Ah HTML, the easiest way to watch porn, or so this subreddit likes to describe itself. It is called r/NSFW_HTML5/, and that is the gist of what it has to offer, which is obviously a good thing. So, if you came here for actual porn, you are in for a treat, but with that said, there are some things you need to know about Reddit in general.First of all, if you are strictly here to watch porn and actual porn videos, while this subreddit does have that, it is not really the best fap website. I shall get into that a bit later, but all I want to add is that if you just want porn videos, there are many other websites you can check out, and obviously, you are in luck because I have reviewed the majority of them.Of course, each site will have its good and bad sides, that is just a given, and if you are interested in what makes this website so darn interesting, I shall explain it all. Although, keep in mind that even if you do not like what r/NSFW_HTML5/ has to offer, Reddit has thousands of other subreddits you can check out as well… and since the site is free, there ain’t much to worry about.So, what kind of content can we expect?Well, expect all kinds of porn, basically. Essentially what r/NSFW_HTML5/ is all about is porn, and that is why you are all here. This subreddit has all sorts of videos made for fapping, but I guess what makes it not so suitable for fapping, in general, is the fact that the videos are not that long. So usually, you will have videos about a minute or less long, and unless you are trained for the marathon, I do not think that you will be able to give many releases.From the very beginning, you will have lots of hotties suggested, and these babes are incredibly hot and eager to get fucked. You have babes of all shapes and sizes, which is always worth mentioning. From what I could get out of r/NSFW_HTML5/, it looks like this subreddit is dedicated to all the Redditors who would enjoy posting their own favorite pornographic videos.Another thing that got my attention is that all the content you can find on r/NSFW_HTML5/ is dedicated to the hottest sex scenes, and there are lots and lots of videos. I am not sure how much you have browsed through other subreddits, but a majority of them tend to offer more images than videos, while on r/NSFW_HTML5/ you have a lot of porn videos instead.The porn videos are often scenes taken from known premium porn websites, and just showing you the best bits. Do not worry, usually the porn clips that are posted will have an original link as well, or you can simply ask the users where they got the clip instead. Now, this is just common sense if you ask me since the people who posted the videos should already know where the videos come from.On top of that, this subreddit covers a wide variety of categories as well, but mostly mainstream fucking. So while I did see a lot of naughty scenarios and that shit, I did not really see any fetish-specific shit, so keep that in mind. If you have a certain fetish that you are looking for instead, you can check out a subreddit that is dedicated to that instead.Lucky for you I have reviewed all kinds of subreddits already so I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for, just give it time. If you find a subreddit that I have not reviewed, but you think that I fucking should, you can always drop me a suggestion. I mean, what is stopping you from doing that? Otherwise, don’t come complaining to me.Now, some of the videos I’ve seen included lots of vanilla fucking, but of course, the site is not really exclusive to only that. Reddit.com is free for all to post whatever the fuck they want, as long as it falls under the guidelines. So, while there was the mainstream fucking videos, there were also videos where the babes here giving foot jobs, just dancing around, getting fucked by multiple guys, and so on.I mean, just expect to see a little bit of everything is what I always like to say when I describe Reddit.com. This website is filled with lots of random stuff, and one can never completely predict it all because everything on Reddit.com is posted by the users. If I have not said this already, the website is basically made for the users and shaped by the users, yet another thing that makes it so much better.Register.Would you like to enjoy what this site really has to offer? Well, then you might want to consider registering! The registration to Reddit.com is free, and if you choose to register, you will get to enjoy what r/NSFW_HTML5/ has to offer even more. For example, you can like or dislike any of the posts here, and you can also comment.So if, for example, you do not know where a certain video is from, you can ask the users for information in the comment section, which is pretty neat. On the other hand, you can also send them a message. That is another thing I like about Reddit.com; you can actually send random users a message. However, keep in mind that the people in this subreddit are not really here to chat.If you are just looking for people to chat with, you can visit other subreddits that are made for that instead. There are many other subreddits where you can actually chat with random people since those are made for that… such as the pen pal, hookup, dating, and other fetish subreddits that are basically looking for partners in crime or however you want to put it. Isn’t that lovely? Reddit.com thinks about everyone.Post your own favorites.Would you like to post your own stuff to r/NSFW_HTML5/ or other subreddits? Well, you can do that if you register as well. With a registration, everything is better, but if you plan to actually post your own shit, you must pay attention to the rules. Each subreddit will have its rules when it comes to registering, and you should follow them.The rules tend to be very simple and specific to each subreddit in particular. You can find the rules of posting on r/NSFW_HTML5/ on the side fo this subreddit, and usually, you can find the rules for all other subreddits on the side as well. Just make sure to follow that crap, and you are good to go. Of course, you can post on any subreddit you want, just follow the rules.Statistics.All the information about each subreddit are listed on the side, and the same applies to r/NSFW_HTML5/. The rules are on the side, but you also have a short description on the side of this subreddit, where you can see what r/NSFW_HTML5/ is all about. You could also just enjoy my nice review, instead of whatever the fuck they wrote.Other than that, you can see that this subreddit was made at the end of 2013 and that it has over 273k members. From what I have seen, there will always be new updates on a daily basis, which is pretty neat! So, you already know that you will not run out of new content to check out, and even if you do, there is like six years of material in the past and a lot of other subreddits to check out.Overall…So, what makes this subreddit so special? Well, if you are just looking for pornographic suggestions, and nothing more, I think that you will love what r/NSFW_HTML5/ has to offer, sure a lot of the content here could be considered as vanilla, but at the same time… there were a lot of videos that had some fetishes involved… the silver lining, I guess.Take your time and explore r/NSFW_HTML5/ as much as you fucking want… or just browse through Reddit in general. Sooner or later, you will find something that will make your dick hard since Reddit is known to have it all. Explore, take your dick out, wank it, and just have some dirty fun. What else is there for me to tell you?