r/r4r, aka Reddit r4r, aka Reddit Personals! I can see how many people would not know what this place has to offer since the r4r subreddit does not really explain the overall function of it. Well, in simple words, this is a place where people can share whatever they want with whomever they want. Or well, whoever shares the same kink. Since if you dislike something, just block them.As a huge Reddit fan, I will try to write an unbiased review. I mean, that is why I am here, and whether you actually decide to view this site or not does not concern me. However, I think that you are fucking weird if you think that Reddit is not worth your visit. Now, which subreddit you choose to browse through is a whole new story.R4R – Redditor for Redditor.I mean, that basically explains it. There is a Redditor for every Redditor out there. And I think that this is the perfect place to find your kink, or whoever you are searching for. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of this page because I am not searching for anyone. However, it is pretty obvious as to why people would love this section.I mean, what is there not to love? You get to meet the incredible community of Reddit. Let’s also not forget that this is a user-driven website, so it will obviously be filled with loads of people. As for those who looked at this review and asked themselves, “What the fuck is a Reddit?” you might be too young to browse here anyway.If you are interested in the site overall, you can check it out yourself; it is pretty basic when it comes to the options and all that. If you skin on ahead, I have written an overall about the site, so that should explain the majority. Just take your time, and I am sure that you will find at least something that makes your dick hard, or at least that makes you intrigued.This particular section is for those who like to talk to other users. Basically, you can search for different kinds of people. Depending on what you need. For example, I’ve seen many innocent posts, where dudes and dudettes searched for a study buddy, somebody who understands a particular language and can help them learn more.There were also other types of more innocent posts like that, like a post where a chick was just searching for the best place to visit while she was in town and other types of advice. However, it is pretty obvious that if this section was included on my site, there is a dirty catch. If you would like to get the opportunity to meet loads of interesting people, you are welcome to browse through here.Basically, no matter what you are searching for, as long as you are not a retard, you can find it. I say that because if you ask for illegal shit or anything like that, you will obviously be fucking banned. Some of the dirtier posts included people asking for a sex partner or a hookup when visiting a particular place. Some of them were actually looking for escorts instead.Others were searching for some weirder sexual aspects. It all depends on what your dick desires, I guess. But do not worry, there are many gorgeous babes who are also here to share their desire for everything kinky. You can check out everything from this subreddit since this is a free site with lots of great people who are here for the same dirty aspects as you.Of course, this all depends on your personal wishes. In a sense, that what you are searching for will surely different from what I am interested in, and this place cannot have structure. With such a variety, you can easily get lost here and there. But oh well, since that is expected, there is not much I can do about that.Register and know the rules.While Reddit is really not a strict place to visit, it is very friendly towards its community; there are a lot of things to be considered. The first thing you need to do is register. I mean, you are able to browse through and see what they have to offer, but to enjoy what this place really has to offer, you will have to register.Once you are a member and you intend actually to enjoy this subreddit, you should read the rules. Every section on Reddit will have some rules that you need to follow, which honestly makes a lot of sense. They are not too strict with their rules, but if you do not follow the basic structure of the given section, you can get banned, obviously.There is not that much for you to follow when it comes to rules, so don’t worry about it. Everything is pretty much basic, so I am sure that this will go by flawlessly. Now, if you choose to be a dick even if you know what is, you can simply fuck off from the site now. It does not take that much to follow what they have to say, so why would you choose to be retarded?Their content is worth it. You get to meet the wonderful people of Reddit, and we all know that they are always ready for some action. At least in this section. Take your time and browse through, since finding your particular post, or something that you would be interested in will probably take some time.A bit difficult to browse this certain subreddit.The overall searches on Reddit are pretty great. However, with a subreddit that is filled with a little bit of everything, such as r4r, you never know what to expect. I mean, you do not have a separate search section for this subreddit, which means that you will have to keep browsing until you find something that satisfies your desires.We already know that there are many different users here, so finding something that satisfies your needs will not be difficult. Just take your time and start browsing through. That is literally all you have to do. It might take some time to find your dirty fetish, but at the end of the day, I am certain that it will be fucking worth it.Am I a Redditor?Since the site is so magical, am I a Redditor as well. I am sure most of you are wondering, and you better fucking believe that I fucking am. This is a place with incredible content, both naughty and mainstream, so no matter what you are looking for, you can find it. Now, this should not be seen as a porn site, because while there are subreddits featuring porn, Reddit is not a porn place.With thousands of subreddits you get to explore, I think that it is pretty obvious that there is a little bit of something for everyone. The site itself is quite dark with its layout, and you can choose a brighter option. But, why would you? You can meet all kinds of sexy girls and handsome lads here, as well as delicious trannies and so on.The first thing you need to do is know what you came here for. Are you here for the naughty content, porn scenes, lovely selfies, or to meet new people? Not to mention that as a user, you are able to chat with any member of the site. Creating an account is free, and it allows you to build your popularity, so obviously, I think that everyone should try it.Conclusion.At the end of the day, is this section good? Yes, it is. But then again, I’d probably say that about most Reddit sections, because I am just a fan overall. You can browse through all of their shit for free, become a member, and chat with people… I mean, what more could you fucking want?Sure, it might depend on what the fuck you re into, but at the same time, there is everything you could possibly think foo on Reddit. All the subreddits were created by the users, some are more popular than others, but at the end of the day, you have everything. From sections featuring pornographic videos to just a meme page filled with… memes. Start browsing, and I am sure that you will enjoy Reddit.