Reddit SlimThick, aka r/SlimThick! So many people think that just because a girl is fat that she’s thick as well. You know what? It’s time to end that stupid shit once and for all. Fat girls are just fat, and thick girls are babes who are actually sexy with their plump thick booties, small waists, flat and toned stomachs, and hefty thighs too. So, if you see a fat chick saying that she’s dummy thick, well, it’s more probable that she’s just one of those words (hint: it’s not the word ‘thick’). Anyway, I’m not here to hate on fat girls; I’m sure there are plenty of disgusting fat guys willing to fuck them as well. They should turn to someone like Porn Geek for help.Slim thick babe erotic photosNow, if you want to see some actual hot chicks, then you need to go by The Porn Dude standard. And what I say is that bitches need to get their physiques in order. That means no fucking around with fat sluts and instead just dedicating the time to find all of the hottest skinny babes with fat asses that the market has to offer. If you ask me, there’s no better place to look for those babes than to venture on Reddit. I know, I know, some people don’t like Reddit, but I’m telling you that since there’s a sub for everything, then there’s bound to be a sub for this kind of stuff. Surely enough, there is one, and it’s called /r/SlimThick. This place provides you with pics of slim babes with thick features that you’ll love.Now, since this sub is on, it’s going to be age-restricted right off the bat. However, it won’t be as restrictive for viewing as some other NSFW subs out there. The Slim Thick sub is actually a lot more softcore than you might expect. Sure, there are some nudes here, but a lot of these pictures feature babes with their clothes on. So, if you’re just looking for a casual run with this kind of content where you’ll either forget about wanking altogether or just dedicate yourself to wanking to babes in these softcore erotic images, then /r/SlimThick is the right place for you. I would definitely consider it.Softcore content without any pornIf you ask me, there’s nothing better than softcore erotica. Sure, you can yap on about how porn makes you cum faster, but I am absolutely sure that most of you guys have a better wanking session when you see some hot erotic nudes rather than just seeing hardcore stuff. That’s why there’s a rule against that kind of shit. Instead of seeing a bunch of stupid porn like on many other NSFW subs, this place shoots out a big flat ‘no’ to all of that content and just focuses on solo erotica. This also includes pictures where babes aren’t nude at all. However, at times there are chicks here who are nude, and those are the best.I mean, some people will even say that they appreciate the non-nude pics even more, but to me, that’s just a step too far in the softcore zone. I mean, they don’t call me The Porn Dude for nothing. But hey, even I have a soft spot at times, and I want to see some bitches doing softcore shit for me too! I’m not always after that booty just so I can fuck it. Sometimes it’s good enough for me to appreciate it and just watch it while I wank. Yeah, still a lot of wanking involved, so don’t even comment on that. So if you’re into erotica sometimes and you’re looking for dummy thick but still sexy babes, this is the place to be.Gorgeous thick but skinny babesThe thing is these babes vary a lot when it comes to physique. Some of them are just thick and are average when it comes to the rest of their body. Of course, they all have flat stomachs, but some have huge asses, and their waists are fucking tiny! It almost looks like photoshop, but I know that /r/SlimThick tries to get rid of all photoshopped content. The Slim Thick sub also allows for bodybuilder babes. That means if a slut has a nice plump ass, but the rest of her body is toned and tight, then she’s allowed too. There are some pictures of some nicely built and muscular babes, and I like seeing that too. As long as these bitches aren’t fat, I’m completely okay with that if you ask me. There’s so much to see here.And the babes are just such eye candy to look at on /r/SlimThick. It’s like god bestowed upon them the perfect bodies so that they could show them off to us. It’s like he descended from heaven to personally bring some more booty into our lives. I have no idea how to better explain to you the extent of the sexiness that’s going on here. You will just have to believe me on that and go with the flow. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love pretty much every slut on this sub, and there are so many on here always being posted that it’s a miracle that people keep finding so much content online to upload on here.Massive number of subreddit membersOf course, the good thing is that there are so many active users who are very passionate about Slim Thick. This sub has so many adoring fans, and they all do whatever they can to scour for some amazing images online. Not only that, but there is even some OC from real babes who want to show off their dummy thick thighs and asses, while also having a really nice waist to hips ratio and a flat stomach too. With all this in mind, it would be such a shame if you didn’t at least try to see what the /r/SlimThick community is all about since there are so many people here who are more than happy with the sub.In fact, when you take just one look at the numbers, only then will you realize how crazy people are for this place. There are over 258,000 subscribers to the Slim Thick sub, and they managed to amass that many people in less than four years! The community was created on June 19th, 2016, and you can see how this is an important fact to take in. Think about when we talk about some of the NSFW communities out there that have existed for more than a decade. Yet they still don’t have anywhere near the subscriber count of /r/SlimThick. It’s an amazing feat and I congratulate them for it.Some quality is low resolutionReddit can be a hard site to master and get your sub popular on, but it seems that the Slim Thick one managed to do it without a problem. Of course, there are a few flaws that I would mention. It mostly has to do with the quality of some content as well as the lack of customization. The design problem is common with many other NSFW subs so I don’t think anyone is surprised that /r/SlimThick went ahead and just kept the default colors instead of showing off their own colors and making their place look unique so that it draws in many more people. But hey, it’s not the end of the world IMO.The bigger problem is the low-quality and low-effort content that sometimes makes it through to the Hot section. It’s not even that the New section is filled with garbage so much as that some of that garbage sometimes makes it to the Hot section. For example, I see hot babes with massive tits on the Hot page all the time. But I thought this was about thick babes who have nice thighs and booties? Well, I guess chicks with big tits also get a pass for some reason. Some of the pictures just don’t make any sense, and they just look like regular erotica that you would find anywhere else on the internet not specific to this genre at all. And some pictures are merely low resolution too. Even so, I like Slim Thick a lot.