. I mean, the design is so simple, that there is no fucking way that you would find your way around.The overall is simple…Reddit.com is a very simple and user-driven website, and every ass man will surely enjoy what r/HungryButts/ subreddit has to offer. There are lots of girls with an ass so fine that it eats their undies or yoga pants. I mean, how can you possibly deny such delicious content? On the other hand, Reddit.com has a lot of other subreddits for you to check out, so you never really know what the fuck you will be able to find and enjoy.Plus, everything here is free and other than the NSFW subreddits, you have many SFW ones, discussing interesting and serious topics, or just talking about random memes. As I have said many times already, it all depends. As for those who appreciate the beauty of ass loving, you are welcome to explore and enjoy everything r/HungryButts/ has to offer. So, take your time, browse through Reddit.com, and enjoy all the dirty subreddits it has to offer.