Cum Haters

Reddit CumHaters, aka r/CumHaters! Some chicks just love to get covered with cum, and those sluts are incredibly addictive. However, there is a good portion of women who do not understand that cum is supposed to be their only source of liquids, and thus dislike the taste and coverage. If that is something you’d be interested in checking out, there is a subreddit dedicated just for cum haters, aka r/CumHaters/.Reddit is a place where you have it all. It all depends on the crap that you are actually looking for because sooner or later you will find your poison, trust me. I have spent a lot of time on, but I have also enjoyed browsing through r/CumHaters/. Personally, I prefer sluts who know the beauty of getting cum covered, but at the same time, I know that some of you fuckers will definitely enjoy this place.I agree, there is something addictive about seeing women in mild discomfort that we give them, and I’d call this mild discomfort at best. You have different sluts reacting differently to cum eating or just coverage. I am sure that as long as you like this concept, you will enjoy all that r/CumHaters/ has to offer… and if not, Reddit has thousands of other subreddits, so enjoy browsing in general.Lots of cum hating bitches.It should have been fairly obvious that r/CumHaters/ has a lot of sluts who hate cum. I mean, what else the fuck would you actually expect from this sort of a subreddit? It is all written in the name, so try not to be a complete moron and enjoy exploring. There are lots of posts listed, so I am pretty sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are looking for.I know it could also be rather confusing as to what kind of content r/CumHaters/ actually has to offer, and that is why I am here to make that a bit more interesting for all. So, what to expect? Well, first of all, there are loads of short videos which is always neat. There will also be some pictures here and there, but the majority of the content on r/CumHaters/ are videos.The videos will all feature the same niche, aka cum eating. One of the first videos I checked out featured gorgeous women eating loads of cum, but one of them was more or less forced to do it. I mean, the video was a premium one, so you know that this is all pretend. However, she really did not like the taste of cum, which was written all over her face.The next was an image where a chick got her face covered. The title said that she was not happy to get her face covered, but she endured it nonetheless. It was kind of obvious that she did not like it, but this is why I prefer videos. At least in the videos, you get to see exactly the act of pouring cum onto their face, and their disgusted face. Something about that is rather hot.The very next video featured a black chick waiting for the cumshot. But as her man started cumming on her face, she was surprised but also reluctant to continue. I mean, what else the fuck did you expect when signing up for making such a video? Well, it was a sight to see, and it did help that she was naked and very fucking hot.Keep in mind that I am talking about this from a perspective of somebody who would enjoy such content, because personally, I am not a fan. I prefer my bitches to be cum thirsty, and to enjoy my load being spread all over their body, face, tits, pussy, and so on. But to each their own, and if you prefer something like r/CumHaters/, well, you are welcome to stay and browse.The statistics.As I have mentioned, there will be a lot of videos featured on r/CumHaters/, and the majority of them are of solid quality. You will have both real amateur videos as well as the premium pornography that was taken from other websites instead. These are all user-submitted videos and images, so you never really know what the fuck to expect.The details of each subreddit will be listed on the side of the subreddit, and for r/CumHaters/ you get to see a small description of what the subreddit is all about. I pretty much covered that already. You can also see that this subreddit was created in 2013, which means that you will have more than enough cum hating content for your dirty taste… be prepared to be busy for hours.There are over 229k members on the site, and there are lots of frequent updates, so rest assured that you will always have some sort of content to enjoy. Although, as I have said, even if you do not fancy what r/CumHaters/ has to offer, you could always just check out one of the other subreddits. With so many, I highly doubt that you will not find something to fit the bill for your fappening.Register for added crap.What I enjoy about is that you can choose whether you want to register, depending on what the fuck you would like to do here. If you would prefer to explore Reddit as a voyeur, there is really no fucking reason for you to register. But if you would prefer to enjoy browsing through this site for other reasons, which I shall mention soon enough, then you might as well register.The registration on is free and simple. Once you are a member, you can enjoy the usual shit, such as commenting on posts, discussing different crap in the comments section, voting or down-voting posts, and so on. I think it is rather obvious as to what the fuck I am trying to say here, right? Well, explore the site and enjoy it.You can also choose between the dark and the light layout, and obviously, you should choose the dark version. This makes browsing so much easier on the eyes. As for those who want to really become a part of the community, do not hesitate to actually post your own crap. With so many subreddits, you could always find one where you can fit in.However, if you do plan to post your own shit, be it on r/CumHaters/ or any other subreddit, you need to know the rules. The rules of posting will differ depending on the subreddit you choose to check out, which is only natural, to be fair. The rules will also be listed either below the description on the side of the subreddit or as the first pinned post. If you cannot find the rules, that just means that they should be obvious and that you are a fucking idiot.Chat with the community.Other than all that, you can also chat with the community, and I do not mean through comments. Reddit allows you to post random crap and do all that, but it also allows you to enjoy the privileges of chatting with other members. There is a Reddit chat option as well as the email option, where you can basically send anyone anything you fucking want.However, keep in mind that r/CumHaters/ and some other subreddits are not made for you to find hoochie or whatever the fuck. But some subreddits are actually dedicated to helping you find somebody to chat with or simply talk to or whatever. I mean, again, this shit is so fucking obvious that I feel like a moron having to clarify how chat options on even work.So, the gist is… is a free website with thousands f naughty and not-so-naughty subreddits you can explore. It all depends on what the fuck you are searching for since there are plenty of pornographic, but there are also a lot of series or meme related subreddits. There are plenty of specific ones, and if you choose to register, you can create your own subreddit as well.As for those who are here for the cum hating shit, you are welcome to explore r/CumHaters/. This subreddit is filled with all kinds of videos and images featuring sluts who are not so happy to be covered with our delicious cum. The browsing is simple, and I am sure that you will find some sort of content that will make your dick hard, sooner or later.