Reddit Bondage, aka r/Bondage! Does bondage excite you? Well, did you know hat Reddit basically has it all? Whether you are into bondage or you prefer some different type of porno, you have everything you want here. Of course, I shall mostly be talking about the subreddit called /r/Bondage/; so if that is something that interests, you are more than welcome to browse or read whatever the fuck I have to say.Lots of bondage content.The reason I am sure that everyone will love what /r/Bondage/ has to offer is simply because this place is basically filled with so much naughty bondage crap, that there is no way that you will not enjoy it. Take your time and explore what this section has to offer, since it is all about bondage, obviously.Of course, I enjoyed my time here, since I am a man of culture. I love to see these horny babes get completely naked and fucked in many ways, while bounded differently. It all depends on what you were hoping to see, but I must say that for those who were expecting to watch actual pornos, Reddit is not really about that life, at least not in this subreddit.While there were some videos here and there, most of them were not long, as the majority of what Reddit has to offer are images. Well, whatever the case might be, I am sure that that does not really change much. Unless you just want to hardcore masturbate, in which case I have reviewed many other bondage porn sites that you can check out instead.One of the first pictures that I’ve seen featured a gorgeous babe being completely bounded with a rope. She was obviously waiting to be fucked, as you can see, her throbbing puss filled with juices. The sluts on Reddit are all willing to get hardcore banged, which is what makes my dick, especially rock solid.There were actually quite a lot of these types of images. Apparently, there are many lucky dudes who have women who know their place, thus enjoy being tied up. It is rather delicious seeing them all tied up and helpless, waiting to be fucked or whatever the heck is happening next. I am sure that most of you fuckers will agree with me.Just so I do not prolong it too much, I am just here to tell you that this place has it all when it comes to bondage. So, you have babes who are tied up, you have those who are dominated or tortured with pleasure, and you also have the vice-versa aka dudes being dominated by chicks… but those tend to be a bit rare.Lots of different beauties!What I really enjoyed while browsing through here is the fact that there are so many different hotties to choose form. Reddit is a very random place, and the subreddit /r/Bondage/ is home to many gorgeous babes who love to post their naughty bondage selfies. Some of them prefer to get filmed by their boyfriends instead; thus, you have a huge variety of images to choose from.I’ve seen many different types of babes, which means that no matter what you might be into, I am sure that /r/Bondage/ will satisfy your thirst. There were busty sluts, big ass beauties, blondes, brunettes, natural or fake redheads and so on.> Some hotties love it rough, others prefer the softcore bondage, but at the end of the day, they were all hot and ready for that naughty action… and that is what most of us appreciate.Great design!I mean, it’s Reddit. Obviously, it will have a good design, because unlike other porn websites, this one actually cares about the audience. Although, you should know that Reddit has a lot of naughty sections, but it ain’t a porno website. So, do not expect to see your typical shit, which should also be obvious right off the bat.The background is black, and the listing is pretty simple. Every subreddit is different and thus has a different set of rules, which will be explained at the very beginning of each section. You also have some information on the side of the subreddit, and Reddit in general. Everything that you need when browsing through is listed on top of Reddit.Keep in mind that this site is created for the community, and it is also driven by us; thus, everything they have to offer is something that we would appreciate. This is why the subreddit /r/Bondage/ and other aspects of this site are doing fucking amazing, compared to other similar websites. But this also depends on you. Are you here for porn or for Reddit-type of content?Register for more privileges.As soon as I mentioned Reddit’s dedication to its community, you should have connected the dots when it comes to the shit they offer if you register. Of course, I think it is worth it if you choose to register because you will get some of the best privileges out there. For example, if you would love to share some of your dirty bondage images, you could do that by registering and posting them in /r/Bondage/.The registration is free and simple, so do it, don’t do it. It depends on whether you want to have these privileges or not because at the end of the day, you get to see most of what Reddit has to offer even if you do not register. However, if you intend to spend a lot of time here, you might as well register… it ain’t gonna cost you shit.But what are those privileges? Well, first of all, you get the opportunity to comment on posts. You can share your thoughts and talk to the community. You can also create your own threads, similarly as you would on forum websites. Those threads can be commented on, and you can again, talk to the community or share whatever the fuck you want.On the other hand, you can also send private messages to users, but keep in mind that if you are a fucking dick, you can and will be blocked. You can also be reported and removed from Reddit, so try to keep it in your pants when you should.As for those who would love to post their naughty crap in /r/Bondage/ or other subreddits, I must say that you read the rules. I have mentioned that all the subreddits will have their rules listed, and /r/Bondage/ has them as well. So make sure that you actually read the rules to /r/Bondage/ if you plan to post your own shit.If you post something out of the rules or however you want to put it, you can be banned and thus lose all your points or whatever you collect on Reddit. The rules are very simple, so try not to be a fucking retard and pay attention to what each section of Reddit has to say, simple.A great way to satisfy your bondage wishes.While Reddit does not have that many videos in /r/Bondage/, you do have loads of great pictures. This is a perfect section where you can see what kind of bondage excites you, and let us not forget that the majority of images here are posted by the actual users of Reddit who love to share their private crap. I mean, how great is that?Of course, that is why I said you should register. It kind of becomes a bit more personal if you have your own account, as you talk to the people of Reddit, share your thoughts, or whatever. Of course, I have a profile as well, with a shit ton of karma points… and for those who do not know, karma points on Reddit are like popularity points, of sorts. You’ll understand when you become a part of the community.Overall…So, what is my overall take on /r/Bondage/? Well, I think that that should be rather self-explanatory, seeing as how I said only nice things about Reddit? What is there not to like about a site that is driven by its community and has many amazing aspects, not to mention a great design and no ads?Well, if your pecker enjoys bondage images and videos or any other naughty shits, you might want to check out Reddit and other subreddits. Personally, I enjoyed my browsing time on /r/Bondage/, and I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck makes you dicky stand up. Just take your time and browse; there is a lot to be seen; enjoy!