Reddit Tgirls, aka r/Tgirls! What looks good to you may not look good for other people. A lot of women can be beautiful to their husbands even though the rest of the world would find them to be total eyesores. That jacket you like wearing so much might only look good to you because it holds sentimental value for you - but other people might think it’s nothing special when they see it. Hell, even your favorite pornstar could look like a flawless queen to you because you’ve developed an attraction for her overtime by fapping to her porn repeatedly, but as soon as you show her to a friend of yours, he might think that she’s “just ok.”You see, as this review’s title says, beauty is only in the eye of the beholder - that’s why there are tons of people who shun transexuals and gay people wherever they get the chance, but as soon as they’re home alone they search up “T-Girls” on PornHub. Well, if you happen to be one of these people, or if you just like T-Girls, then this Subreddit here is just the place for you.Reddit’s /r/TGirls Subreddit is home to 231 thousand members who all love to appreciate and masturbate to attractive women who otherwise look normal except for the fact that they have penises on them. While nowadays it’s possible for men to get a full sex change and become full-blown women with no penis, some of them actually prefer to keep theirs. After all, It IS a sex organ that can still be used, and plenty of people online love to masturbate to “dickgirls.”Like I said - there are tons of men out there who might lead politically-correct and socially-acceptable lifestyles. Still, once they get home, they turn on T-Girl porn and start whacking away at women who have a particular asset that their wife’s missing. It’s actually quite the normal practice from a sexual standpoint, but it’s pretty taboo as far as society’s standards go. The “T-Girl” genre is thriving within the porn industry at the moment, and this Subreddit captures the best of the best content that it pumps out. Let’s check out all the highs and lows regarding /r/TGirls here and determine whether or not it’s worth spending time on.Note: This Subreddit is Only For Pre-Op and Non-Op T-GirlsLet’s get one thing clear: This Subreddit is only for pre and non-op T-Girls, and that means that you will not see even one vagina here. For those of you who didn’t know - pre-op transgender women have their penises still intact, and non-op transgender girls obviously have their penis still intact too. Post-op transgender girls are “girls” who have had a vagina added to them, and while they may not be able to give birth (that’s coming soon though), they are still not considered “T-girls” in their own right since they don’t really have a penis. So the next time someone asks you to break down all the different kinds of transexual girls, refer to this paragraph.So You’ve Got Plenty of OCReddit is known for its thriving community of content creators who create and post original content that’s exclusive to the site. Regardless of which Subreddit you go on, you’re bound to see at least one piece of original content uploaded by a Reddit user, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Now that “content” can be pretty much anything, including arts, crafts, music, and of course, porn. /r/TGirls here has its very own resident content creators who create tons of OC for it, which comes in the form of still images and videos. Here you can see a virtually limitless amount of pictures and videos of T-Girls that you can’t see anywhere else on the internet, so if you’re an avid fan of this genre of pornography, then this Subreddit might just become your new favorite online destination to visit when you’re up for some “self-care” time.And A Lot of Studio-Made Stuff TooOf course, there’s a lot of professionally-made studio stuff too, I mean after all internet porn is becoming ever-more welcoming for the T-Girl genre, so it’s only natural that there are a lot of studio-made posts on this Subreddit here. Back ten years ago, it was virtually impossible to find any T-Girl porn on the internet. When RedTube was the most-visited porntube on the internet, the variety of T-Girl porn was so limited that you really couldn’t find any more than a few handfuls of videos on the whole World Wide Web. But nowadays there is tons of this stuff everywhere, and even straight married men don’t mind fapping to it on those lonely fateful nights.Links And Names Are Always Included When NeededYeah, On Reddit pretty much every post that includes some form of media is uploaded with a source link attached to it. I mean, after all, finding the original piece of media is the real win for people who browse through the posts on this site, and it is imperative that the media file comes with the original source link attached. In addition, it’s not uncommon to see posts here with titles that actually mention the names of the T-Girls that are featured in them. You can bet your immune system that there’s absolutely no way to find anything here on this Subreddit that you can’t source, except, of course, if it’s original content.However, When it Comes to Content OrganizationYeah, Reddit does suck in this aspect. Not because it’s a bad site - I actually enjoy the way Reddit chooses to present itself, and its frontend work is pretty solid overall. The problem, however, lies within the lack of traditional content organization that’s always prevalent on pure porn sites. All XXX Subreddits lack a tag and category database, so there’s really no way to REALLY find the content you’re looking for. In addition, almost all the post titles here on this site are put together in a very ambiguous way, which makes the in-Subreddit search bar redundant. For example, I won’t be able to find a “Big-Boobed Redhead T-Girl” here on /r/TGirls because of the simple fact that the post titles are mostly prohibited to “Getting gaped by a 12-inch dildo” or “Beautiful day to squirt on myself.”Check out The Reddit App ThoughThe Reddit app is God’s gift to people who like to fap to their phones in bathrooms - there are plenty of people who enjoy Reddit’s XXX content conveniently from their phones via the app. The website isn’t nearly as suited for smartphone access as the app is. For example, the app lets you seamlessly slide through all the posts smoothly, allowing you to effectively sweep through dozens of still images, GIFs, and videos with relatively no effort whatsoever. So if you ever find yourself in need of a quick fap, you can be 100% sure that the Reddit app will never fail you should you choose to show yourself to the nearest bathroom when in need of a quick remote fap.