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How could you possibly be confused at what r/cumcoveredfucking/ has to offer when it is all said in the name. As for those who do not know much about Reddit.com, this is a free site with lots of NSFW content… NSFW means Not Safe For Work… As you can see, everything is in the title.So, are you ready to enjoy what this section has to offer because I fucking am! Well, r/cumcoveredfucking/ is a subreddit with some of the hottest shits for you to see. There are plenty of sluts who love to get their face covered with cum. Some like to basically get drenched with cum instead… it all depends on the video you get to see.From my experience browsing through this subreddit, there ain’t that many pictures. Actually, I did not really see any images whatsoever, which is not really a bad thing. I think that the act of cum-covering a slut is the best shown when you have a video, and I am pretty sure that the majority of you will agree. Well, this subreddit is filled with rather short clips, where you can see sluts getting covered with cum.Of course, all the videos are different, and I will give you a couple of examples of my favorite clips. One of the first videos I checked out was of a hot babe getting ass fucked hard, as she also got her face covered with cum simultaneously. This was an obvious gangbang, and it was nearing the end, so you eventually got to see here getting her whole body covered with cum.Another video I saw that really made my pecker rise, was of a cute Asian girl in a POV. She was giving her all to gargle on a hard cock, and after she did, her face hot covered with spit and cum at the same time. She then proceeded to suck a bunch of other cocks, as she got her face covered with loads of semen again and again. It was rather hot.I mean, the videos are pretty random, but they all cover the same type of shit. 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Well, r/cumcoveredfucking/ is a subreddit that definitely looks like it is filled with porn, and while that might be true, these are all pretty short clips that you can find somewhere else online.The beauty of that is that Reddit.com is very well-organized, so you will be liked with all the original links to watch these naughty videos from. These are all posts uploaded by the users of Reddit, so if you cannot find something, you can always ask them yourself. Ain‘t that bloody simple?As I have said, Reddit.com has a great design! Every subreddit basically looks the same, with different types of niches covered, which is what we all want. You can choose between the dark and the light layout, and obviously, we will all be choosing the dark one, right? I assume that the light layout is used by those who browse for this shit during the day… which I a weird flex.Anyway, all I am trying to say is that you will find your way around this subreddit with ease. Like there ain’t much else to be said, so take your time and explore. With so much shit to go through, you are bound to be busy for days, and if you do not like what r/cumcoveredfucking/ has to offer, let’s not forget that Reddit.com has thousands of other subreddits for you to explore for free.Register and upload your own stuff!As you can obviously guess, you can register and become a member on Reddit if you want, which is pretty neat. The registration is free and simple, and once you are a member, you can do a lot of other shit. Their user-privileges are pretty fucking great, and you also get the usual crap, such as commenting, upvoting and downvoting shit, and all that.However, once you are a member, you can also post your own crap in this subreddit or any other. But for those who want to post their own shit, it is important that you read the rules and all that shit. For example, in the r/cumcoveredfucking/ all the information about the subreddit is listed on the side3 of the subreddit. There you can learn that this subreddit was created in 2012, and it has over 278k members, with about 250 members online.Every subreddit will have such info provided, and you will also be able to learn about the rules and that crap. Make sure to read the rules below the description… if the rules are not listed there, they will be posted as the first post on the subreddit. If you cannot find the rules whatsoever, it might just be the fact that they are pretty darn obvious. If you do not follow the rules, however, you will be banned. So keep that in mind.Chat with the community.Another great thing about Reddit, in general, is that you are allowed to chat with the community for free. With that said, you should not treat Reddit as a dating site or any of that shit. There are some subreddits that are dedicated to that crap, but overall this place is just designed for you to find your favorite subreddit and enjoy yourself.However, you are allowed to message any of the users from this site. You might even be able to meet new people and just enjoy talking to them about anything. But at the same time, you can also be blocked or banned from the site, if you overstep your boundaries. So, if you are interested in talking to the community and just sharing whatever the fuck you want, explore this or other subreddits.Cum-covered short clips and lots of subreddits.At the end of the day, Reddit is just a site with a little bit of everything. In case you are interested in videos that end with a cum-covered gorgeous woman, you are welcome to check out everything r/cumcoveredfucking/ has to offer. This is a subreddit dedicated to just that, and all the posts will feature some sort of cum covered fucking. You can also upload your own shit if you want.However, Reddit, in general, is a pretty fucking dope site to visit. There are thousands of other subreddits you can check out, and if you register for free, you can access all the NSFW sections as well. But, this place is known to offer lots of naughty videos and pornographic content, but there are also subreddits dedicated to humor, serious topics, and a lot of other crap. It all depends on what the fuck you are searching for.