Thigh Highs

Who doesn’t like stockings? Stockings are always in fashion, especially when the rest of the babe you’re looking at is completely nude. I always appreciate babes who put their bodies on the line out there and allow us to have fun jerking off to them. There is always so much to enjoy with these amateur girls, and the best content always features these girls in the hottest stockings that you can imagine. Some guys like them as just some kinds of socks that barely reach the ankles, some like them a bit longer so that they go up to the knees, but I like to go a step further and get those things up to thigh high stockings.The hottest babes in the hottest stockingsAnd let’s be honest, when they reach pantyhose levels, it’s just not the same. One of the things that I love about stockings that reach thighs is that they just make the bitch look even hotter than she might be without them. Sure, you see one nude babe and you’re turned on. But when you see that same naked bitch while she’s also wearing stockings, you can just tell that there’s just so much more to her than meets the eye. When these babes are wearing thigh high stockings, you can just tell that things just get heated up to a whole other level. Don’t believe me? Just take one quick glance at /r/thighhighs.Reddit has always been the prime spot to find a community about anything, so it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they have a community that specializes in hot pictures of babes in stockings that reach thigh high height. There are also communities and subs for knee-high socks, knee-high boots, thigh-high boots… Shit, there is just so much content to sift through on Reddit, but here we’re going to concentrate on /r/thighhighs. If you’re someone who enjoys a nice dose of thigh high stockings, you’ve got a match made in heaven here. Even I like coming over to /r/thighhighs every time I’m in the mood for some of these photos. definitely seems like the right place to go to for this kind of hot photo content.Free photos of chicks in thigh high socksThe subreddit was launched in 2010, so it already had over a decade of experience n dealing with user-submitted content. You won’t find many slip-ups from the mod team here, and they seem to have every single thing under control. They don’t let a lot of shit content get through to the Hot page, though a lot of it gets posted in the New section. Luckily, there’s a thirsty legion of people who sort by New, who usually downvote shitty content down to oblivion so that it never sees the light of day. You can find this kind of stuff draconian, but it really isn’t seeing as how it’s the community that does most of the policing. I actually think it’s a great way to manage your pics and separate the gold from the shit photos.I know many people will be against this too, and they will say that we deserve to see all babes in thigh high stockings. Well, if they feel that way, then they’re free to go to some other platform. On Reddit, it’s the users who hold the power to sway the top voted photos. When you’re looking for the sexiest chicks on Reddit who are wearing thigh high socks, then you always know where to go. You don’t need to think twice as you can always go to /r/thighhighs and see so many beautiful babes. You can jerk off to these photos for free, which is always amazing if you ask me. It's definitely something to take into consideration.Expected way more members on hereI haven’t really gotten into the sheer massiveness of this sub, but that’s just because it doesn’t compare too well with the rest of the Reddit NSFW subs out there. To compare them would be like comparing a mainstream fast-food chain to your local hot dog stand. There are so many NSFW subs out here that have millions upon millions of followers, and /r/thighhighs hasn’t been able to get too many in the decade that it has existed. I have to say that I expect a lot more from a NSFW sub no less that has existed on the platform for so long. The only thing I can imagine as being the reason for this stagnation is the fact that they aren’t keeping up with the times and some of the mods have just given up here.So, what number are we talking about? It’s not some kind of secret, is it? Well, no, in fact, if you go to the subreddit, you’ll be able to see it right there, being sad and sorry at 227,000. And it’s such a shame because the content is just so damn good, especially for fans of lingerie who like to see thigh high stockings more than anything. I expected way more from such a fantastic subreddit in terms of subs. I guess some places just never reach their full potential. I don’t know if its neglect or whatever else it can be, but I really hoped to see some of these babes realize that they can come here for mad karma gains.All kinds of sexy girls are postedAnd I don’t think I’m lying when I say that they should come to this sub if they want to get plenty of upvotes and karma, but there are so many bigger subs out there on that it’s hard to justify this one specifically. But even without the huge prospects of getting a huge number of upvotes and karma, some babes still choose to make /r/thighhighs their home. Why is that? Well, for one, they have a much better chance of punching through to the top and being noticed here. With fewer members comes less attention, and with less attention comes less competition. Still, this doesn’t lower quality at all.There are so many got babes here that you’re going to love and they come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve seen everything from Asian to white to even ebony sluts in thigh high socks and stockings that are going to make your dick hard within seconds. I can tell you right now that I’ve had some of the biggest cumshots ever to the content that gets posted to /r/thighhighs. I always come to this place whenever I’m feeling like enjoying myself with some of the finest chicks who will turn me on while being completely nude except for the stockings, of course. I guess that lingerie just makes things better.The design of the subreddit is lameAnyway, while all of this sounds great, the low member count, coupled with the lame aesthetics, really does a disservice to /r/thighhighs. I feel like this place would be a lot better if the mods just decided that this place was worth investing their time and effort into. I have no idea why they just gave up on this place this quickly, seeing as how it has hundreds of thousands of people already on it. You can bet your ass that all these people are here for a reason and that they aren’t just some random passer-bys that thought that /r/thighhighs is a sexy name for a sub and decided to subscribe for that reason alone.I’m telling you, it takes a lot more to convince a person to join a sub these days on now, we can talk all day about what getting someone to join a sub takes, but what it doesn’t take is a complete disregard for all the aesthetic features of the subreddit. For one, the place doesn’t have an ounce of personality when it comes to the cover photo and the avatar. On top of this, it offers no extra functionalities with the flair system because it just doesn’t have any flairs whatsoever. Heck, even the description is limited at best. I can tell why this place hasn’t grown more than it has in the ten years it has been on the platform. I really hope that it catches up to its peers and adds more to it.