Reddit ButtPlug, aka r/ButtPlug! I don’t know about you horny mother fuckers, but I could stare at hot chicks with butt plugs up their asses all fucking day. Seeing a little plug up a female’s asshole, imaging how tight it is, and how much tighter it would be if my cock were inside the little brown hole is enough to make my dick get fully erect and jack off right here, right now. Do you think I’m goddamn crazy? Then you’ve never fucked an asshole before!That’s why when I came across Reddit.com/ButtPlugs, I thought I had died and gone to NSFW subreddit heaven. Image-after-image of amazing beauties showing off their perfect little assholes with their cute buttplugs up their ass made me want to jump through the monitor and give their asses some much-needed spanks and squeezes. That’s impossible, so the next closest thing is seeing these beautiful little plugs on full display. If you even have an inkling that you love looking at butt plug content, do yourself a fucking favor. Visit this sub, get to a quiet place where you can jack off – or do it in the open, I don’t give a shit – and drain those balls to some of the hottest amateur content on the NSFW side of Reddit!No male asses, only femalesOf course, I’m only talking about the butt plugs you find in female assholes. Why the fuck would ThePornDude be talking about goddamn dudes?! Seeing a fat fucker with a butt plug up his hairy, shitty asshole is the last thing I fucking want to see on Reddit.com/r/ButtPlugs. It’s also the last thing the moderators want to see on the subreddit as well.That’s why the first rule bans content featuring guys with butt plugs up their assholes! If that’s what you’re into, other subreddits accept content from both genders, so go there (the link is in Reddit.com/ButtPlugs’ rules on the sidebar). For everyone who wants to look at the only gender to have sexy, delicious assholes, keep it on this sub!Look, I get that being inclusive is all the rage these days, but let’s be real here fellas. Nobody wants to see dudes getting ‘in touch with themselves,’ feeling risky, and posting a butt plug photo of themselves. That’s for other subreddits.‘Oh shit, if my friends knew I was posting this….’You can almost read the titles that would appear if Reddit.com/r/ButtPlugs was more inclusive. Nobody fucking cares, shit-for-brains. The only person getting off to a guy’s hairy asshole with a plug shaped like a banana up their ass is themselves. No guy in his right mind visiting a sub about butt plugs wants to see that bullshit unless they’re going to a gay-only sub anyway (and those guys keep their assholes more kempt than females anyway).The male assholes are banned, only females are here, and the subreddit benefits from it. That’s why it has hit the numbers that it has and always has sexy fucking content posted on the sub throughout the day. Scroll through the subreddit at least once, and I think you’re going to agree.260,000 members and countingReddit.com/ButtPlugs has been around for nearly 10 years – and it shows! There are 260,000 members on the subreddit, with a few hundred online at any given moment. This results in content posted all the fucking time! When I was browsing by new (more on these sorting options in a moment), I noticed that content was posted on the subreddit essentially every hour. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that content was posted every hour, it was pretty fucking close.If you visit Reddit.com/ButtPlugs once a day or even every few hours, there is always something new for you horny fuckers to see. From videos to images and GIFs (though most of the content are the latter two), you are going to get your butt plug fix from now on. Sure, this isn’t people fucking their assholes for hours-on-end as you might find on some mainstream free tube sites, but who gives a fuck when the content is this goddamn hot?Tons of amateur contentThe content on Reddit.com/r/ButtPlugs is fucking amazing because of how sexy and hot the amateur content is on the subreddit. Although I cannot go so far as to say that it’s all amateur content on the subreddit (there are likely professional images and GIFs here and there) the vast – and I’m talking the fucking vast – majority of the content on Reddit.com/ButtPlugs is amateur content.I dare say that’s the main goddamn reason to visit this subreddit! That’s not to say it sucks – exercising creative control by making the right decision and banning male asses proves that it doesn’t – but without the beautiful amateur goddesses that make this subreddit what it is – the subreddit wouldn’t be the destination that it is. Sure, maybe some users would post buttplug images of their favorite pornstars, but anyone can find that content.The appeal of Reddit.com/r/ButtPlugs is that actual members are posting their own content! This is the appeal of most NSFW (Not Safe For Work (subreddits anyway) in the first place! There is something magical about Reddit drawing in beautiful women and enticing them to post sexy amateur content they normally wouldn’t have posted anywhere else. Perhaps it’s the amateur nature of Reddit that allows people to live through their fantasies and get as nasty as they want to be.It's the allure of Reddit.com/ButtPlugs, and it’s the main reason you will continue coming back to this sub (with an emphasis on coming!). Seeing asses filled with butt plugs – asses that you may actually know in real life, who knows – is the sexiest aspects of this sub and others like it. Goddamn, if Reddit or Imgur ever closes down and we lose hot fucking content like what’s on Reddit.com/r/ButtPlugs, it’s going to be a fucking crime against humanity.Sorting options that everyone knowsI assume you already know how to fucking browse Reddit. I mean come on, how else are you going to keep tabs on the prices on those risqué anime figurines, you little pervert, you. But for those that have never used the platform before (where the fuck have you been?), sorting and browsing the subreddit is extremely simple. The good news is that when you figure out how to browse one subreddit, you know how to browse the rest of them.Go to the top of the subreddit and find these sorting options: hot, new, top, and rising. To see the latest content, select new: this shows the newest of the new content. Choosing hot shows which content has the most engagement, rising shows the up-and-coming content that’s destined to be in the hot section soon, and top shows the most upvoted content on the sub.When you notice the upvote counter by each post, you’re going to want to see which content was the most upvoted in a certain period of time. To do this, select top then choose the drop-down menu labeled all time. Here, you can choose to see the top posts now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, and of course, all time.If you want to see the sexiest fucking buttplug content on the sub – and goddamn, who the hell wouldn’t – you’re going to want to choose this filtering option. It proves that not only are there amazing assholes on this subreddit, but the bodies, the pussy, the legs, the ass cheeks, and everything else about these amazing sluts will have you jacking off before you can get to the second page. The sorting options will get you there, so learn how to use them if you’re unfamiliar.Is there a better source for amateur butt plug content?If there is, I haven’t fucking found it. As I said earlier, you can find buttplug content anywhere: a mainstream free tube site or otherwise. I’m sure you can also go to forums, the underbellies of the Web, and the like to find amateur buttplug content, but why the fuck would you go searching for it when it’s all here in one place?Likewise, why the hell leave this sub when there is so much original content already here? If you want to see hot and sexy buttplug content – and why the hell wouldn’t you – this is the place you need to be. I don’t say this often, but your fucking search is over. Bookmark this subreddit, and make it your new home for consuming buttplug content!Suggestions:Reddit.com/ButtPlugs does not need to change a thing. With only amateur females posting buttplug content, with so much of it posted daily, the subreddit is only going to grow.