Reddit FuckDoll, aka r/FuckDoll! Women who love getting treated as “sex-objects” are my kind of ladies, and I am sure the majority of you lads here will agree with me. Well, if that is why you decided to click on this subreddit, you are in for a rather addictive treat. Welcome to r/fuckdoll/, a place where your dirtiest desires will come true because all the sluts here love to objectified and used as cum dumpsters.Before I go on and get many angry letters from idiotic feminists, I just want to add that while this place is designed to go against everything feminists stand for; this is what the women in r/fuckdoll/ actually want. There is no force or anything illegal like that. The sluts here have personally decided to become sex objects and please the superior gender… not to mention that that only comes naturally.Reddit is a free site, so you can explore it as much as you fucking want… technically you do not need me. But, I am still here to make your life easier; you are fucking welcome. So, for those who would like to learn about the technicalities and all that crap, you are welcome to continue reading. Or find a different site I have reviewed instead, depending on the shit that you are into.Hotties love the rough handling, and so do we!The whole point of this subreddit is to show gorgeous women getting hardcore fucked and handled like sex objects. I think I made that plainly obvious for everyone. Well, you will either love this type of content or hate it; I highly doubt that there is anyone who is in between. With that said, you might be interested to know just what kind of content can you actually expect, right?Well, one of the first videos that were suggested featured a gorgeous brunette being bent over the table, and mercilessly fucked by a black dude, as he held her hands behind. It was an amazing session because it was pretty obvious that the beauty was on the verge of tears… and there is just something hot about seeing such whores get what they deserve and desire, right? I mean, if you do not agree with that statement, I am not sure why the fuck you are here.Another video I checked out showed a slut who was more than happy to listen to her master’s orders, as he did not have to move a muscle, and she rode him passionately. She even spread her pussy wide open, so he can film all the details after filling her up nicely. Now, that is the kind of relationship the most of us strive to have… a lady during the day, and a whore in bed.There were many different types of scenes, from hardcore doggy style to hair-pulling, spanking, bondage, domination, and so on. However, r/fuckdoll/ is not really a BDSM subreddit, if that is what you were hoping for. If you want a BDSM subreddit, there are others that you can check out instead, since let us not forget that Reddit.com has thousands of other subreddits for you to enjoy for free.Personally, I enjoyed the dirty videos here, and so will you. One thing I do have to mention is that while this subreddit is filled with pornographic videos, this site is not a porn site. Basically, what I am trying to say is that the videos on r/fuckdoll/ are pretty short. They serve the purpose of teasing and giving you examples of the full videos that you can watch somewhere else if you want.I am not sure anyone can actually nut in this subreddit… I mean, if you really try and if all you need is a couple of seconds or whatnot, then I think that r/fuckdoll/ is the perfect place for you. So, do not treat Reddit as a porn site; it is a user-driven website with a lot of pornographic and SFW content.Lots of different hotties.Another thing that I noticed is that Reddit.com is home to many beautiful amateur girls, and plenty of these sluts love to post their rough lovemaking videos under the r/fuckdoll/ subreddit. Ain’t that fucking neat? Basically, you get to see fantastic looking chicks doing what comes naturally… please, men, and well, listen to our every order.Of course, if you want women who do the opposite, Reddit has a subreddit for that as well, all you need to do is search for it. If you click on the side, I provided a link that will lead you to r/fuckdoll/, but that does not mean that you cannot just browse through Reddit.com in general and find whatever the fuck you prefer to watch instead.Even though all the sluts here are different, I have yet to see an ugly slut. Even the ones who are not that pretty, have an amazing body… so it is always a win-win. You have bitches who love to be ordered around, and sluts who prefer to just be used as cum dumpsters, as I have mentioned. Personally, I think that r/fuckdoll/ perfectly captures the essence of what women should actually live up to.With that said, we are all into different shit. So, if you are not satisfied with what this subreddit has to offer, instead of sending an angry email to the admin, or Lord forbid, me, please fuck off to a different subreddit instead. Dude, it ain’t fucking rocket science to figure out that these are all legal videos where the chicks are asking to be dominated with a big fat dick… so calm your tits.Great user-features.You do not have to register to enjoy what Reddit has to offer, but if you want to access all the NSFW sections, you will have to register. Do not worry, the registration is pretty simple and free, and once you are a member you will not only be able to access what r/fuckdoll/ has to offer, you will be able to enjoy every single subreddit you find.On top of that, members can vote for their favorite posts, comment on existing ones, and even upload their own shit. But, if you intend to post your own content, you will have to also follow the rules of the subreddit. It is actually very simple. Every subreddit will have its own rules, and you will often be able to find them on the side of the subreddit.If the rules are not on the side, they are either posted as the first pinned post in that subreddit, or they are incredibly obvious, and not needed. The same applies to the description of the subreddit. Some subreddits will have the description written on the side; others will not… it all depends on who created the subreddit and whether it is an obvious one.When it comes to r/fuckdoll/, his subreddit was created in 2018, which is not that long ago. It already has over 275k members, and usually, over 500 of the members will be online. Do not worry; r/fuckdoll/ has frequent updates, so you will have new type of content almost daily. Not to mention that there is already a fuck ton of content here, so if you are bored, just browse through.As for the idiots who post illegal shit or do not follow the rules, you should know that you can and will be banned… so try not to be an idiot. Other than what I have mentioned, it is worth saying that Reddit.com also lets its users chat with each other. However, you should not treat Reddit like that, unless the subreddit you are in specifically claims that.Great design, superb user-features and many sluts who love to be handled.What makes r/fuckdoll/ so incredibly addictive is the fact that all the chicks here love to be hardcore ducked. And I am not talking about that mellow-hardcore content; you have girls who enjoy rapid fucking, and rough handling… which is fucking hot. There are sluts of all shapes and sizes, and with so much content, you are bound to be satisfied for days.Overall, I think that there is a little bit of something for everyone on Reddit.com. So, if you do not fancy what r/fuckdoll/ offers, you have many other subreddits to check out instead. However, I am pretty sure that if you already clicked on a subreddit with such a name, you are bound to enjoy r/fuckdoll/ in one way or the other.