Reddit Rule34_Comics, aka r/Rule34_Comics! Rule34… the most beautiful creation, don’t you think? Well, there is a subreddit dedicated to comics surrounding rule 34, which is hella lit. It is called r/rule34_comics/, obviously, and since it is free, you are welcome to browse through as much as you want. I mean, Reddit is an overall free website, so you are welcome to stay and browse anyway.In addition, Reddit is filled with thousands of other subreddits, so there is a high chance that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for. On top of that, there are plenty of both NSFW and SFW subreddits, so I mean, even if you are here for porn in general, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy what Reddit has to offer.What is the rule 34 all about?For the ones living under a rock, you might not even know what rule 34 applies to, right? Well, this is a globally accepted rule that means that if something exists, then you can find porn about that something. And if you cannot find porn about it, it is bound to exit sooner or later. I think that that explains it all.Keep in mind that there are no exceptions to this rule, and it does not matter if the pornography of that something or someone would be considered fucked up or whatever, the Rule 34 clearly states that it is out there. So, if you have something that is fucked up and you always wanted to see it in the pornographic version, you are welcome to explore r/rule34_comics/.I think that that much information should be enough for you to decide whether you will be interested in what r/rule34_comics/ has to offer or not. Pretty simple, don’t you think? Plus, the browsing is free, so you can explore, and if you do not like what this site is all about, you are welcome to browse through a different kind of shit instead.What to expect?I mean, you can expect it all. I am not sure how else the fuck to describe this correctly, but that is the gist of it all. Just expect to see a little bit of everything because that is exactly what r/rule34_comics/ is all about. Rule 34 is so broad that there ain’t no one way to explain the content you can expect, so let me just mention a couple of my personal favorites.For example, the first comic showed Marge and Lisa Simpson in human form, doing something that comes very naturally but at the same time, is not suitable for a mother and daughter relationship. The comic had a lot of details, and I really like the artist’s style, which is another thing I forgot to mention. Of course, all of these are submitted by random people, so expect all kinds of art styles.Another comic that got my attention featured Evelynn and Nidalee from League of Legends, and of course, they were doing the dirty. I am sure that at some point, Nidalee changed to her cat form, and well, the shit was wild. There were quite a lot of popular characters from different types of games, from WoW, to some single-player games, like Hitman.Let’s not forget the comics where you can see Pokémon fucking their trainers or the other way around.There was one comic that featured the small Chiyo from the Anime Azumanga, and she got fucked by her dog… I mean, that is just fucked up, but all I am trying to say is that you literally have it all. As long as it exists, there is a possibility that you will find porn of it sooner or later.Be prepared to see a lot of familiar faces and a lot of unexpected ones. But also keep in mind the name of this subreddit, aka r/rule34_comics/, which means that you can only expect to see comics, and not actually videos or whatever else the fuck you might have wanted to see instead. That is the gist of it, so you either love it or don’t… usually, there is no in-between.Simple browsing.Overall, I think we can all agree that the browsing options on Reddit.com, no matter in which subreddit, are very simple. There ain’t much for you to get confused at, you just visit the site and explore as much as you want. Plus, if you check out the link I have provided, you will be taken to r/rule34_comics/, or if you visit Reddit on your own, you can just search for this subreddit instead.It’s very simple. All the browsing options are on top of the site, and the rest of the shit you might be interested in is on the side. Other than that, you also get to choose whether you want to browse through Reddit with a dark or a light design, which is a nice touch since you finally get to enjoy the site at night like you deserve.All the info is on the side of the subreddit.No matter which subreddit you choose to visit because all the information will be listed on the side of that subreddit. For example, you can learn more about r/rule34_comics/ if you check out the side of the subreddit, where they just explain the gist of Rule 34, and that is about that. You can also see that there are over 223k members in this subreddit, and usually, about 500 of them will be online.Usually, they have a couple of new updates a day, which is always nice, to be fair. So, you will not run out of new content to enjoy, and since this subreddit was created in 2013, you already have a lot of Rule 34 bullshit to list through. I mean, if you really need so much content per day, you can go and browse deep down into the depths of r/rule34_comics/.Plus, if you do really run out of new content, there are a lot more subreddits on Reddit.com to be explored. Everything is free, and you can browse as much as you want, and let us not forget that you have both NSFW and SFW subreddits… I mean, who knows what the fuck you can find, but I am sure that sooner or later you will find something that will suit your taste.You can register.Would you like to comment, talk to the members, and upload your own stuff? Well, if you register, you can do that. The registration on Reddit.com is free, which should have been obvious, I think. Once you are a member, you can vote and downvote any of the posts you like or dislike, and you can also comment on any post you want.I mean, you get all the usual shit, which also includes posting your own content. There are many subreddits for you to check out, and you can post your own shit in each one of those subreddits. It does not matter where you want to post, all that matters is that you post appropriate content for that certain subreddit… and this is where the rules come in.Each subreddit will have its rules listed on the side, and that is what you should check out before you think about posting your shit. The rules are very straightforward, so I am sure that you will know what is what even without reading their rules, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Since if you post bullshit, you might get banned.Chat with othersOther than what I have already mentioned, Reddit.com allows you to chat with other members of the community. And I do not mean chat through comments or whatever the fuck, you can actually send each other messages, either through direct messaging or email. I mean, that is pretty dope considering how many people are a part of Reddit.com in general.Enjoy!So, are you ready for a lot of random shit? Well, that is what r/rule34_comics/ is all about. This subreddit is about making Rule 34 come to life, and that means posting all kinds of pornographic shit you might be interested or not so interested in. As long as you know what rule 34 stands for, I am pretty sure that you will also know what the fuck to expect from this subreddit in general. And if you do not fancy this subreddit as much, there are plenty of others for you to explore.