r/Futanari, aka Reddit Futanari! As a big fan of Reddit, I was more than happy to talk about a special section called futanari, since I am sure we all love to spice shit up from time to time, right? Is there even a need for me to formally introduce this place? Hasn’t everyone heard about Reddit before? Well, in any case, I will tell you everything you need to know, so if you are interested in futanari pornography, keep reading.First of all, Reddit is a beautiful site where you can find a lot of random content, from pornography to some hardcore bullshit. What I really love here is that you can search for those special sections by yourself, and that allows you to find whatever you are into. In this case, you will be introduced to loads of futanari images and some gifs.Those who did not know, futanari is a Japanese word for hermaphroditism, which is the condition where a person has both female and male reproductive organs if you catch my drift. Usually, you will be introduced to chicks with dicks, and rarely to anything different. Futanari basically stands for trannies, but in some cases the draw babes with both a pussy and a cock.The site’s design is quite simple, and honestly, I feel weird reviewing this place, since I often visit Reddit. There are no special options given for listing since this place mostly focuses on that one subject that you have searched for. On the front page of reddit.com/r/futanari/, you will get loads of images presented, and you can choose in which format to list them.The content that is offered is very random, even if they all cover the futanari tag. You have all kinds of chicks shown, and keep in mind that these are mostly anime or 3D babes, so you will not get any of the realistic images. The characters who are usually drawn are from games or anime, such as Overwatch, League of Legends, Naruto and others… basically, if you find chicks with dicks hot, you will just love this place.Without the need for creating an account, you will be able to view all of their shit, which is great. One of the first images I opened featured Tsunade and her cute worker from Naruto, and we all know what the fuck they were doing. The second shit I opened, was a video where Mercy sucked off Moira’s dick, and in case you did not know, those are characters from OW.While you do not have any search options, you will be allowed to list the content in a particular order; most popular, controversial, new and so on. This can help you find newer posts if you often visit that particular section, but honestly, they could have made better search options. I had no problem finding the crap that satisfies me, but I’ve heard that some people find it difficult to find good shit.One thing I really fucking dislike is when sites do not have pagination, and you just have to keep scrolling for new content. This can get very annoying if the site or your net happens to bug, and you have to return to the front of the page and list through all that crap again. Believe me, I speak from fucking experience, and that might be the only shit that I really dislike with Reddit.If you find a picture that you like, you can always check out the sure who posted that shit here. I think that this should already be very fucking obvious since that is how most sites work anyways. Creating an account is not necessary, but it is a good thing for those who plan to visit this place often. You will get some privileges, which again, should be fairly obvious.Once you are a member you will be able to send messages to other users, aka chat, and you will also be able to post your own content. This content should always be credited or whatnot, they have the basic rules posted somewhere and make sure that you follow them. In case you slip up, it is not a big issue, but after a couple of slips, your account will get banned, which is definitely not something you want.Comment on what others have posted, and have a convo in the chat. You never know, you might actually meet a new friend or interest on this site, it has happened before. But, do not treat this place as an actual dating site, since it is definitely not even close. All I am saying is that there is a fucking possibility for that to happen.You can also subscribe to a particular section, and if you are not able to navigate through their page, you can switch to their old Reddit version instead. Make sure to check out their rules and all that crap, since you have rules for licensed content, source requests, reposts, shock content… etc. Basically, they might seem like a laid-back site, but they actually give a shit about their content.In the end, I will just repeat; as a big fan of Reddit, I am very happy to introduce this place to you. Once you have read my review, which should be about now, you can decide if this place is worth the visit in your opinion or not. I think you’d be crazy to not give it a shot at least once, since Reddit offers a lot of random content, and there is a chance that it will offer the crap you love as well.