Reddit Sextrophies, aka r/Sextrophies! Reddit is a website where you can create any kind of community about any theme or topic. Likewise, you can create a subreddit based on popular social media brands. For example, what if you want to have a place where you can more freely talk about some of the content being posted on other social media platforms such as Twitter. That’s the entire idea with /r/Sextrophies. It’s that, and the fact that you can actually have a really simple overview of all the content being posted on this social media profile. The profile in question today is Sextrophies, and this is an account on Twitter that’s run by a guy who creates some amazing gfycat content that takes the best bits of porn for you to watch and enjoy.A guy who creates the best gfycat porn clipsThen again, it’s not really the Twitter account that’s the main one anymore. Instead, the Reddit user is what really matters on /r/Sextrophies. As it happens, the dude’s pseudonym is actually the same as the subreddit name. This dude definitely knows his porn, and I can say that because I’m like a master when it comes to the subject. If you ever have any questions when it comes to porn, you come to me for answers. And if you ever want to see a good video made on gfycat that shows off some of the best porn scenes, then you go to /u/sextrophies. This dude is definitely someone who knows his porn clip making.So Sextrophies is basically a subreddit which serves as a collection of gfycat clips created by the user /u/sextrophies. Seems simple enough, right? Well, it’s supposed to be. Basically, you can always know that you’re getting quality content on /r/Sextrophies since it’s always created by the same dude. This place is a collection of all the best gfycat porn videos made by /u/sextrophies, and you can always go to this sub when you’re in need of the best porn clips. It all revolves around this dude here, and that doesn’t exactly have to be a bad thing at all. I’m just saying that, if you wanted to watch porn, you’d want an expert in the field! You don’t call a doctor to do your plumbing, do you? Keep that in mind.Huge user base of fans and followersWhen we observe specific NSFW subs like this one, we just have to talk about how many fans it has. A guy posting porn videos without any fans is just a pervert. However, a dude with many fans doing the same thing is a porn connoisseur. If you want to not be interpreted as a giant perv and nothing else, you better create a huge fan base, which is exactly what /u/sextrophies has done both on Reddit and on Twitter as well. Checking out his Reddit.com community, we can see that he has amassed an audience of porn fanatics who will do anything to get a dose of his amazing porn clips on gfycat. It’s insane to see it.Right now, the dude has over 286k fans on his subreddit and over 27.7k followers on his Twitter account. Those are some massive numbers, and it’s not surprising to see them. The guy makes good content, and so people love to tune into that stuff. There always seems to be something that he’s brewing for our pleasure. If you want to see some of that content, then you need to go to his subreddit at /r/Sextrophies and perhaps even become a fan yourself! Of course, you’re going to need a Reddit account in order to do that, and this might seem like a little bit of an inconvenience when you just want to get into watching porn and nothing else. You can also check out his Twitter if you’ve got an account.Quality is the most important hereThe best thing about having a dude pick out the best moments in porn for you is because you know that you’re always getting quality content with them. You never have to worry about getting shitty content. And when it comes to /r/Sextrophies, you’ll notice that this is a restricted subreddit. It’s not open for everyone, and actually, only /u/sextrophies can post here. He has the only permissions to post, and even the other mods can’t post. That’s something that isn’t quite orthodox for Reddit, and it has a taboo connotation when it comes to the entire idea of the website. It’s not something you often see here.If you want to know what Reddit.com is about, then you need to know that most subreddits are open so that anyone can post stuff on this website on any subreddit. This is important so that there’s a steady flow of content to most subs. However, some subs have a threshold that you need to meet to post content. It can be a karma threshold (karma is basically the point system for upvotes and downvotes on Reddit), or it can be a restriction like on /r/Sextrophies. But this can be a really good thing when it comes to the quality of content if you have just one guy posting on a sub, and he knows his shit with porn.Non-frequent, but incredible porn contentHowever, since the sub is restricted, it also means that there isn’t that much content being posted here. It simply means that you can’t count on Sextrophies to give you all kinds of updates all the damn time. You won’t have a lot of stuff to watch here unless the dude actually comes online and starts posting some stuff. God forbid he goes on vacation, and you don’t get any new content for months or something. It often happens here that you don’t get any updates on new content on the Hot page for a couple of months. The only thing people can do is upvote older content so that they can switch out the stuff that shows up on Hot, but even this sometimes isn’t enough. Be ready for that kind of bullshit on this sub.Here’s the thing guys, if you want to get a lot of brand-new content all the time, then you should check out other NSFW subs on Reddit. However, if you never want to worry about quality and you always want to be sure that you’re getting the cream of the crop, then you should definitely check out /r/Sextrophies instead. This place makes sure to provide you with the best content because it’s just one guy posting here. He has hundreds of thousands of adoring fans who just love the clips that he creates in gfycat, so it’s never an issue to get his stuff up to the Hot section and featured on your Reddit homepage.The sub could be more descriptiveI like the fact that the guy changed up the colors on the sub, but he could do a lot more to make this sub even better. For example, he could add more explanations in the description so that we know what this place is all about. Listen, if you want to show people what your sub is about, then you need to show them what this place is about explicitly so that people know what to expect. This place just doesn’t convey that enough, and I think it’s important, especially since we’re looking at a sub that doesn’t behave like most other Reddit communities out there that let anyone post content on them.If this subreddit wants to do a better job with the content, then the dude needs to add a bigger description, and he needs to add a custom avatar and banner. I don’t think rules are necessary because we’re looking at a community where only one guy is allowed to post. This is why things can be a lot simpler here, but they also need to be clear so that people know why they aren’t allowed to post here. I’m sure many people come to this NSFW sub but then grow cold towards it because they have no idea why they can’t post content and why the only dude posting hasn’t done so in like months. It’s something that the dude here needs to work on if he wants to provide a better porn experience for his fans.