Dark Angels

Reddit Dark Angels, aka r/DarkAngels! So you’re into black girls? Let me tell you; I know exactly how you feel. When I fucked my first black babe, I felt like I was in heaven. It was like my entire life would revolve around fucking ebony sluts till the day I die. But then I found out that there are other ethnicities out there that are just as sexy if not even hotter than ebony babes at times. Listen, I still love white girls too, but those have gotten a bit too stale for me. I just like exotic chicks, and that’s when I realized that there’s a lot more to this world than ebony babes. Don’t worry, we’re still looking at dark skin babes, but it will all be explained on the /r/DarkAngels sub.Veteran subreddit with gorgeous dark babesWhat is this subreddit all about, you might ask? Well, /r/DarkAngels was created all the way back on April 25th, 2011, and it has been one of the best NSFW Subs for exotic innocent babe content ever since. When you’re looking for young babes and you want to jerk off to exotic sluts, you come to this sub. The best thing about this place is the fact that there are so many gorgeous sluts to jerk off to and they come in all kinds of ethnicities. For example, there aren’t only black babes, but also every other dark-skinned ethnicity out there. For example, you have babes who come from south Asia, Indonesia, and Latinas too.It’s like they took all the hottest and most exotic ethnicities out there and put them on one sub. The gist of it is that the sub only allows for posts with dark-skinned babes. That has been the idea of this sub since the very beginning and it has lived up to its name of providing you with some of the hottest dark angels on the planet. The thing about /r/DarkAngels that I love so much is that they have stayed consistent with what they are looking for on the sub and they haven’t strayed off course at any point in time. It was always about young dark-skinned babes no matter where they come from and I just love it.Plenty of high-quality nudes and lewd contentThe thing I probably love the most about the place though, is that it provides me with so much free content no matter what I Want to see. There are plenty of pictures, gifs, and there are even the occasional videos. But instead of going full porn mode, this place has kept it NSFW, but it has also provided people with nothing but free erotic content. From nudes to some revealing lewds, these gorgeous babes always seem to have exactly what it takes to make you cum. Trust me; if you’re into Dark Angels, then you’re going to love the sub with the name of the thing you’re looking for. You should check it out right now.If you still have your doubts and the fact that you can enjoy everything on the sub for free isn’t enough to convince you to at least give this thing a go, there are also so many other things that you should think about and consider with this place. I believe that many people are a bit skiddish when it comes to NSFW subs on Reddit because they have been burned too many times with shitty, low-quality content, and I’m here to inform you that this place is actually full of high-quality photos and gifs. Add to that the fact that you get all of the content here for free, and you really have no choice but to check this place out.Stick to the Hot section for good qualityI know many people here are going to be worried about several other things, and I have to agree that no sub is perfect. That being said, you really can’t say that this place didn’t at least pique your interest. Listen, if you like dark-skinned babes as much as me, then you know how fucking amazing it is to have so many of these sluts in one place! I have to say that I haven’t really had the chance to experience something like this in my life. And if you want to enjoy only the best of the best when it comes to this kind of content, then you should stay on the Hot section at all times. It’s not that the other sections don’t have what you need for a good time, it’s just that you can count on Hot to always bring you quality stuff.Meanwhile, if you stray too far, of course, you’ll end up in the Rising or even the, god forbid, New section of the sub. NSFW subreddits on Reddit.com have always struggled to keep the content in these sections just as good. Almost anyone can post content on this sub, and this ends up being such a shitshow in the New section like you wouldn’t even believe. And if you think that’s bad, wait till the day comes where no good content gets posted. You see, /r/DarkAngels allows for a wide variety of photos to be posted. From amateur stuff to pro models, as long as they fit the criteria, they’re good to go, but sometimes this just isn’t good at all! Sometimes you just get bad amateur content that goes up to the Hot section.Massive community of adoring ebony fansIf you ask me, I always like it when /r/DarkAngels gives me the pro models. They’re still college age, they still look innocent, but most importantly, the quality of the photos, as well as the pose that the babes strike, is actually amazing. There are things that you can do with this sub that will make you wish there were more dark-skinned models in the industry. And all of this is thanks to the huge community of people who are always dedicated to posting the best content. I’m not talking about those karma whore guys who are ready to post trash in hopes of getting upvotes. No, these other members are dedicated.There are more than 265,000 subscribers on the Dark Angels subreddit as of the writing of this review. If you don’t think that this is a bit enough number for you, then I just invite you to go to the sub at late night hours and you’ll see just how active it gets. People are commenting and upvoting stuff left and right at that time and you will get to see a huge influx of dark-skinned babes who you can jerk off to for free on this platform. For real, god bless Reddit for existing in the first place and you can always count on the hottest babes to come here when you’re in need of this kind of exotic masturbation material.Black, Latina, Pinay, Paki, and other ethnicities are hereNow, the design is something where I would like to see some improvements. They added a custom banner and a custom avatar too, but they are just a bit too cluttered, in my opinion. It’s certainly better than just keeping these options blank like many NSFW subs out there have decided to do, but it can still be a lot better. Come on, you have over 265 thousand people on this sub and you can’t find a volunteer for a good banner and avatar? I mean, the point is there. You get to see a banner full of slim college-age babes and you can also enjoy an avatar that shows the Reddit guy with two dark babes by each side.I just think that the design can be a bit better. It can look a lot sexier and just make you wish you started visiting this place earlier in your life. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll still have a great time here just as I have with all these gorgeous Indian, Pakistani, Ebony, Latina, Pinay, and other babes who come from all ethnic backgrounds that have a little dark or brown in their skin that we all so love and enjoy. There are so many subs for white girls, and I think it’s about time that you spiced up that experience with a bit more melanin. If you were looking for something like this, then I welcome you to /r/DarkAngels.