Welcome to /r/AsianNSFW - one of the leading online destinations when it comes to freely-accessible Asian porn. This filthy little corner of Reddit has a following of almost half-a-million subscribers (248 thousand as of April 2021,) and they’re all invested into worshipping nothing but the best, most mouth-watering Asian porn on the planet. The quality of the porn here isn’t like your go-to content dump porntube that will take literally any kind of porn so long as there’s some penetration going on.Oh no - this Subreddit is subscribed to by only the most devoted Asian porn lovers (hence its name). There’s no way you can find lackluster stuff here because all of the people who upload it have hand-picked it from a wide pool of Asian-made XXX material. Only the best of the best stuff makes the cut here. Even if someone does somehow manage to upload something mediocre, it will get taken down quickly thanks to Reddit’s army of admins and bots who always do their best to keep “low effort posts” nonexistent on this website./r/AsianNSFW here is the longest-running Subreddit for Asian porn in general on Reddit - it’s been up since May 2010, and even though its subscribers aren’t that many (a Subreddit is deemed “popular” when it’s around the 500k sub mark), it does still manage to dish out the most high-quality Asian XXX content on the internet. And by “high quality” I don’t mean just resolution and pixel-wise, I mean actual good pornography that’s hot enough to make you have a boner from just seconds after seeing it.If you’re a fan of Asian chicks sucking and fucking in literally every fathomable way there is, then you’ll definitely want to spend some time down here on /r/AsianNSFW. But is this site really worth your time, or am I just hyping it up with this review intro? I assure you it’s the former, but keep reading to find out all of the best and worst things there is to know about this Subreddit.GIFs Seem To Be The Most Dominant Format HereA lot of people would pass on GIFs for videos when it comes to their XXX format of choice, but I think that GIFs are pretty damn powerful pieces of media that shouldn’t be brushed aside so easily. For starters, they only contain the “hottest” parts of scenes, so there’s rarely an occasion where you’d see an XXX GIF that doesn’t make you want to touch yourself. And that especially holds true on /r/AsianNSFW here and other XXX Subreddits - as I said, the people who frequent these places are all avid porn fans, so if they’ve gone through the trouble of actually making or looking for a GIF, you’d best believe that it’s going to be a good goddamn GIF. And there are a lot of good GIFs here - in fact. They’re the most dominant format of posts you can encounter on this Subreddit.There Are A Lot of Pictures Too(a lot are candid)Still, images are simple, easy, low-memory pieces of media to share around the internet. I mean, just look at Instagram - millions of images get uploaded and shared on it on a daily basis, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at any point. There are also millions of XXX pictures being uploaded and shared on the greater internet, too, including /r/AsianNSFW here. This Subreddit contains plenty of hot still images, both X-rated and candid, so that people with all kinds of horny levels can enjoy them. There are plenty of pictures containing hot Asian XXX models, pornstars, and e-starlets here on this Subreddit - in fact, there are much more pictures here than there are videos.And The Occasional Video As WellI mean, what would a pornographic Subreddit be without its videos? Probably still thriving regardless is the answer. Even though there are a fair few subs out there that don’t have videos at all, /r/AsianNSFW is not one of them. There are videos here, although there aren’t that many of them - I’d say that about two out of every ten posts are in video format here, with the rest being either GIFs or images. So if you don’t have enough imagination, patience, and a large enough attention span to masturbate to pictures of GIFs, you can always turn to the videos here when you’re in need.Not All Girls Can Be SourcedUsually, most XXX Subreddits follow the rule of posting source links or including names of famous or semi-famous pornstars closely - but here on this Subreddit, that rule isn’t always followed. Most of the still-image posts on this sub contain anonymous, unnamed Asian beauties that can’t really be found in any way since there’s no name included and no source link attached whatsoever. It would really suck to stumble upon an irresistible Asian beauty on this sub that you want to see more of, only to realize that you have no way of finding her because no source links were attached, and a name wasn’t provided. If that does happen, you can try asking for her name on the post - but a reply isn’t always guaranteed.And As Always - Reddit Lacks a Proper Content Organization SystemOne of the things that have always bugged me about Reddit is its lack of content organization. In essence, there is simply no way to properly organize the posts on any given Subreddit here, be it a pornographic one or otherwise. That’s because there are no tags or categories on this site whatsoever. You can’t even segregate the posts here via their “flare” since /r/AsianNSFW here doesn’t seem to use any flair for its posts whatsoever.The best that you could hope for when it comes to content organization here is using the search bar, which may or may not provide you with the results you want since it only works by crawling through post titles, and not all posts are titled appropriately. For example, you could search for “hairy pussy,” and only the posts that declare that within their titles will appear, despite there being plenty of “hairy pussy” posts left that won’t be found by your search query./r/AsianNSFW Is Fully Optimized for Smartphone AccessYes, the entirety of this sub, as well as the rest of Reddit, can be accessed quite easily by using the Reddit application. The app itself doesn’t take up a lot of storage, and it can be used to traverse any and all XXX Subreddits on the website, which naturally includes /r/AsianNSFW here. This means that you can enjoy a seamless browsing experience through all of Reddit’s XXX subs conveniently from your phone, especially in these dark quarantine times when most people are stuck inside with their loved ones and desperately need to fap quickly and discreetly in privacy.