Reddit Outercourse, aka r/Outercourse! Everyone loves having sex. I don’t think there’s a single person out there that doesn’t like a good shag. Even asexual dudes probably get a rush of dopamine when they get inside a chick. Here’s the thing, though, since we're all about penetration, penetration, penetration, is there any other way in which we can get satisfied? Well, I think we’re on to something here and we should give it a close inspection. More specifically, we should talk about the /r/outercourse subreddit because it poses a very interesting theme that we never really thought of when it comes to NSFW content. Trust me, you’ll want to see this.No penetration involved, but still NSFW contentBefore we start, let’s define what an “outercourse” even is. Well, if intercourse involves penetration of one of the three holes on a chick, then outercourse simply involves sexual pleasure derived without any kind of penetration. How can that happen? Well, there are a multitude of ways. I think we all know about handjobs as one of the best ways to do that, but there are also titty jobs that are quite popular too. Then you have something that’s a bit more taboo like foot jobs and then after that, you get into some pretty whacky stuff. I mean, you can basically grind against any part of a woman’s body and call it outercourse. However, there’s one more method that isn’t talked about that much and it’s a pussyjob.Now you’re probably thinking: “isn’t a pussy job just regular sex?” And the answer to that would be: “No, you fucking idiot; let me finish my sentence!” A pussyjob is when a girl grinds against your cock with her pussy without actual penetration going on. It’s something that they practice in Asian massage parlors if you don’t want to fuck the sluts there and I even got offered these things a few times. Of course, I just went for hardcore penetration instead, but it might be nice to try out outercourse from time to time. And that’s exactly what this subreddit is here to provide you with—hot videos of outercourse sexy fun.So many free outercourse videos to watchNow, outercourse isn’t for everyone. I know that I tried it a few times and every time I would just snap and start fucking the slut like a savage. At least with /r/outercourse, you get to watch it without unleashing that beast. You won’t be penetrating anything except for your hand when you’re on the Outercourse subreddit. Reddit.com is known for having a community for everything, so it’s no surprise that people gathered around this idea and made a NSFW sub where you can share some of the hottest clips that don’t involve any kind of penetration. It’s pretty hot to watch and I love exploring it at times. It’s like seeing something that’s new that you never really thought about before. It’s exciting as fuck!Now some people might look at outercourse and the sub surrounding it and they might just say that it’s dumb. Well, if it’s so dumb, how the hell did they manage to get so many people on board with this? I think that there’s something special to this kind of content that no other type of porn or any other genre can compare with. You can enjoy so much free NSFW content without any penetration here, and it’s just incredible to see what people can come up with when it comes to deriving sexual pleasure without actually going inside a chick. People tend to be very creative with that shit and It’s so fun to watch it all.Handjobs, tit jobs, foot jobs, pussy jobs, even ass jobsThe thing you have to decide first is the type of outercourse that you want to enjoy. For example, one of the most popular things that people like in this sub, other than pussyjobs, are titty jobs. Then they are crazy for handjobs and footjobs too and you can see how each one of those brings something unique to the table. I don’t know about you, but getting my cock rubbed by a pussy would probably be enough to make me cum. Of course, you’d have to tie me down cause otherwise I would just exert my dominance and fuck the slut rubbing my cock like she’s nothing more than a common whore. It’s something that I do a lot to all kinds of chicks, so it’s not any kind of abstract thought. I just like fucking girls, you know.But yeah, there’s just so much variety with the content on the Outercourse sub. From handjobs, tit jobs, foot jobs, pussy jobs, ass jobs and many other kinds of outercourse sex, it’s just amazing. Are you wondering how an ass job works? Well, you just put the dick between the ass chicks and rub that sucker out until you cum on the slut’s back. Of course, the bitch needs to have a big enough ass so that it really wraps around your cock. Also, make sure to use a little bit of lube to get that things going. You don’t have to if you want a nice grip on the ass cheeks, but it’s something that I would do for better sliding.Veteran subreddit with more than 228k subscribersSome people would rather just slide through all of these things, and that’s how Nuru massage experts like to do it. They oil up their entire body and rub it against you so that you can enjoy yourself to the max. It’s a really nice thing to experience and I even went to one of those massages too. You can find them on /r/outercourse as well and see what they’re like before going to one of them. I’m pretty sure that every single member of the /r/outercourse community would enjoy that kind of experience, so I don’t know why there isn’t more of that kind of content, but I guess they just like the NSFW stuff more.And why wouldn’t they? It seems to be working really well for them. Ever since the site was created in 2012, there have been more and more people coming in and looking for this kind of content. The sub was made on Jun 25th, 2012, and ever since then, it has amassed over 228,000 subscribers. That’s as of writing of this review, but I’m pretty sure the number is even larger than that now that you’re reading this. I guess they will get a boost from me too, but most of that traffic comes from people who are tired of the same old porn and want to try something new and sexy they’ve never seen before in their lives.Stick to Hot for high-quality NSFW contentFinally, let’s talk about the specifics of this sub that you also need to know about. First of all, you should stick to the Hot section if you want to see good content. Stray away from Hot, and you’ll be showered with a bunch of garbage. Many of the posts in the New section don’t even fit the theme of the sub and involve penetration! Anyway, you should know that, and you should also probably know that there is far less interactivity on /r/outercourse than on other NSFW subs on Reddit. I guess people just tend to start with this, but they end up watching hardcore fucking at the end of the day. Who knew? Still, though, I wouldn’t say that this is bad, since you still get plenty of good content that reaches the Hot section.The design of the sub is something that I do enjoy, but I feel like it could use a different banner instead of just keeping that red. The avatar is pretty cool, though and it’s straight to the point, no bullshit, tell you the way it is, and I always respect that kind of stuff. There are also plenty of great rules involving not relinking to other pages that make you pay for content, which reassures that this sub is for people who don’t want to pay anything for porn. Of course, there are some other rules that you need to follow here, but they’re all put in place so that you could have a great time while exploring through /r/outercourse.