Facial Fun

Reddit Facial Fun, aka r/FacialFun! If there is a subreddit that speaks for itself as loud as it fucking can, I think r/FacialFun/ fits the bill. What the fuck else could you possibly expect from this place other than chicks getting facials and having fun. This is actually pretty neat since now you know whether you want to actually check out what this site has to offer or not since let’s not forget that Reddit.com is a free website with thousands of other subreddits you are welcome to explore.As for those who love to see gorgeous babe get their reward splashed on their face, I think that r/FacialFun/ is the perfect subreddit. You have loads of images and videos with slutty chicks how enjoy taking pictures with their face covered with cum, and posting it on Reddit for everyone to enjoy… for free.Lots of great facial content.As soon as you start browsing, you will get to see loads of posts with gorgeous chicks showing off their facials. You have all kinds of girls since Reddit.com is open to everyone who wants to share their facials. However, do not expect anything more than that, because if you wish to see porn or something more, there are plenty of other subreddits and porn sites you can check out instead.This subreddit is purely dedicated to the end of the fuck fest, where the girl will get her face covered with cum. In most cases, you have the before and after pictures, where you can see the babe’s face without any goo on it, and then you see her nice reward covering her pretty face. I think that those types of pictures might be my favorite.One of the first pictures I’ve seen was of a cutie with glasses and another picture of her naked with cum all over her face. I mean, the majority of the images were like that, but on r/FacialFun/ subreddit, you have both pictures and videos, which is pretty neat. Obviously, the main topic of all of these is a face filled with cum, but the scenario will always be different.The first video I checked out showed a babe looking at the camera while smoking, and you could easily see that she was high as a kite but enjoying every moment of it. By the end of the video, she got her pretty face sprayed with loads of cum, and she even opened her mouth to enjoy the taste, while she continues to smoke… I do not know about you lads, but I’d love to smoke whatever she was smoking.Keep in mind that there are a lot more images than videos, so if you were hoping that Reddit would satisfy your pornographic needs, think again. I can’t stress this enough, but Reddit is just a user-friendly website with loads of NSFW subreddits that could make your dick hard. But, I highly doubt that these could make you cum… because you either have images or short videos.Now, unless you are a premature ejaculation champion, I highly doubt that this will be enough to make your dick erupt. Anywho, you are more than welcome to try; I don’t really give a shit. Personally, I need real pornographic content, but I still love to see sluts enjoying their face getting covered with cum and posting it for everyone else to see.Both amateur and premium scenes!Yes, yes… I know that this sounds confusing as shit, but I’ll make it understandable. Basically, what I really mean is that you have amateur scenes where the actual users of Reddit.com did the dirty, and then posted that shit to this subreddit. There are a lot of these types of amateur content, both videos, and pictures, which is always neat.But at the same time, you have those Redditors who love to just post their favorite porn scenes overall. So, do not be surprised to see some of your favorite pornstars here, because the chances are that there are loads of those types of girls, as well as actual amateurs, and you get to enjoy a mesh of everything… and it is free.Register for added privileges.Technically, you do not have to register, but if you would like to enjoy what Reddit.com really has to offer, then you have to register. There are a lot of NSFW subreddits, as I have mentioned, and if you want to gain access to them, then you might want to become a member. You can see all the SFW subreddits or those that are labeled like that, but the NSFW ones require a registration… and I think it is more than obvious what kind of a subreddit r/FacialFun/ is.The registration is free and definitely worth it. Once you become a member, you can enjoy all the usual privileges, such as voting and downvoting posts, commenting, and posting your own shit. Now, for those who intend to post their own crap, you might want to check out the rules first. The rules will be different for each subreddit, and they are pretty straightforward on r/FacialFun/.I mean, with so many added privileges, who the fuck wouldn’t want to be a part of this site. On top of that, you get to enjoy all the beautiful sluts who get covered in r/FacialFun/, and that is why the fuck you are here in the first place, right? Well, take your time and explore; once you are a member, everything is much fucking better.Chat with the community.There are plenty of gorgeous women who are posting their nudes, selfies, and doing a lot of other shit. However, did you know that Reddit.com allows you to chat with the community? And I am not only talking about the babes from r/FacialFun/, but you can also visit any fucking subreddit and chat with any of the users you want. Of course, you have all genders on this site.The statistics are nice.On the side of the site, you have all the statistics that you need. You can see a description of r/FacialFun/ and what it is all about below that you can see that this subreddit was created in 2010, and that it has over 229k members. Other than that, you have the rules listed, but I mean, I think the rules for r/FacialFun/ are pretty self-explanatory.The updates are pretty frequent, so do not worry about that. You will always have some new shit to check out, and if not, you can always browse through the old stuff instead. I mean, from 2010, there is no way that you would not find something that you have not already seen. With that said, you should also pay attention to the rules.Those who post shit or just do not follow the rules can be banned from Reddit, and is that what you really want? I mean, the rules are so fucking simple, that I am not really sure how fucking stupid you have to be to actually be fucking banned from the site. Anyway, this is all that you need to know about the statistics.Some search options and thousands of subreddits. Take your time and explore this place on your own. I am sure that r/FacialFun/ will satisfy your desires sooner or later. There is a lot for you to check out, and with so many slutty chicks who want to share their beautiful face covered with cum, who are we to deny that privileges? Well, there are hotties of all shapes and sizes, and lucky for you, there are some possible search options as well.All the navigation you will need is listed on top of the site, and that is also where you can search for different subreddits. I mean, when you consider how many subreddits there are, the chances of you not finding a subreddit that perfectly suits your taste are fucking slim. So, don’t be a fucking moron, and browse through if what r/FacialFun/ has to offer is not really up to your league.So, what is the overall? Well, Reddit is a simple website filled with so many gorgeous women who just love to get down and dirty, and they enjoy sharing their dirtiness in many of the NSFW subreddits, such as r/FacialFun/. However, there are also plenty of other SFW subreddits, where you can enjoy jokes, memes, or serious topics that others would love to talk about. It is a free website, so explore as much as you fucking want.