Fellas, let's talk about boobs. Melons, puppies, lady lumps, jugs, or whatever the fuck you call them. There is no denying that every grown man loves the sight of boobs. Why are fellas so obsessed with this specific part of the female physique? Well, I think the better question would be, why the hell not? I mean, if for nothing else, titties are sexual and aesthetically pleasing. Look away now, my gay readers. Y'all can go check out the gay content on mygaysites.com. See? The Porn Dude has something for everyone.Anyways, back to the titties. It turns out men have a biological connection with boobs. Apparently, men are attracted to breasts on a biological level because a good, full cleavage indicates to a man that a woman is in good health and an excellent choice to bear and raise his children. It is actually similar to the way men are attracted to women with wider hips as a sign of fertility and ease of giving birth. It is written in our fucking DNA. There is, therefore, no reason to be embarrassed when you find yourself staring at an exposed cleavage. As grown-up boys, well, we feel a million times happier when we see a great pair of breasts, don't you agree? If there is ever a guy who says he doesn't like breasts, he's either a fag or a lying fucking perv.They say you can move the breasts out of a guy's face, but you can't make the guy take his eyes off it. Now that we've agreed we are all evolutionary connected to boobs, how about we take a look at Reddit's very own /r/HomeGrownTits. It focuses on the best natural racks money can buy? As the name suggests, this sub has nothing but the best amateur boobies. It is a place to enjoy all-natural titties, which I actually think is an exciting idea. Let's see what they have in store for boob lovers.Natural titties matterIn this era where bitches are seemingly competing to get a pair of fake silicone boobs. We must leave a place to celebrate those babes who proudly keep their twins unaltered. What would you do with a pair of fake tits anyway? I know that question may land me in trouble with the fucking feminists. Anyway, /r/HomeGrownTits' tag line is 'all-natural titties,' which is faptastic news for hopeless boob-a-holics like you and me.What this means is all the boobs you find on this sub are fucking natural and belong to ordinary babes. Hell, I may have sucked a few of these pairs myself. If the name hadn't made it obvious enough for you, there you have it. If you came here looking for silicone boobs, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you won't be finding any here. If, like me, you have sucked an excellent pair of amateur boobs and loved every minute of it, welcome to the party.Let's look at the numbersBefore proceeding to tell you what kind of boobs you will find here, I'll start with the r/HomeGrownTits' metrics. The first thing of note is this sub has been around for quite some time, having been created on Aug 14, 2013. At the time of writing this, the site had 274,000 members and counting as more boob-loving freaks eagerly join the party. The numbers put the sub in the top 150 NSFW subreddits in terms of members. I decided to check out how often new submissions are added here. I can report that around 30-40 new posts are added, making it roughly 1-2 new posts every hour. Not the best update rate, but nowhere near the worst either. Considering you are getting everything for free, there shouldn't be too many complaints.Incredible knockers on displayWith most of the nonsense out of the way, it is time to take a look at the kind of boobs you will be getting off here. That's the ultimate aim, after all. Like is the case with many subreddits, content here is available in both picture and GIF format. It all comes down to how exactly you want your pair of natural tits served. I'd say about a quarter of the posts are via GFYCat, which is a decent ratio. As the content is softcore with no hardcore penetrations or any of that, pictures will be just fine. Furthermore, if it's lengthy videos you are after, you know damn well Reddit is not a fucking porn tube, don't you?You can see sexy looking girls flaunting their soft and supple twins in all kinds of places; in their bedroom, in the kitchen, on their couches, and everywhere in between. A few of the sluts have no qualms about letting their twin free in public. The result? You have as many natural titties as your porn-addicted brain can handle.I decided to sort the content by New and among some of the latest submissions included a GIF of a girl strip teasing, giving you a good view of her pussy from behind before peeling off her bra to expose a perfect pair of tits. There are plenty of close-ups where you will catch an eyeful of hard nipples, which will no doubt fill you with all types of dirty thoughts. There are boobs of all sizes and shapes, with the only common thing about them being that they are all-natural.Natural tits are the only true religionI saw quite a few that were pretty saggy, not necessarily in a bad way, but just enough to let you the babe behind them has breastfed at some point. Most of them were pretty suckable if you ask me. Granted, I came across a few pretty terrible pairs, but the freaks on this sub don't seem to mind, and all kinds of boobs are getting some positive feedback. Just remember that for every pair of boobs you don't like, there are hundreds of sick fucks that would give everything just to nut over them. After all, beauty is relative.Some of the bitches here have blurred out their faces to hide their identity as they might just turn out to be your fucking neighbor or even your former high school teacher. A good number of the whores posting their titties here look like MILFs, which certainly adds to the allure. My only gripes with the boobs are they mostly seem to belong to Caucasian bitches. I'd have loved to see a few Ebony, Latina, and Asian titties in it as well. It is hardly the end of the world, though.A lawless jungle?If you have used Reddit before, then I'm sure you've realized their communities are strictly moderated. Well, at least the majority of them. And it is absolutely necessary to weed out assholes who troll others and leave abusive comments below submissions. Such kind of moderation is missing r/HomeGrownTits. Well, some moderators determine whether the content uploaded is in line with the sub's mission, but there is no list of rules. I guess boob lovers are peace-loving freaks who don't require a list of rules to whip them into submission.Things to love about r/HomeGrownTitsIncredible natural tits; if you love the sight of natural pair of titties, then I can't possibly think of another internet platform where you will find as many at your disposal.No fake tits; the sub's moderators see to it that only natural tits make the cut, and you won't see even a single silicone boob.Established community; the sub has a vast and active community that keeps new submissions trickling in at a steady pace.Everyone loves boobs; well, I'm yet to meet anyone who hates a natural-looking pair of titties. I was actually surprised the sub is not already clocking 1 million members.Possible concernsCould use more video content; well, this is pretty much the only negative I can think about. The image content is great and shit, but more video content would be an even greater proposition.ConclusionWell, all things considered, I don't feel like I have too many options other than give this fabulous sub a fucking seal of approval. I mean, how could I not when there are so many natural racks doing rounds? It is a wonderful community to be in if you are a boobs lover, and considering everything is available for free, what excuse do you have?