Reddit PublicSexPorn, aka r/PublicSexPorn! How many of you kinky mother fuckers have ever had sex in public? No, I’m not talking about jerking off in a bathroom stall at the local Denny’s. I’m not even referring to the time you got a handjob in the parking lot during high school, either. I’m talking about raw, animalistic fucking where people are watching it happen, and you just don’t give a fuck.Let me tell you, you horny fucker: it’s about as hot as it gets. Especially when you have women passing by, looking at you penetrating the bitch, you look into her eyes, and they tell you that she wishes it was your cock fucking her pussy instead of the lucky slut that’s getting the ride of her life. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. If I ever get out of this fucking quarantine and get back to porking hot bitches that can’t get enough of this hung dick of mine, it’ll happen again.If you look close, you may find me fucking a hot chick in public on Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn. The content is sexy as hell! Whether you’re a boob that’s embarrassed too easily or love nothing more than a crowd watching your fucking game and teaching the virgins a few lessons about what real fucking looks like, this subreddit is going to deliver the content you’re craving at this very moment. You might as well take that cock out, because your balls will be drained soon enough!285,000 membersThis subreddit has barely been around for a year, and already it has 285,000 members! That’s an insane amount – and a huge boom in growth for a subreddit that’s so young. Many legacy NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits – subs that have been around the majority of the time that Reddit has existed – don’t have this amount of subscribers. So for a subreddit that’s this young to have this subscriber count already shows that Reddit.com/r/PublicSexPorn is doing something right.No matter when you visit the subreddit, you’re already going to find plenty of horny fuckers searching for hot, public sex to get off to. During this review, there were a few hundred online at a given moment. This differed between the high 200’s to over 350 and beyond. There were always enough people online to ensure that new content was being posted when browsing by new. This ranged from a handful every hour, which is more than enough content for most people that want to get their public sex fix.Simple to filter by content typeHere is something unusual Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn does that not a lot of other subreddits seem to copy. Whereas most subreddits have a sidebar specifically for posting rules for members to follow, Reddit.com/r/PublicSexPorn instead posts links for browsing for certain types of images in the subreddit. That’s right: instead of featuring any rules that would otherwise tell users what is expected of them, they’ve instead used this section to make it easy to look at any media type with ease.While it may sound fucking stupid, in the case of the subreddit, it absolutely works. If a NSFW wants to follow the same example that Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn, please don’t do this – nine times out of ten, this wouldn’t fucking work! It works because the sub makes it so convenient to search for content in this manner that one cannot help but appreciate how the moderators have approached this solution.Looking at the rules sidebar, users will notice a plethora of content that members can filter by: only GIFs new/top, only pictures new/top, only amateur public nudity new/top, only videos public nudity new/top, and so on. Not only that, but the subreddits allows you to browse these filtered options by old Reddit! That’s right: if you fucking hate the newer version of Reddit like so many people still seem to be and want to browse by the older version like it’s 2010 all over again, the subreddit makes it easy to do this.Look for the filtered options referred to as ‘old:’ for example, Old Search full all filter out only VIDEOS topics shows only videos but in the older format that veteran Redditors are used to. While it’s fair to say that Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn may want to consider revising the descriptions of its filtering terms (the example above is confusing as fuck), most people will be able to figure it out once they use the filtering options a few times. It’s easy and convenient once you get past the weird wording. It makes browsing this subreddit all the easier.It feels like Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn has exposed a problem among these types of NSFW subreddits: the lack of filtering options. Sure, they’re around here and there, but you rarely see a subreddit take advantage of any filtering. In the case of Reddit.com/r/PublicSexPorn, the moderators had to use the rules sidebar to filter as much content as they wanted.Whether this is a problem with the current filtering options, they would have been too limiting without linking URLs that automatically filter content, or another problem altogether. It seems to me that Reddit needs to give subreddits more wiggle-room for applying filters as they wish. The rules sidebars are meant for that alone: rules. Since Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn had to settle with using the rules sidebar to add every filter to the sub, the filtering options can be improved.Tons of hot public sex contentNow that you’re done listening to ThePornDude going off on pedantic shit like the filtering options, let’s focus on what is most important: the goddamn content! And holy shit does Reddit.com/r/PublicSexPorn feature some fucking sexy content! Even if watching people have sex in public isn’t your thing, believe me, you horny bastard, there will be plenty of hot content for you to get off to as you browse throughout the subreddit. You know me: the hallmark of any NSFW subreddit that’s worth a visit is if the content will make you cum in your pants when browsing by top and all-time (more on sorting later).And bros, the content here will make you do exactly that! One of the top GIFs is a woman wearing a metallic structure around her tits and pussy with a mirror on both ends. She’s walking around and allowing men to play with her pussy and tits. Because the structure is so big and the mirrors reflect sunlight, nobody can really tell what’s going on except the female and the male fondling her – and this is in the middle of a crowd of people!Other content shows people just fucking like rabbits in pubic, while others show people flashing, fucking on the beach, it’s all as unique as the different places people fuck in this sub. Seriously: visit Reddit.com/r/PublicSexPorn now. Even if you don’t give a shit about some dude getting his dick wet on stage in the middle of a crowded, outdoor concert, there is at least something here that will make you erect.And hell, it isn’t like it’s only GIFs and images here! There are videos featured on the subreddit too. And hell again, it isn’t like there are only amateurs here – for fuck sake, professional porn shoots do outdoor, more public sex scenes all the time! They are here as well, making Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn the ultimate subreddit for curated, public sex pornography.Browses just like RedditI think one of the best goddamn things that Reddit ever decided to do was to make every subreddit browse the same. How fucking confusing would it be if each subreddit was treated like it’s special, snowflake sub? It’d be fucking maddening, and nobody would be able to figure anything out!Reddit doesn’t do that – so don’t expect it here. It browses like every other subreddit: you can sort by hot, new, top, and rising. If you choose to sort by top, know that you can filter by time period: now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year or all time. I encourage you to sort by top and all time. It’s how I found those amazing GIFs I mentioned a few minutes ago, and it’s the best way that you are going to cum on this subreddit! So take your cock out, lube it up to fight against the third-degree burns you’ll inevitably get on Reddit.com/PublicSexPorn, and drain your balls to a new kind of NSFW subreddit for a change!Suggestions:Reddit.com/r/PublicSexPorn is your go-to destination for all things public sex. Featuring an abundance of GIFs, images, and videos among amateur and professional porn content alike, it’s a great way to get your daily public porn fix. The subreddit does not need to improve anything, though it would be nice if they didn’t have to put their filtering options in the rules sidebar and instead designated that for actual rules.