Reddit FunWithFriends, aka r/FunWithFriends! Is there any sex that’s better than with friends? I’m not talking about the weird sex that ends friendships because the bitch couldn’t compartmentalize and, ‘accept what this was.’ I’m referring to the kind of sex where friends want nothing more than to fuck one another’s brains out, clean up, then go out and grab a beer before going home, taking a giant whiskey dump, then going to sleep. The kind of friend sex where everyone fucks because they want to fuck – not because they want to get something as pointless as feelings in the way.That’s the kind of hot fucking shit you can find at The images and GIFs on this subreddit star real friends fucking one another. It’s not a ploy, a camgirl trying to help you fantasize, or professionals acting like they’re fucking their best friends. The rules state that the content must feature friends fucking around with one another (that rule isn’t word-for-word, but you get the idea). Although I love to stick it to the man, I have to say that being such a stickler about the rules helps to keep the theme of the sub alive, the content hotter than fucking fire, and people coming back for more.No sellers - only true amateur contentI’m not a scumbag that calls himself a prophet, but I’ll throw out a prophecy that I guarantee will fucking come true. If ever – and I mean ever – decides to allow sellers to start marketing their custom titty pictures and masturbation videos, this subreddit will fall apart. Banning sellers from even posting content that teases people to look through their profile and find their posts on other seller platforms may seem extreme, but it’s arguably the best way to keep the theme and vibe of real. Anyone caught posting content from a camgirl site like Chaturbate or a platform like OnlyFans, Snapchat Premium, etc. will possibly get banned, so don’t fucking do it!With that said, when you hop onto this subreddit for the first time, you’re going to realize how important this rule is. It isn’t there because sellers and content from these certain sources wouldn’t fit in the overall format of, it would hurt the current content that’s here. That’s because when you look at the horny sluts getting it on with their girlfriends and playing with their best friends’ cock, you know for a fact that these people know each other, this happened, and this is the closest you will ever come to reliving the scene playing out in front of you.Thus, whether you’re into amateur pornography or you like voyeuristic content, is fit for you. The content is so hot; I guarantee that every the majority of the people starring in these GIFs and images still go home and masturbate to the thought of the content they starred in. You’re going to come away wishing you had friends like these – hell, you may have never thought that people like these existed in the first place!Everyone knows each other in the contentThat’s key to the success of this subreddit. This isn’t primarily a subreddit where people get off to the thought of fucking their friends (though I guarantee plenty of people visit to live out this kink). It’s to watch real people who actually know one another in real life. They throw caution to the wind, stop giving a fuck, and live out their deepest desires despite the ramifications. To watch real, uninhibited amateurs getting each other off is fucking amazing, and it wouldn’t be possible if every piece of content didn’t follow this rule.Look at a few GIFs and images, and try to tell me there isn’t a fucking difference! These people know each other, and it shows! Look in their eyes when they’re getting it on with one another and try to fucking tell me that you can’t spot a difference between these people fucking around and a camgirl or pornstar getting paid to get off. The passion is there, it’s oozing with sex appeal, and it will force you to pull your dick out and stroke wherever you are.Well, maybe not wherever you are. If you’re in the supermarket, go behind the cabbages and jerk off real quick, nobody goes over there anyway. You know what? ThePornDude doesn’t care where you jack off at! Don’t tell me about it, avoid getting caught, and enjoy the sexy content that delivers.270,000 membersThat’s how many people are apparently subscribed to With a few hundred people online at any point – with nearly 450 online during this review – there are plenty of horny people mingling and wanting to get off to the amazing content this sub pumps out. There is also plenty of opportunities to engage with other members as well.Look through the comments section, and you will find plenty of subscribers talking about how fucking horny the content made them and how they want more. I noticed that the hot bitches that post their own original content routinely replied back to the commenters as well, giving more insight into the material that was posted. They maybe detail what else happened that night, and provide more context into what was going on during the fuck session.That’s what happens when a subreddit like this one is so anal about keeping those incentivized by a buck to post content on the subreddit. Look goddamnit, there’s nothing wrong with showing your pussy and getting paid for it – that’s smart! It isn’t in the spirit of, and allowing these types of posters to submit content on the sub would destroy the fantasy and any credibility that the sub has. People would be doubting what they were watching was real and authentic, and there isn’t any room for that.Need more consistent contentWhile the content on this sub is beyond fucking sexy, there isn’t enough to keep up the quantity you want to see. There is new content posted almost daily, but it’s only a few GIFs and images. I counted on average about 4-6 per day, though this could fluctuate day-to-day. Don’t expect to find a plethora of content posted daily either – it just isn’t going to fucking happen.Of course, when the subreddit only features friends messing with one another, the sub is undoubtedly going to be bombarded with the amount of content that a subreddit like /r/gonewild has. When the rules clearly state only a certain type of content can be posted, it makes it a bit niche and thus makes the sub’s content more of a matter of quality versus quantity. This is assuredly the case here, but the content is so fucking banging you’ll wish there was more. And that’s the problem: you’re never going to be satisfied, and you’ll always want more. Luckily for new visitors, the subreddit has been around for over five years, so there is plenty of content to cum to!Sorts like RedditIf you have used Reddit in the past, thankfully browsing this amazing subreddit will be as simple as it is to orgasm. Visit the sub, and at the top of the subreddit, you will notice a few sorting options: hot, new, top, and rising. I highly urge you to sort by new to see how often content is posted here.Beyond that, also features excellent filtering options. For those that wish to filter content by time, you can do this with ease. Select the drop-down menu labeled now and choose from the following options: now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, and all time. If you truly want to bust a nut – and I mean bust it right here, right now – sort by top and all time.Look at the top few posts – especially those that are posted by the same beauty that hosts ‘scandalous nights.’ Look at her content if you want to get an idea of how fucking amazing the material can be. Once you watch it, you’re going to wish that you had friends like hers.Seriously: where do people fucking find friends like these? Every time I’ve fucked a friend, she wanted to go out on a date. Fuck that! Give me uninhibited sex: these hot bitches have obviously wrapped their heads around the concepts, why can’t anyone I know?!Suggestions:The only thing that needs to be improved is an increase in posted content. The content is so fucking sexy that everyone is going to want to see more. should figure out a way to entice people to post more – maybe include a verified badge – to increase the amount of content posted.