Reddit Distension, aka r/Distension! The best fuck sessions I’ve ever had involved my giant cock being almost too much for the bitch I was banging. Have you ever been in that situation, you horny bastard? Where your dick is so massive for the tiny hole you’re plowing that you can see it poking out of her stomach? It’s one of the hottest things ever and makes you realize what a giant cock you have!Oh, you don’t have that problem like ThePornDude, do you? Blows to be you! To see what I’m talking about and what it looks like when a well-hung stud like myself fucks petite sluts like the bitches on Reddit.com/Distension, go to that subreddit. Explore the hot and sexy content that’s waiting for you, and see what it looks like females get a cock, dildo, fist – anything, really – that’s almost too much for them to handle. Then imagine it’s your dick, and that girl is with you, and…you know what? I’m not going to tell you what to fucking think about while you masturbate – that’s on you, bro, not me!Over 250,00 membersReddit.com/Distension has been around since 2012, giving fans of this particular niche the content they crave. With over 250,000 members and growing, this sub that features a handful of members online has years of GIFs and videos at its disposal at any given moment. It’s all here, ready for you to take your dick out and jack off to right here, right now.What are you waiting for? Oh, are you not in a private location right now? Who gives a fuck, bro? Take that dick out, whack it to these hot bitches getting stretched to their limit, and if anyone has anything to whine about, slap them in the face with your cock! Oh, you’re worried about getting thrown into jail? Cock slap the cops, what’s the worst that could happen?!Oh, you’re worried about your balls getting blasted by a taser? Okay, fair point. Wherever you are, whatever device you own, you can use it to look at every piece of content listed on Reddit.com/Distension. That’s the convenience of browsing Reddit. The same applies when you’re browsing this subreddit! That’s the beauty of Reddit: it works the same across the board, no matter if you are looking at glass figurines of unicorns shitting out rainbows or the intricacies of pissing in the sink.Sorts like every subNot only does Reddit.com/r/Distension work the same on every device, but it also sorts content the same across every sub. As I’ve fucking said here from the start: the great thing about Reddit is that it works uniformly. The way you use it to use anything works the same, no matter what subreddit you are using. And even if you don’t know how to use a subreddit or have for whatever fucking reason never visited Reddit at all, know that it’s incredibly easy to sort content on Reddit and find exactly what you are looking for.As soon as you land on Reddit.com/r/Distension, you’re going to a few sorting options at the top of the page. Like with all subreddits, you can sort content by hot, new, top, and rising. Sorting by hot shows the most engaging content of the moment (i.e., content with the most comments and activity), new is fucking self-explanatory, and rising shows the content that will theoretically be the most engaging soon enough (think of it as the ‘soon-to-be-hot’ section). These sorting options will help you to find whatever the fuck you want on here, but there is one sorting option you need to be aware of:Top!The beauty of sorting by top is that you can also filter by time period. You can filter top content by now, this hour, today, this week, this month, and all time. By applying these sorting and filtering options, you will be able to see the most upvoted content per a certain period of time. Whether you want to look at top upvoted content within the last week or all time, Reddit and other subreddits like them give you the power to do this.And if we’re talking about which filtering option you should apply when sorting by top, take it from the one guy that knows porn better than any other entity in the known universe: you’re going to want to filter top upvoted content by all time. Especially if you are into seeing hot bitches get their fill of cock, dildo, fist, or any other blunt object where you can see outside of their insides as their holes reach their limits, you have to sort and filter content in this way at least one goddamn time!Let me tell you something, bro: it won’t be the last fucking time you sort in this manner, either. For those that enjoy seeing bitches get taken to their limit, Reddit.com/r/Distension is perfect for seeing the dirty content you crave. Get that kink fulfilled by using the sensible sorting options that have made Reddit and other subreddits like it so easy to use over the years!Content on the fucking hour!Do you think I’m making this shit up? Fuck no! Reddit.com/Distension featured wave after wave of content during this review, and it made me realize something when sorting by new and going back through the sub’s library. There is something posted here every goddamn hour!This isn’t hyperbole here, fella! It’s truly insane how much content gets posted here, not just daily, but hourly! I have to tell you, I’ve seen my fair share of porn in my day – alas, the name – but I had no idea it was possible to create this many GIFs out of bitches getting their holes stretched to their max. Likewise, I had no clue sluts showing cocks deep up in their guts or way down their throats was so prominent, or did I know that so many Reddit users wanted to share content surrounding this niche.But the horny fuckers on Reddit.com/Distension love it! Some dedicated members are constantly posting content at all times. However, don’t think it’s the same mother fucker that’s sitting there like a porn robot creating GIFs, sharing, rinsing, and repeating until he inevitably falls asleep in his gaming chair. There is a dedicated base of members that share content regularly, giving the community exactly the kind of content that they crave.Even though I would never share the same kind of content repeatedly, you have to hand it those that dedicate their time to giving other horny dudes the kind of content they crave to masturbate to. It makes the difference between a subreddit being dead and one full of life and an abundance of content to consume. It has made a world of difference over on Reddit.com/r/Distension, and it’s a difference that will make you want to sit back, scroll, and wank to the stretched out content that only this subreddit can deliver!More amateur content, pleaseLook, I’m going to nitpick here mostly, and this gripe doesn’t affect how hot and sexy the content truly is on the sub (which is all that fucking matters). I found plenty of content featuring amateurs that were showing just how much they could stretch their holes, which made my cock immediately hard and wanting them to try their hand at deep throating this massive johnson swinging between my legs. And that’s the problem.Because you see, I wanted more amateur content on Reddit.com/r/Distension than I found. That isn’t to say that the subreddit lacks amateur content, there should be more here. The content featuring porn stars stretching themselves to their limits – a feat that is extremely impressive when you watch a porn star doing it – was fucking hot and appreciated. Still, when you think of NSFW (Not Safe for Work) subreddits, you immediately think of amateurs posting their dirtiest, anonymous content for the world to see.Reddit.com/r/Distension needs more of it. With more content posted on the subreddit, this will bring more people to the subreddit and cause it to grow, thus potentially enticing more amateurs to show themselves getting stuffed to the max. The sub is doing everything right. As they continue to grow and churn out fantastic content at breakneck speeds, more beauties than ever will potentially (and hopefully) show up to post more amateur content than the subreddit has ever seen!Suggestions:Reddit.com/Distension provides amazing content featuring beautiful females getting stretched to their limits. Tons of people are into this kink judging by the subreddit’s numbers, and with so much content posted regularly, those numbers will grow. However, more amateur content is needed, and it would be welcomed to see more amateur women posting their own ‘stretched out’ content than there currently is.