Reddit AnalGW, aka r/AnalGW! Pussy is what makes the world go round, and pretty much every work-oriented man has tried to be as diligent as possible so that he can ultimately leave a good lineage behind after he dies. Every war on Earth has been started in an attempt to gain power, and whatever power has been gained has mostly been shared by either a select group of people or one supreme individual - and the whole fiasco was so that they can get some pussy.I’ll admit, vaginal intercourse is pretty much right up there as one of the best pleasures attainable in this life, including a good blowjob and lots of cash. But sometimes, some partners get a little bored of it because their sexuality has reached its limits with plain old vanilla sex. Some couples and individuals are way too kinky for normal sex, and when that happens, they usually start practicing anal penetration instead.Anal is no joke, though - you have to slowly insert the head of the penis first and let it settle into the girl’s ass before you can start plowing away. That’s because the asshole is pretty damn tight - the human sphincter is really a force to be reckoned with. That’s why every instance of anal porn you see should be respected, like the stuff on /r/AnalGW here. This Subreddit contains some of the best anal XXX content you’re ever going to lay your eyes on.With a fanbase of just under 300 thousand members and a sprawling, bustling community that makes original content, nothing is stopping /r/AnalGW here from becoming one of the most popular and fastest-spreading online XXX communities there is. It’s even giving PornHub’s “Anal” category a run for its money. Let me break down all the finest and not-so-fine points regarding this Subreddit and help you determine if it’s your cup of tea (the kind you’d like to jack off to) or not.Every Single Post You See Here is OCSo literally every single piece of content you see on this Subreddit is exclusive to this and only this Subreddit, and can’t be found anywhere else. I mean, sure, some unfortunate soul with nothing better to do could theoretically save all of this Subreddit’s content and re-upload it on another site. But number one; who would do that? (maybe the Porn Geek) And number two; even if that does happen, I doubt Reddit won’t notice, and I highly doubt that they won’t have it taken down soon after they notice. With that being said, this Subreddit is definitely one of the best online destinations for quality anal content because everything on it is unique, and all the people who upload the content here pertain to Reddit’s “no low-effort content” rule.You’ve Got Plenty of Still ImagesThe majority of the posts you see here will be in a still-image format, and that’s because making videos is just infinitely harder and more time-consuming than simply snapping an image and posting it online. Besides, not everyone who uploads content here wants to be a XXX internet celebrity - they don’t want to try too hard when exposing their buttholes to the world. Of course, some do want “all the smoke,” and they do go the extra mile when exposing their butthole on this Subreddit by creating whole GIFs, which brings me to my next point in this review...As Well As GIFsGIFs are a big deal not only on this Subreddit but on most XXX Subreddits in general. As I said, there are plenty of people who go the extra mile when exposing their butthole for this Subreddit, and those people like to create videos with no sound and upload them as infinitely-looping GIFs. These GIFs can include anything from anal sex to anal penetration using toys, all the way to more experimental stuff like filling up anal cavities with all sorts of fluids and other material. If you can’t stand masturbating to still images, then the GIFs here will always be there for you - and there are also videos as well...And Even The Odd Video Here and ThereNow making videos isn’t like making GIFs. First of all, a GIF can be just a few seconds long and contains no sound at all, which is infinitely easier to make than a feature-length 30 second+ video of anal penetration or anal sex play with sound included. But rest assured that there are plenty of brave, bold souls on this Subreddit who actually create sound-enabled videos of either penetrating another person’s butthole or videos of them penetrating their own buttholes. These people (especially the females) also have the highest chance of becoming a XXX a-celebrity. You never know when a porn talent scout will witness someone’s talented sphincter and hire them to do some highly-paid XXX movies.It IS Reddit Though…So at the end of the day besides the fact that there’s grade-A OC here on this Subreddit, the fact of the matter remains that it’s still Reddit - not an actual porn site. This, of course, means that you won’t get the privilege of using content organization tools that are always prevalent on traditional porn sites. I’m talking of course about tags and categories.Now the whole “anal” niche by itself doesn’t really give much room for content diversity, but it would be nice to be able to separate all the stuff that includes intercourse from all the stuff that includes toys and other types of insertions. It would also be appreciated if there was a way to segregate all the still-images, GIFs, and videos separately, but Reddit doesn’t allow that kind of content manipulation yet. In addition, I would like to add that there’s virtually no non-OC content of pornstars and XXX models here on this Subreddit - the only kind of content you can see here is top of the line homemade stuff.And Yes, That Also Means You Can Access /r/AnalGW Easily via SmartphoneLastly, Reddit does have its own smartphone-based website, but why go there when you can simply download the app and browse on it seamlessly. The app is very well optimized for smartphone access as well as access for all kinds of compact digital devices that can hook up to a WiFi network. If you’ve ever wanted to jack off to the finest OC anal content conveniently from your smartphone, then this is the perfect chance for you to download the app and give /r/AnalGW here a try from your very own smartphone.