Reddit GWNerdy, aka r/GWNerdy! Do you find yourself getting a fucking boner every time you see some cute teen slut dressed in a Legend of Zelda t-shirt that’s obviously two sizes too large for them? What the fuck is it about the girls that dress like this, anyway? Have some of you played video games and watched anime so much that any time you see a pair of breasts sitting gracing the head of a plush Deku from My Hero Academia you immediately want to fap and fuck the bitch?So wait, are you turned on by the plush figurine or the actual, living, breathing human with flesh, tits, and a fresh pussy? It doesn’t matter. If you beat off to nerdy chicks that know how to bait you into looking at their asses, visit and take a look at the hot nerds that make this subreddit worth subscribing to. Shit, if these pieces of ass walked up to me wearing a Goku shirt with panties that say, ‘fresh mana,’ I may watch anime and play an RPG to get the chance to dip the ol’ ThePornDude stick into their magic Mario mushroom!302,000 subscribers – and countingThis niche is popular as hell because has approximately 302,000 subscribers on this subreddit. With the regular amount of content posted on the sub (more on that later), it seems like a given that the amount of subscribers is growing all the time. When I was browsing the sub, there were a few hundred people online at a given moment. Keep in mind that these could be lurkers, members, or a combination of the two. Still, people are active on the subreddit – and that’s what matters the has been around since 2013, and the sub shows no signs of slowing down yet. There is consistently posted content on the subreddit. While it isn’t anywhere close to the level of a larger, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits like /r/GoneWild, you’re never going to be lacking content if you visit every day or so. The subreddit has its base and a dedicated number of people and beauties that make the sub active. Suffice to say; this place isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well join!A few posts per daySure, I would like to have seen more content posted on, but that’s a nitpicky gripe. What is more important is that the subreddit has consistent content posted every single day. Every day, visitors are going to have new content to view and jack off to as they wonder where in the hell they can find a sexy girl that enjoys Star Wars as much as they do plus the tits and tight pussy.And even though the content isn’t posted every few minutes of every waking hour, it’s quality versus quantity here! I have to say that even though nerdy girls that seem like they're trying a little too hard to show that they also like video games or geek bullshit, my cock never stopped getting erect while I was browsing through the list. If I had not exited the subreddit, my dick may still be getting harder, longer, thicker, to the point that I would have had to call a doctor to ask if my penis is supposed to be this massive or if I’m just blessed with a thick dick like a porn star.While you probably won’t have that problem my fair, small-dicked bro, I can at least assure you this much: you’ll get hard just like the nerdy beauties that post content on intended. It’s sexy because the girls posting the content are all amateurs. This is a given since this is a ‘GoneWild’s variant subreddit anyway. Still, seeing sexy sluts showing off their perfect bodies while holding cosplay armor like we’re in fucking Westeros is something that I can totally get behind.Enjoy looking at naked amateurs holding Pokémon plushes?Even though I could find myself entering behind a nerdy slut like my cock is a goddamn dragon that’s ravaging her pussy worse than King’s Landing, I have to ask one question: what the fuck is with all of these hot bitches dry humping Pokémon plushes? Even when I browsed by new (more on the sorting options later), sluts were showing off alongside Pokémon creatures like this sub is some kind of fucking hentai exhibit. Do guys beat off to these chicks straddling Jigglypuff or another creature? For fuck sake, if you want to incorporate sex appeal from Pokémon into your content, show yourself eating out Jesse from Team Rocket or at least sucking off soy boy James!Look, bro, stop getting so butt hurt because I insulted your childhood. I’m busting balls here, fella! If looking at a hot chick putting Psyduck’s bill on her pussy is what puts you over the edge and makes you bust a nut, I’m not here to fucking judge! In fact, it adds a little extra to the normal, vanilla nudie posts you find on similar NSFW subs anyway! There’s something sexy about seeing a blonde slut dressed like an assassin on the verge of fulfilling a hit on a cyberpunk crime boss or dressed as a sexy Overwatch character. It’s all a form of cosplay, so I get it!Nerd theme + amateur girls = a sub that worksWhile the nerd-centric content on is sexy, let’s not forget ultimately what the appeal of the subreddit actually is: content featuring amateur beauties. The theme of this subreddit would not work if the girls in the content were professional models, but the fact that these are real-life girls that may live down the block from you is enough to make you fantasize about what life would be like if they knew what kind of nerdy shit you were into as well.And that’s part of the appeal of – on here and in other communities. Especially if you browse Reddit often, you’re likely into certain types of nerdy shit anyway. Seeing a hot slut that shares your interests and sexualizes them in a way is what makes horn dogs like you so extra horny when you see a bombshell dressed like a Vulcan while flashing her pussy.Without all the nerd glam, these amateurs are still sexy as hell. Whether you’re into the whole sexy nerd thing or you just want to beat off to a perfect set of tits, you’re going to find that and more at Check it out: it may just become one of your new favorite NSFW subs. If you want to see a hot bitch dressed as someone from Star Fox, though, you may want to take that shit to a furry sub!Browses like RedditThose of you that are browsing have undoubtedly used Reddit before. I don’t even know why I’m bringing this up, because it’s as obvious as saying you took a shit this morning from all the pizza bagels you gorged on last night staying up late and playing Fortnite so you can earn enough V-Bucks to play as a sushi roll. But for that one person that stumbled upon without ever getting into an argument about Dwarf Fortress best practices in /r/Gaming, I’ll give you the lowdown.Sorting content on is as simple as browsing to the top of the subreddit. There, you can sort by hot, new, top, and rising. You can also filter content by "time" when browsing by "top". Select the drop-down menu (it’s labeled as today by default) and choose from the following: now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, and all time. This will allow you to view the most upvoted posts by a designated period of time, giving you even more options for seeing only the content you want to look at on up the rulesThe only gripe I have about is the rules. On the sidebar, the rules state that subscribers cannot post anything too nerdy or subtle. Wait; what? I understand not wanting members to post anything too subtle since the nerd factor may fly under a lot of people’s radar, but what the hell do they mean by not posting anything nerdy? Are amateur beauties posting content of themselves as nude Princess Zeldas not nerdy enough? Because if you ask me, that’s pretty fucking nerdy and technically doesn’t belong on the subreddit.I don’t understand the rules. I think it’s a clarification problem and one that should have been fixed a long time ago. If it isn’t, the moderators need to edit the rules and make them clearer, because as it stands, I was left scratching my head in confusion and wondering if I had a brain features tons of amazing amateurs showing their nerdy side while flashing their sexy bodies, and it fucking works. Anyone that finds this kind of content alluring is going to subscribe and visit often. The only thing that needs improvement is the unclear rule about not posting anything nerdy or subtle. I have no idea how this fits into the subreddit’s theme, and the rule needs to be explained or removed altogether.