Nude Selfies

Nude Selfie Reddit, aka r/Nude_Selfie! What a time to be alive. Whenever you’re feeling equal parts horny and picky, Reddit has your back no matter what. You looking for dark-skinned Asian girls? Maybe some painful anal videos? There’s a sub for those. Today I’m covering one of the more innocent porn subs and one of my personal favorites, /r/Nude_Selfie. It’s a bit of an offshoot from the gone wild themed subs of old. It’s been around since 2016, but it’s been growing like wildfire. Over two hundred thousand users on this sub with hundreds online at a time means that you’re constantly getting a supply of fresh new tits on this sub.A Very Specific SubIn terms of content, you’re going to see a lot of overlap between the shit on /r/Nude_Selfie and the more popular gone wild subs, so you might be curious as to why this sub was made in the first place. On the one hand, people generally like making new subs even if there’s competition, because they’re free to make and no-one really cares if you’re encroaching on their territory. There must be dozens of popular subs devoted entirely to pictures of breasts, for instance.I think the main reason this sub was made was that some naughty dude out there really wanted to have a single place where he could find pictures that girls took of themselves. Sure, other subs will run a check to make sure that all the pictures they receive are coming from the women in the photos, but can you ever really be 100% certain? You can here, because for a picture to make its way on /r/Nude_Selfie it has to actually show the girl taking a picture of herself.This also means that the pictures pretty much always feature one girl, alone, usually in her own home. That’s a hell of a privacy guarantee for the girls and a really great supply of homemade smut for the boys. Sometimes they’ll try to skirt the rules by posting selfies with their friends, so you get to see two glorious pairs of tits instead of one and that’s a big plus in my book.These Girls Are Going WildEvery single girl on this sub that I’ve seen so far seems to be really excited over the idea of dudes jacking it to her pictures. I don’t know where this passion comes from – I certainly wouldn’t want strangers on the internet jacking off to pictures of me. I mean, unless they’re really hot chicks, but I already know that’s going on so I’m all set.Still, the sub is public. These pictures are up for the world to see and it’s not like they’re ever going to disappear. That means that these girls are flat out telling you that they don’t mind being fantasy fuck-toys for your imagination. Whether they think they’re making art or smut isn’t entirely clear, but you can be sure that the guys on this sub show them a lot of respect. They try to make them feel at home, as much as possible, so that hopefully they continue coming back to the sub with more smut pics.A lot of the pictures are anonymous. The girls will try to hide their faces as much as possible, lest they get outed and lose their jobs. For some reason, the mainstream really hates it when women want their bodies to be appreciated and praised on the internet. I honestly don’t understand why this is. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not a feminist or anything, but I have a deep appreciation for the female form. I can’t think of anything more empowering than encouraging women to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies. So if they want to post naked pictures of themselves for dudes to jack off to, more power to them. I don’t see why that should get them in trouble.Unfortunately, more often than not it does cause problems in their lives, so a lot of them hide their identities. Still, those girls in particular, as you can see on their Reddit accounts, post a lot of shit, daily. They don’t just frequent /r/Nude_Selfie either. You’ll see them post tons of different smut across different subs and they’re super active. I guess that with the guarantee of anonymity comes the courage to expose yourself over and over again without the threat of consequence. I love that we’ve made such a positive and safe environment for women to get naked on camera.I have to give props to the literal thousands of chicks on this site that do not try to hide anything at all. You’re going to see countless pictures of girls with their legs spread eagle in front of their mirrors, cracking a smile with a caption that says they want you to touch yourself to their images. And boy how I touch myself to these pictures.I get the feeling that taking naked selfies is kind of like a nighttime pastime for these girls. There are so many of them and they all seem to come from different walks of life.There are girls of different cultures, races, ages – everyone’s welcome on /r/Nude_Selfie. The only thing they seem to have in common is their lax attitude about naked photography. And if you’re worried that professional photography might weasel its way into this sub to try and trick you into some sort of third party subscription, I’d say you got nothing to worry about. Almost every single photo on this sub was obviously taken with a camera phone, by an amateur. You can tell this is real, raw and unedited smut, straight from the bedroom. If a professional production did manage to sneak its way into this sub, props to them for making it look so real.Nude Selfie Lovers Are Very RespectfulAs is the case with most of these smutty subs, the dudes on /r/Nude_Selfie are really chill. I mean, yes, they do hound the posts, night and day, looking for any excuse to comment damn near anything they can think of, but they always keep it light and breezy. You’d think that a public forum that offers you complete anonymity would bring out the weirdos with the lewd comments and offensive language, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening.Every single comment that I’ve seen so far, even the ones that are straight-up flirtatious, are very courteous. Hell, they’re actually kind of suave, if you think about it. Some of the lines I’ve seen among these comments remind me of how I talk to women out in the world. Say a girl posts a picture of herself, from behind, lying down on a bed saying she’s the “little spoon”. A dudebro will eventually roll up in the comments saying that he’d love to be the big spoon, but warning her that she might feel a slight prick. I mean yeah, it’s basically toilet humor, but it’s cute. It’s much better than screaming at the chick to post more smut so you can finish polishing your flagpole. For some reason that I do not entirely understand, these guys have a lot of class.The Moderators Are On PointBetween the overly zealous mods that will ban you because they don’t like you and those that don’t give any fucks and get their subs shut down, /r/Nude_Selfie’s mods fall right down the middle. They have specific rules, but there’s only a handful and they’re really diligent in keeping the sub pure and friendly. First, you have the obvious bans on illegal shit, specifically banning minors from the sub. There’s no leeway there and there shouldn’t be.Then, they encourage self-posters, which means that there are pictures of girls on here that might be self-shots but aren’t self-posts. Still, it’s clear to see that the mods are trying to cultivate a friendly environment where girls can feel safe and protected from negativity and harassment.Then there are the rules against self-promotion and bad attitudes. The mods here really don’t want you to abuse this safe space for your own commercial purposes. So that means, don’t post links to external shit unless it’s extremely relevant. Also, if you’re going to comment on any of the posts, think about what you’re going to say. We all know you’re browsing one-handed, with the other hand down your pants, but that’s no excuse for being a creep. Remember, the more you respect these girls, the more they post. Everyone wins.