Reddit VerticalGifs, aka r/VerticalGifs! How fucking annoying is it to watch a sexy GIF on your phone, only to be unable to get it in the right position? You know the struggle I’m damn well talking about. The GIF doesn’t look proper when it’s vertical, but when you turn it horizontally, it looks just as bad! Moreover, stroking your cock to sexy GIFs when the phone is horizontal is one of the most uncomfortable fap sessions you will ever have. Ever got a cramp while you’re about to blow your load all over some sexy amateur’s face? It fucking sucks!That’s why I was pleased as a middle-aged man taking a hot slut’s virginity to find Reddit.com/VerticalGIFs. The name sounds about as sexy as jacking off to an episode of Ellen, but take it from ThePornDude: it’s going to be a subreddit name that’s quickly synonymous with your jerk sessions. In truth, the name of the sub should be ‘jack off one-handed,' but I’m not sure that has the same appeal to the masses. Still, as you will quickly find out, that’s precisely the experience that the subreddit brings to the table – and it’s glorious!Nearly 290,000 subscribersHere is something truly fucking peculiar: Reddit.com/r/VerticalGIFs has nearly 290,000 subscribers (288,000 to be exact) but the number of lurkers and members online in a given moment was topping the 1,000 mark! That’s insane! While the nearly 290,000 members are impressive in and of itself, it’s scarce to see a sub that has this many active members.For most NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits with a few hundred thousand subscribers, the number of online users is typically around 200-400 at any time. These numbers over well over doubled here, and it proves one thing: Reddit.com/VertificalGIFs is a subreddit with value. That isn’t to say that other NSFW subreddits that have average online numbers for its subscriber-count do not have value because obviously, they do. Yet, Reddit.com/r/VerticalGIFs provides a service for so many people, and while many may not think of masturbation as a service, in this case, it is. The subreddit makes it insanely simple to jump on and beat off wherever you are with one-hand.That in and of itself is something to celebrate. To think that you can jack off to thousands upon thousands of GIFs that are all vertical without having to deal with the GIF flipping sideways. This generally makes your jerk off session uncomfortable and maybe even painful (again, beware of hand cramps), which is enough to subscribe to this subreddit alone. And that’s not even mentioning how amazing the content is here!Loads of porn posted every hourYou’re going to find out that the 1,000+ members that visit the sub are not solely lurking and hoping that someone will post vertical, XXX GIFs for them to jerk off to. These members are posting seductive content every hour of the day. Saying that it’s every hour doesn’t quite do it justice, though. During this review, I was noticing that the content was going live every few minutes! And it never slowed down, either.I noticed at least a dozen posts per hour. That’s putting the numbers a little low because most of the time, it seemed like close to two dozen were going live, so expect at least one dozen on the low end. Of course, the subreddit is active at different times of the day, so those numbers could quickly rise as more members are browsing Reddit.com/VerticalGIFs. Keep visiting, and you will figure the fuck out when the best time of the day to visit the sub is and which hours are the driest. Even at it’s driest, though, the subreddit is as moist as a horny teenager that has discovered masturbation for the first time.Tons of amateur contentWhat I fucking love about Reddit.com/r/VertificalGIFs is that it’s a bit of a catch-all for all XXX GIFs that are vertical. There are virtually limits to this subreddit. As long as the GIF is nasty, and in the proper resolution, it can be posted on the subreddit. Almost anything is fair game.Now, I say almost everything is fair game, but there is one kind of content that’s banned: gay, vertical GIFs. The rules clearly state that the content on Reddit.com/VerticalGIFs must be straight – not to fucking rhyme or anything. That seems self-explanatory; otherwise, this sub would be called Reddit.com/GayVerticalGIFs.While you’re going to come across a decent amount of vertical GIFs that seem to be made by professionals, the vast majority of the GIFs are by amateurs. I’m using the term ‘amateur’ loosely because it seems like there are many GIFs from camgirls, OnlyFans performers, and other similar solopreneurs that are cross-posting their content from other subreddits. You will see this from time-to-time, and to alleviate a wave of sellers from flooding the subreddit, the moderators have smartly warned against excessing cross-posting or blatant self-promotion. It’s not a big deal if it happens every once in a while, but when a sub becomes filled with sellers, it kills it. Thankfully, that will not be happening here.The quality of the straight content is fucking amazing. It’s a good thing sellers are not invading this space because take it from a horny mother fucker like myself: you don’t want anything to take away from this amazing subreddit. The content is always fucking hot, you’re going to cum more times than you can count here, and there is always something new to look at. I can say this without hyperbole (because I hate that shit): post-for-post, Reddit.com/r/VerticalGIFs may have some of the top NSFW content on all of Reddit. That’s a bold statement, but goddamnit, I stand by it!No more flipping your phone sidewaysThat may seem like a bizarre perk for a subreddit, but Reddit.com/VerticalGIFs is a special kind of sub all the same. Because the subreddit takes the pain out of never having to flip your phone sideways just to get a decent resolution of the GIF you’re watching, you never have to worry about being uncomfortable or settling for a resolution that should be better just to get a nut off. Again, hand cramps: if it’s ever cramped while holding your phone during a jerk off session, you already understand the gift Reddit.com/r/VerticalGIFs provides.And look, the GIFs you watch aren’t just okay part of the time. No, every GIF you come across on the subreddits is designed to make it easy to jerk it while you’re holding your phone comfortably. This is across the board for all GIFs on the sub! None of the GIFs look better if held horizontally, so don’t think you’re going to have to settle on this subreddit for even a minute. It’s all about your comfort as you blow your load to these amazing GIFs, and it’s the reason so many people visit this sub every minute of the day.The Reddit you knowIf you have somehow never used Reddit before (first of all, where the fuck have you been?), know that browsing Reddit.com/VerticalGIFs could not be any easier. Once you have figured out how to use the subreddit, you can begin sorting the content however you wish. You can sort content by new, top, hot, and rising. Moreover, when sorting by top, you can also choose the types of posts that show up by time period.Select top, then select the time you want to filter by in the drop-down menu: now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, or all time. Only the top posts submitted during the selected period of time will be shown. This gives you a quick and easy method for choosing the type of content you want to see. If you wish to look at only the content from the past year or the top content of all time (which I would recommend doing in a heartbeat), these sorting options make it happen.Best of all? These sorting options apply to the rest of Reddit. When you know how to browse Reddit/com/r/VerticalGIFs, you can browse Reddit with ease! Simple enough!Suggestions:Reddit.com/VerticalGIFs is the perfect place to masturbate to amazing GIFs of sexy amateurs and even a few professionals from time-to-time. The subreddit does not need to do anything else to ensure it keeps growing. The sheer amount of members online at any given moment proves that this subreddit is popular, it’s on the upswing, and its future is bright.