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Reddit is well known for all the subreddits that offer an endless stream of content for you to consume, and most of the subs here with very few exceptions, are completely free for you to use and are based on free sharing so that we can all get a piece of that cam girl pussy action. After all, sharing is caring! We need to watch each other’s back out there so that we can have a lot of fun with adult entertainment without breaking the bank doing it. That’s why I give you so many porn platforms that you can have fun with on my website to check is well-known for its free content, and /r/CamSluts is no different in that regard. The subreddit allows you to view thousands upon thousands of new pics and videos of hot camgirls. This amount of content was probably unthinkable back in the day, but now you’ve literally got so many chicks going at it online that you have endless streams of pictures and videos to choose from. I mean, the sluttiness level of these girls is nothing to scoff at, as they are literally willing to go all the way in every performance they do online. If you ask me, more power to them. The more they do that, the more content we have of them that we can jerk off to. I think that’s a win-win for us, and a sellout for them.Save time and don’t lose your patience with prerecorded cam girl contentThen again, I have nothing against these slags selling out their bodies. As far as I’m concerned, they can do it as much as they want as long as I keep getting content on Cam Sluts. However, one problem with this subreddit is the entire idea of this kind of content. You see, when you have this kind of cam girl content, then you would want to see it live? Well, at least it’s presumed that these kinds of camgirl performances are meant to be enjoyed in a live session. Well, you get none of that here, as these are just clips and pictures of these camgirls either prerecorded for their fans, or clipped out of live sessions.But if you think about it, maybe this is even better? Instead of waiting around on their stream to catch the best parts, you get to see it all without having to spend any more time than you’re supposed to. This can be a godsent if you’re someone who is employed and actually has to go to a job and do something for a living. It’s not like all those losers who have no life who just leech off of their parents and society just to pay online camgirls so that they will do dirty things live for them on camera. I guess there’s nothing to be done there, and they should just be left to their own devices on those sites.A very big community, but lousy subreddit design customizationMeanwhile, we’ll be on /r/CamSluts, just cruising the massive community and enjoying all the content that people are posting. There are over 274,000 people subscribed to this community already, and many of them are very active, posting daily updates with the best cams which are online now. You can also find snippets and pictures that seem to be the best material that a certain babe has ever put out. I mean, why not just rewatch her best moments instead of watching her for hours waiting for something interesting to happen? Cam Sluts makes sure that you don’t spend any more time than is needed here.But it’s not like it’s all peachy here either. The one thing I always have a problem with when it comes to many of the NSFW subs is that they lack any kind of customization, and they fail to utilize the newest features that are offered to them. For example, /r/CamSluts doesn’t use the Rules section at all, and they just put the rules in the description of their subreddit instead. This is just bad practice, not to mention the lack of custom graphics both on the avatar and on the banner of the subreddit. Perhaps it’s something that can be changed, but we’re still waiting on these guys to budge and actually do it.